Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-Turkey Transgressions

So, the chicklets are out of school today (The Berry CDC is closed) - and I thought, ah, well, I'll just take the kids to work with me. They're good kids, right? Right. No problem. We'll bring some books and some markers, etc., and for a couple hours, they'll be fine.

Not so much. We had breakfast (everyone brought something) and they were really good. Then at 9:30, we came back to my office. It's barely 10 and I'm pulling my hair out!?!?!?!?!?!? There is ink on my wall, pushpins on the floor, and they're shooting rubber bands at each other. Who knew office supplies were so freakin' dangerous! Well, obviously 3 & 4 year olds enjoy them.

Like I'm going to get work done. So, without further ado, since I won't post tomorrow and probably not again until Monday, here is my list (in no particular order) of the things for which I am thankful.

1. Confidence
2. Cole & Carson
3. cowboy boots & jeans
4. My family, the whole crazy lot of 'em. I love you guys.
5. My friends, specifically my girlfriends. Thank you.
6. New friends. New friends that I didn't see coming and can't wait to know better.
7. Yolanda, the house cleaner.
8. Unlimited call/text/internet plan from Verizon.
9. Knowing my proper bra size (I kid you not, this has changed my life.)
10. Clean Sheets
11. First Dates
12. Georgia has Yuengling now. And it's good.
13. Football season is still kicking, and I have friends with cable.
14. Good books.
15. Good friends that LOAN me good books.
16. My wonderful job. I make not-so-much money, but I can get by and I love my job.
17. I almost completely own my car. 6 more months, about.
18. I am able to pay all my bills every month and not be in debt.
19. Cole's drawing of "our family"
20. Carson singing "Angel from Montgomery" to me.
21. Friends that make cheesy scrambled eggs and biscuits after I crash at their house the night before.
22. My own strength to let go of the past.
23. My ability to listen, and give good advice.
24. My grandmother's jade ring that she designed. It's one of my favorite tangible objects.
25. Woolen anything (socks, sweaters, scarves...)
26. Energy saving techniques
27. Floyd County is getting better and better at encouraging recycling.
28. Berry preschool is a nurturing place for my children.
29. Bella, my sweet sweet puppy (even when she's nasty and it's been raining.)
30. New journals for new chapters in my life. (I need one, p.s., in case anyone wants to get me one for Christmas...)
31. Resolve & peace in my life after some mad turmoil.
32. Book time before bed time and that my kids beg and beg for more books.
33. Having to reprimand my oldest child for getting out of bed to "read the dictionary"
34. Good medical care, and good health insurance to go along with it.
35. I only had one cavity at the dentist, and it's one that he'd noticed 2 years ago, but never filled.
36. My children had NO cavities!!! YIPPEE!!!
37. Old photographs of my family.
38. Sentimentality. I'm a sentimental girl.
39. ITunes. I'd be more grateful if I could access it...sigh.
40. I don't have cable, and I'm grateful.
41. I am also grateful for the prospect of having cable TV & internet again...someday.
42. House showing this weekend.
43. 2 acres and a fenced in yard.
44. recessed lighting.
45. good smelly girly stuff. Makes me happy.
46. Philosophy's "Hope in a Jar"
47. Excellent babysitters that I trust, and who my children love.
48. Sunday mornings.
49. Coffee.
50. The Sunday Crossword (and time to do it sometimes!)
51. My blog
52. My boss, I love my boss. He's an excellent boss.
53. My admin assistants - also awesome and always helpful.
54. That I have a sister. And I love her. And I'm going to have a niece.
55. Lunch Dates
56. Good soup when it's raining.
57. Homemade chicken & dumplings.
58. A good shoulder rub every once in a while.
59. My judge. He respects me, and is very fair. I love working in his courtroom.
60. The ADAs I work with are very reasonable and we're all friends.
61. Local bands.
62. First beer on a Friday night with good friends.
63. 6-disc changers in my car
64. xM radio
65. Audiobooks on long drives.
66. Hot showers
67. I can wear my hair curly or straight and it looks alright either way.
68. My jeans are too tight sometimes, but I don't have body issues, really.
69. My body has birthed two perfectly beautiful people. How awesome is that!
70. I am grateful for my own gratitude.
71. I have a fair sense of humor.
72. Very few people can find a reason to dislike me.
73. I can find very few reasons to dislike others.
74. Text messaging is a miracle.
75. Holiday Parades.
76. Small town life.
77. Local high school football.
78. people that make me smile for tiny reasons, like sharing gum.
79. Facebook friends. I love keeping in touch.

