Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Updates via photo-montage

Sorry it's been so long. Really, I am. But I'm here now, so quit your bellyachin' already!!! Here's a quick overview of the highlights of the last few months from when I've been missing...

(in not-chronological order...)

SNOW!!! Today is Snow day number 3. Really? In Georgia? Yep. Pretty house. Going well so far!

View from the back deck early on the first snow day.

We decorated Christmas cookies and a gingerbread house with our beloved Miss Debbie. (Miss Debbie happens to be mom to The Boyfriend...and our new neighbor. LOVE HER!)

We loved Christmas vacation. Stayed home a whole week with the kidlets. Here - dueling preschoolers on laptops. Still in PJs at 2pm. Ahhh, vacation. (You can sorta see our tree there in the background, too!)

Cole got to ride the school bus for the first time in January to his new school! West End. Actually, they aren't normal school busses, they are the huge RTD (city transport) busses, since he goes to City School. He loves the bus and catches it to school every day. Here - fun at the bus stop. Carson can't wait to ride with him come August...

Cole's kindergarten class took chartered busses to Atlanta to see the Ringling Bros. circus! We got to go down on the floor and have autographs from the performers before the show started. However, the real entertainment of the trip was that there was a real working potty on the charter bus.

More kids at the circus. (They were not particularly amused that I was taking their attention away from the action for a photo op - hence the not-real-smiley-faces.)

And, we're up to the present - Today is "dress-like-your-favorite-Dr. Suess-character" day for Cole. Note the fuzzy cat belly and huge satin bow-tie. Specially made by Mommy. I'm good, I know. Ha ha ha ha ha. He actually did love it!!! This morning he came in and gave me huge smooches and hugs and said "THANKS MOMMY!!!!" - that made it all worth it. (Not that it was really that much of an undertaking. 4 layers of quilt batting tacked to an oval of canvas and stitched to a black long-sleeved tee....with a strip of cheap leftover polyester satin fashioned into a tie and tacked onto the collar of the tee.)

So, in other news - I LOVE MY HOUSE! Love it. Had no idea that I was missing that sense of "home" that I now feel. My trial calendars are swallowing me whole....but I'm grateful for a steady job and security. I have started a group training class at the gym and loving that...part of the motivation for that is that I have TWO vacations planned for the summer already. More on that later...

The Boyfriend - I love him. He loves me. He's great, and still around.

Hmmmm, what else? How are y'all?