That's all I got and the kids are destroying my office. I LOVE YOU ALL AND I'm THANKFUL FOR YOU!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Tuesday of Random Thoughts

I only got about 3 blueberries in my GINORMOUS muffin. That sucks. There should have been a lot more.

Dog hair and black dresses don't mix so well.

The BCS points system is stupid. I don't have to qualify this, right? But I will anyway. It doesn't take into account the strength of each team's schedule, really...and it just kinda pisses me off and is confusing. Really. (PS - go Texas, to heck with Alabama.)

Coffee. Mmmmmmm..... 'Nuff said.

I so totally can't afford a house cleaner. But, I so totally can't even function without one. Therein lies the rub. Yolanda is at my house as you are reading this right now!!!

I love, love, love my girlfriends. All of them. Thank you. For everything. Fabulocity, fo' shizzle. Thanks for loving me, just as I am - in all my shining quirkiness.

I can't figure out what day it is, but all I can say is that I'm ready for some turkey and then some weekend...

Right, and so I don't have television right? Well, I really miss ESPN, esp. here at the end of football season...and especially SportCenter. It was kind of my wind-down at the end of the day...but there are worse things, right? And Project Runway Season 5 will be out on DVD soon!

Grocery Store: dog food (I woke up this morning to some strange noises, it was her tummy growling!), cereal, milk, provolone cheese.

Holiday weeks throw me off. Seriously. I never get much work done, really, and then I'm twice as behind after being off two more days. When I come back it will be DECEMBER. Sheer madness...

My next-door neighbor, Johnny, had cancer and recently went back for a second scan after finishing radiation & chemo, again!!!, and it has shrunk some - and that is GOOD NEWS. They go back in February for another scan and if it's not grown any more, he will officially be in remission, which is GOOD news. We love Johnny & Margie. Sweet people. Salt o' the Earth and all.

P.S. - got some fun pictures to add - maybe have to wait until another day, though...sorry!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Just another manic Monday....(ooh, whoa oh...)

I wish it was Sunday...'cause that's my fun "I-don't-have-to-run" day... OK - 80s flash back over. I do wish it was Sunday, because I had a REALLY good Sunday, doing very little of anything productive, but it was relaxing and followed a fabulous birthday party, I have to say. AND, Tricia made me breakfast (at lunchtime, of course) on Sunday, which was also nice.

So, anyway, now it's Monday. AGAIN, with the Monday. It's picture day for the Public Defender's office. The problem is that the memo *I* got said we'd take the picture at 9am. I got here at 8:45, and they'd already taken the group photo. Apparently they said 8:30, but I deny that. Who schedules any sort of out of the ordinary thing for a MONDAY morning (of a holiday week, no less) at 8:30??? OK, I'm just irritated that I missed it, and yes, it's probably my fault. It's ok - they're going to take my picture (and Larry's and Bill's - because I wasn't the only one!) and cut and paste. Fabulous. I even wore red today because we were supposed to wear a Christmas sweater - which I don't own - or at least something red. So I wore a red & black dress...and I think I look kinda cute, really. (And I'm modest, too ;)

So, it's a holiday week and I have a trial calendar next I really should be working today and tomorrow on that (since the kidlets are out of school on Wednesday, I won't get too much done...) so I'm not scrambling after, I will do's what my day looks like:
- Make sure all online bills are paid (GA Power bill, credit cards, car payment).
- figure out what to do about providing a meal for a sick friend...tonight.
- look at trial calendar, make phone calls, pull files.
- start returning list of 29 voicemails.
- run to 3 or 4 businesses in town about Junior Service League ad sales.
- dry cleaners
- see who I can get out of jail this afternoon because it's the holiday this week.

At some point soon, someone will email me pictures from the birthday party and I'll post some for my handful of faithful readers. We had a GOOD time, and kept having a good time, really until way way late into the early hours of the morning. (This is the reason we ate breakfast at lunch time, of course...)

This week is Thanksgiving, of course. I've been thinking about making a gratitude list for Wednesday's post - 100 things. 100 things is not so many, really. I'm up to 59 right now. And I haven't even really worked on it yet.

So, I think that's all I got today. So not funny. sorry...I apologize profusely. The birthday party pictures soon, I promise. Keep checking back...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Creativity on Crack

My clients (a lot of them, anyway) are on crack. Seriously. That's not a funny, like, metaphor or anything. It's not like when Carson comes into my room at 5:50 am and says "Hey, Mom - did you know that snails - you know what a snail is, right - did you know that snails like SPAGHETTI!?!? I LOVE spaghetti. Maybe one day I can eat spaghetti. With a snail. Like, for my birthday or something." and then I say "Carson, how long have you been smoking crack?" Carson is 3. She doesn't smoke crack. However, my clients do. Obviously.

Anyway - so I found this link on someone else's blog, and I am feeling dry on the writing/creativity front so I thought I'd play with it. So here is what I got:

Lost? Why?
This was a stupid one to get first, but I'll answer it anyway. I'm not lost. But sometimes I feel like I took the "scenic route" (i.e. it's taking me ENTIRELY too long to get where I need to be, even though I know exactly where I'm going...)... Other times, though, I end up where I am and I MUST have taken a short cut (or teleported) because I can't even remember how I got here.

When I look up at the sky, I feel...
Um, hmm....small? Wet, if it's raining. Grateful to be in this world. Just as it is.

Is true change possible if someone resists?
Change is inevitable, and sort of requires some level of resistance. If everyone just went along like "OK, we'll do this all happy sunshine together, good idea!" then it wouldn't really be "change" - it would just be keeping the status quo, ya know? I think that an INDIVIDUAL cannot change unless s/he CHOOSES to one can change another individual. I can't change you, you can't change me, etc - UNLESS you or I CHOOSE to be changed. Clear as mud?

What is something you do well?
I do a lot of things well. (Including modesty, right?!?!? - ha...) - No, really, I'm a good dancer. And I'm a good reader, and a good mom, and I am insane about introductions. I can't stand knowing 2 (or more) people in the same room that don't know each other...I'm pretty good at tennis. I'm really good at listening...(to people, to dogs, to God, as mentioned in yesterday's post...)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
This is starting to feel like a first date with all these corny questions, I thought this was supposed to be creative...ok, get your good attitude back, J. In 5 years I would like to have had some more first dates ;) I've had ONE and only ONE first date in the last 13 years (and remember, I'm only 31...) In 5 years, C & C will be 8 & 7 years old, so I'll probably be at the ball field, the ballet studio, and the basketball gym a lot with them. I'll definitely still be in Rome, but hopefully in a different house, because the one I'm in is STILL on the market (haven't heard back about the house showing, but thanks for your prayers...), but still playing lawyer...probably still criminal defense, and most possibly still here at the public defender's office.

What do you sense you're supposed to do before your life is over?
Raise my children well.
Have another child. (Lady Sylvia, my tarot card reader, says I will have another child, with a man I perhaps already know, and it will be a girl, and the man will be kind, honest, loyal and faithful - and will adore me and support me. Good times!)
Thank God.
Visit Greece.
Make homemade pasta.
Visit Australia on an extended stay trip and meet my extended family there...that I've mostly never met.
Finish a knitting project. For once.
Own property close to water. (This was also a Lady Sylvia prediction, FYI...)
Sleep well with a good conscience.

OK - that's all I have time for today. Answer my questions...please.
1. What's one thing YOU need to do before you die?
2. What are you wearing today? (This is total guilty pleasure, I'm just curious...)
3. Tell me about your best "date" ever...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Break out the LAUGHTER

Right, so - it's been entirely too boring around the ol' blog lately. We need some funnies! So, in the interest of your pure guilty pleasure entertainment, please note the following announcements...which are purely NOTES TO MYSELF (that's the subtitle...) and not meant for any of you grown, responsible folks reading this blog...just things on my own mind.

1. Small children should not be allowed access to toasters. Particularly when said small children are naked and DEFINITELY not when they are naked...and wet.

2. Ditto above for access by small children to gas-log fireplace with no screen. (irrespective of naked & wet status...)

3. When taking small children to Garden Ridge to pick out smallish pre-lit tree, they WILL want the crazy colored lights. Let them have it. Also, note to self: When allowing children to pick out ornaments for NOT to allow them to pick the art deco GLASS bulbs, even if you think they are pretty. Preschoolers + crazy dog+ glass ornaments + hardwood floors = disasterous.

4. It's COLD. (That's not really funny, but it is an announcement, and a reminder to wear woolen socks and a COAT tomorrow...duh.)

5. The dentist told you not to eat any more mints. This mint-crunching is why you have one cavity on your top molar. WHY oh WHY do you have a MINT in your mouth (because I NEED one...silly.)

6. You have a card/pass to the parking deck across the street. This is "free" parking for government employees. Parking in downtown Rome is a mind-melding-mess. I know it's a long way for you to walk like, all the way across the street, but really, J - if you park on the street (i.e. not in the garage) and overstay your 2 hour limit, you WILL get a ticket, and you're up to maximum ticket cost now ($80...$80!!!!! just for parking 50 more feet away - COME ON, lady.)

7. I really really need a haircut. Really. (The fact that BOTH my hairdryer AND my flat iron are on the fritz and my hair is a complete and utter mess is irrelevant...of course.)

8. Don't talk to strange men at Krystal. Even if they talk to you first and seem sad and you're just being nice. I know Grandmomma told you that "strangers are just friends you haven't met yet" but your MOMMA said "DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS!" and that should take precedence. Just smile and nod and get your food to go. You have enough client-stalkers at the moment, you don't need old-man-who-likes-Krystal-chili to get rid of, too.

9. Not everyone talks to dogs. Even fewer folks can understand what the dogs are saying back. In fact, I can only think of two people that do this (Carol...and me...because we are one and the same.)
I have recently discovered this same theory is true for God, too. Unfortunately, not everyone talks to God, and even fewer hear him speak back. Count your blessings.

Please add your own notes-to-self, should you feel inspired (or feel free to leave notes-to-JJ, too... I'll take all the help I can get.)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Calling all prayers...

The house is showing today between 12 & 2pm. This is the most fabulous house ever (which I can't afford to keep) and the people looking at it don't have a house to sell, so they're apparently willing and able buyers. The house has been on the market (like the rest of the houses...) for over a year. I love the house. It's the only real "home" my kids have ever known, but it's a huge financial and emotional drain on both me and Mark (the father of my children...) and so, I'm petitioning you all for your prayers on this. I know God has plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11) and they are plans to prosper me - so I am having faith, and I appreciate your faith and prayers, too.

OK - so anyway, it was a happy weekend. Bowling for Bucky was a success. (It was my friend Bucky's birthday. I am still sore from bowling, actually...) However, I also almost got into a knock-down drag-out with the haircut lady at SuperCUTS yesterday. She was MEAN, MEAN, MEAN to my sweet poor child (who was a total trooper) to the point where I yanked him out of the chair, haircut half-finished, and blew the joint. (And the meanie threw a crumpled up receipt at me, because *THAT* is professional and grown-up of her...) It's a long story, but suffice it to say that woman will not have a job much longer. I just spoke to her area manager, Tina. And, I'm getting a full refund and coupons for free hair cuts (though I protested - I'm never going in there again...)

I'm not usually a complainer, by the way. I rarely ever call and talk to a manager or send my food back, etc. - I have been known to call and COMPLIMENT a job well done if I was pleased, because I don't think people do that enough, but in this situation, the woman was rude and she was basically traumatizing my innocent blonde 4 year old, who (I must say) was behaving like an angel.

OK - before my blood pressure gets too high, I need to have another cup of coffee. I hope your week got started off right.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Letter to the Veterans


Dear Veterans,

We asked Mommy today why all the light poles had American Flags. Mommy said it was a "holiday" (even though we still had school) - and that it was a very special one because we were celebrating and thanking all the veterans. We didn't know what veterans were, so Mommy explained that these were very special men and women who worked very hard to keep our country safe for all of us. Sometimes, she said, the veterans had to leave their families (even when they had little babies) to go to another country and do their job to keep us safe. Cole said he wouldn't want his mommy or daddy to have to leave, but our Mommy explained that was why it was so very special that we have these Veterans to thank - because they don't even know us, but they love the country enough to make big sacrifices (that means "giving up something they want") to take care of it.

We wanted to know how we could celebrate and say Thank You to the Veterans. Carson suggested we call these veterans on the phone and tell them thank you and maybe bake them some cookies. Mommy explained that even though she knows a few veterans, and tells them thank you all the time, that she doesn't have the phone numbers of all the veterans, nor could she possibly organize a cookie drive for them this evening - but we still wanted to do something. Cole, who loves to write, wanted to write a letter. What a fabulous idea! So, we sat down and wrote a Thank You note to you Veterans (and other kind readers of Mommy's blog...)

We say "Thank You, Jesus" for our food and our family and our friends every time we eat. Carson now says "Thank you, Jesus" for the Veterans, too. We are happy to be able to go to school and go to our church and do whatever we want to do because the Veterans help keep our country free and safe. Mommy says in some countries, the leaders make rules that don't let people worship and they do mean things to people that break this silly rule. But she said we live in a "free" country, and that the Veterans make sure we stay that way.

Mommy is taking our letter to the post office tomorrow, after looking up an address to send this to at and also checking out - if you are thankful for the people that make sacrafices for our freedom, you should write a letter, too.

Love and Thanks,
Cole & Carson Walker, ages 4 & 3

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I heart my Mommy.

My mom was off work today. I was supposed to be picking a jury for a misdemeanor battery case, and seeing as my Momma has never seen me "in my element" working, she wanted to come observe some trial practice. Well, my case was dismissed, so we never got to the jury-picking extravaganza. But, she got to see a guilty plea by another person (possession of cocaine) and meet my courthouse crew. And then - we walked down to see Ana & Keith at Broad St. Cafe/McCrobie's, and had a late breakfast, and then just wandered back to my office, and then down Broad St. to SmartyPants, where she bought some adorable outfits for the chick peas.

I love my Mom. She makes me feel the most like "me", if that makes any sense at all. I'm so grateful for her.

OK - so moving right along. All my cases from the trial calendar, except one, have been completed. It has been a successful two days. Tonight is ballet for the Carsonator, a cookie at Honeymoon Bakery for Cole. Then home to knock out some laundry and maybe a nice fire in the fireplace and a good book and cup of tea. Tomorrow I am headed to the Young Professionals meeting at Citizen's First (catered by either RuSan's or Blue Fin, last I heard, definitely a reason to celebrate!!!) - Thursday is Yolanda (housecleaner extraordinare), we rescheduled (thank you, I petitioned the universe for that...) - and Friday is FRIDAY!!!

How are you today?

Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10 - Monday.

Yep. Creative title, I know. Sorry - I'm not feeling witty or anything today. My bad.

So, I was supposed to pick a jury today for my PUI trial (pedestrian under the influence). My guy didn't show up. I called him - he was still asleep, didn't know he had to be there. I told him to be at the courthouse within the hour. He says "I can't do it today." Um, hello? You are charged with a crime, and you knew last week that you'd have a jury trial this week? I told him he HAD to do it today, or the judge would send the Sheriff out there to give him a "free ride" to the jail - where he would sit and wait until his case was tried. His response? Get this... "Well, I guess I'll see what I can do." NO, it's not "see what you can do" time, man - it's get your tail end out of bed and get over here.

Then his mom called the judge and said he'd be there soon but he was having to ride his bike, since he didn't have a car or anyone to bring him to the courthouse. Not only was he having to ride his bike - he was having to ride his bike from....Armuchee. (You non-Floyd Co. folks - that's way probably 12 miles or so from the Courthouse...)

*sigh* Turns out he got to the courthouse and was arrested on a bench warrant, held in lockup (I went and talked to him about picking a jury, etc.) and THEN....THEN....his case was dismissed. He was released, and even though it was originally MY fault (somehow?) that he got arrested, now I'm the best lawyer ever because I got his misdemeanor PUI case dismissed. (The police video turned up, and it didn't show anything, so the prosecutor dismissed him.)

OK - so I had a great weekend. News Flash: Yolanda didn't show up at my house on Friday. I need to call her - but I'm sad. Otherwise, it was fun - I went to see Scott Thompson play at the Pear on Friday night. Love him. Danced. Good times. Saturday, I watched a good deal of football - watched GT lose terribly to UNC. Oops. But it was #19 v #20 - so it was bound to be close. Watched UGA beat Kentucky (go Dawgs!), and....the LSU/Alabama game? Oh. My. In overtime, Alabama took it. *sigh*

Of course, the game of the week was Auburn v. UT Martin (he he) simply because my kids were there. War Eagle! (And they won, apparently the kidlets were camera hogs and were on the big screen at the stadium 3 times!)

As something good to look forward to in Rome - Old Havana is having a private "cigar dinner" hosted by CAO - and my friend Keith Kastanias is doing the catering (if you're familiar with Broad St. Cafe/McCrobies, etc. that's the guy...) - and it's a 4 course meal - including my favorite - PRIME RIB!!! - along with drinks and a cigar ($16 cigar, no less!) for the low, low price of $50. I already have my's Friday, November 14 from 6-9 pm upstairs at the cigar shop. Fun! Check out the website (linked above) for more details.

That's all I got. Have a good one!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hooray and a Yee-HAW!

Happy Friday!!! Fo' Sho''s been a long and crazy week for me. But, I'm happy to report that my trial calendar was very successful yesterday and now I have the lucky pleasure of trying - not some big felony meth lab case (which was continued) or an exciting aggravated assault...but... (wait for it...)

Pedestrian Under the Influence
Disorderly Conduct
and a few other minor misdemeanors...

Madness! So, I have NO plans for the weekend. However, I did want to mention that the Annual CRBI (Coosa River Basin Initiative) Fish Fry is this Saturday from 11 - 3 at the First United Methodist Church downtown. It's $8 for a good plate of fried catfish (with all the trimmings, including hush puppies!) or $4 for a small fry plate (half serving)...they will also have a Green Expo with interesting Earth-Friendly displays. The best part (other than the yummo fish and donating to a good cause) is that all the oil used to fry the fish will be recycled and used in vehicles that are designed to run on vegetable oil! How great is that?!?!? GO GREEN!

Also, there is a Downtown Sidewalk Sale this weekend on Broad Street - so come stroll for some good deals - oh, and the Downtown Business Expo is also this weekend at the Forum with lots of good holiday gift-giving ideas. Fun times! (And free food samples ;) )

Right. So, football... here are my predictions. Alabama will win, Georgia will win. I'm planning to catch as many games as I can on Saturday. My kids are going to the Auburn game with their daddy (though they're playing someone unmemorable...) but they're sitting in the 2nd row, so I'm awaiting pictures with Aubie and the Auburn Cheerleaders!

I am unbelievably in love with my children, by the way. They come up with the most interesting things to tell me all the time! Carson said - "Do you know that snails sometimes like to eat spaghetti? I love spaghetti. Maybe I could have spaghetti with some snails..." Um, ok. If she wasn't three, I'd wonder how long she'd been hitting the crack pipe. Cole is very into nature and science stuff. We had a LONG discussion about evergreens. Like pine trees, firs, etc. (He calls them "forever-greens" though, which makes sense, really. They're just perfect really. I know I complain sometimes about how exhausting they are - but I really don't know where I'd be without them. They teach me not only patience, but unconditional love, free-spiritedness, gratitude for the smallest things in life (you know, like snails...), and their love of learning just makes me so very proud. OK - Mommy gushing is over, thanks for staying with me on that one.

Questions of the Day -
1. What is your favorite comfort food?

2. What are your plans for this lovely fall weekend?

3. As a child, what was your answer when asked what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Yolanda - my house cleaning fairy - is at my house as I type. Fabulocity. Hmmm

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change on the Horizon...

or so we hope - courtesy Obama...

I had a hard time with the presidential election this year - so I'm not jumping up & down in victory, and I'm not beaten down and sobbing in defeat. I reckon either way things will change...It will be nothing less than interesting. So, there's my 2 cents on the election results, for what it's worth.

Right. So. Anyway - two more days of this week. I have a big trial calendar tomorrow - but amazingly enough, I got A LOT accomplished this week. Previously mentioned meth lab trial is being continued, here's hoping I can pitch a big enough fit with the judge to get my guys a reasonable bond.

For today, I am being grateful...and also irritated at other things. Here's my lists:
Things which irritate me:
1. Slanderous gossip with no basis of truth, particularly when gossip is perpetuated by people in positions of authority.
2. That nasty stuff in the lint-trap of the dryer - because it's really a pain in the tookus to clean out, but I do it every time because it's more energy efficient when I do.
3. People that insist on driving 12 miles an hour. In a 30 or 40 or even 50 mph zone. Grr....
4. When people call and leave me umpteen voicemails and are PISSED that I haven't called them back - but, they neglect to leave their freaking number - or worse, they leave a number, but either the number is not a good number (i.e. disconnected) or they don't answer because they don't have any minutes left this month. Right. Ok. SO LEAVE A DIFFERENT NUMBER.
5. My dog scratching and licking all night and making a lot of noise or leaving a wet lick spot on the sheets. She doesn't have fleas, I think she just has excema - I just bathed her with some stuff the vet recommended... but it's still irritating.

Things for which I am grateful:
1. BEAUTIFUL lovely fall weather.
2. Phone calls from friends that care about hearing my irritations.
3. I paid all my bills already this month (except preschool tuition) so far...and I am not in the red yet.
4. I have NO plans yet this weekend - so I am thinking of sewing something fabulous.
5. Football!!!!!!!!!!
6. That I have no TV, no internet, etc. at my house, but I still survive and really don't regret or miss it.
7. Blueberry muffins and good coffee.
8. A potential first date
9. Children that recognize all the phases of the moon, including the "gibbous" moon....
10. That I can "be the bigger person" in almost every situation and look at myself in the mirror and love myself.
11. I got toilet paper 2 for 1 at Kroger the other day.
12. Moms. Moms rock. (And Daddies are pretty great, too. And Crazy Aunts are also awesome...)
13. Cole (age 4 years, 4 months, 14 days) can READ! He read the following words off signs, etc. last night/this morning after some trial and error sounding out the letters: "ICE COLD BEER", "BROAD STREET", "KOMAN'S" (this should crack up Roman the way....we were sitting at Honeymoon Bakery, across from Koman's... ;) ), "FORD" (Ranger), "MARTHA BERRY", "HARBIN"...isn't that GREAT?!?!?!? And these were not words (other than Ice Cold) that he would have just "known" or recognized...Obviously he's a genius. (And I'm not biased!)\
14. I really love when people comment on my blog and answer my questions (hint, hint)

OK - so I could keep going with the gratitude things, but the truth is it's satisfying that I have more than twice as many good things as bad things.

For the questions - tell me 3 things that irritate you and 3 things for which you are grateful...please?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Review

EDITED TO ADD - I have accomplished my luxury (see questions) - Yolanda will be at my house on Friday. WOO HOO!

Right. So - which genius thought up giving large quantities of candy to small children who dress up and say "Trick-or-Treat" right before bedtime on a fall night? Yeah, well whoever that guy was (and clearly it was a man, not a mom), that guy was obviously smoking crack. Suffice it to say that Optimus Prime and Hannah Montana had a very productive trick-or-treat session thanks to the local businesses downtown. By the way, Double Bubble - also thought up by some crack-smoking genius. My children can't WAIT to be 5 and a half because that's the randomly chosen appropriate age that people in my house are allowed to chew gum. Carson, however, is convinced that she's already 13 (she's 3...) and can have whatever she wants. I'm pretty sure there is no more Double Bubble in her hair, but Bella - well, Bella may be trying to get it out of her ears for a while...poor dog.

Thanks to the mass quantities of candy, I have had to reinstitute the "lock-on-the-snack-cabinet" philosophy. See, you need no lock on the snack cabinet, even with small children who like to nick snacks, when said snack cabinet is bare. I've solved the problem of over-snacking in children. Just don't go to the grocery store! Works like a charm. Nothing to eat = no eating. HA! We're making a quick trip to the Kroger tonight, though - we're out of milk and bread and *gasp* paper towels...preschoolers + no paper towels = anarchy.

I have a huge trial calendar to work on this week. Lots of felony trials for which to prepare. I am forewarning you, faithful readers (all 3 of you ;) that there may not be a lot of posts after tomorrow because I'll be busy and in court...but I love you!

Questions of the Day:
1. What is your biggest regret in life?

2. Do you get a flu shot every year?

3. If you could have one luxury today what would it be?

4. How long is your morning commute? (Including any stops, etc.)