Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Stitch Fix #12 - (and other life updates

So I'm going to review Stitch Fix #12 (which was awesome, thanks Niccole...) but first, can you believe this little guy just turned 11??? Sigh.  Be still my heart.  He's off at Camp Winshape this week.

And, in other news, I have also quit my job as a public defender.  Yes.  I am taking the leap into private practice (as a SOLO on my own, even!) - We got the new phone hooked up at my new office downtown last week.  The kids were absolutely thrilled with my #lawyermom life... Not.

And, my old office of public defenders and staff, well, they were SO happy to see me succeed and spread my wings & fly - of course they are going to miss me - as evidenced by the message on my going away cake...

This is us dropping Coley off at Winshape on Sunday.  I get him back Friday, and while I miss him, I KNOW he is having a fabulous time up in Cleveland, Georgia.

Now - for the StitchFix review... First, if you haven't heard of stitchfix or you need more info - here's the skinny in some old posts: 

Click here to sign up to get a fix!  It's a $20 styling fee, which is automatically credited to anything you purchase, and free shipping both ways.  Plus, it's fun.

I swear I thought I had done more blog reviews.  I promise to keep doing them in the future.  Sorry I missed # 3-10 - but I have loved the service the whole time and while I've only kept the whole box once (twice?), it keeps getting better and better (and my current stylist Niccole, who I think I've had for 3 fixes now, has really made me happy! (Thanks, Stylist Niccole!)

OK - in this box I got a note from my Stylist, Niccole, style cards, and 5 items.  I cannot for the life of me find my packing slip/invoice or the cards - but when I locate them I'll try to remember to update the blog post.

I got this hi-lo split back blouse (I believer it was $44) and the Melisa Mixed Geo Print Pencil Skirt ($48) I had specifically requested Niccole pick out some bottoms because I have LOVED all my stitch fix tops but with my new business venture, I can't very well pair them with my two favorite pairs of jeans every day!

This photo shows the back of the top.  It was actually really cute with the pencil skirt - HOWEVER, it is a little sheer for my taste (though fabulously cool for Georgia summer...) and the front neckline is very narrow (meaning my bra straps kept popping out on my shoulders - and I didn't love how you can see the lumps and bumps in the back.  *Maybe* if it was a size bigger it would have been ok, but then again, it's a loose flowy top, and while I always think I'm going to love loose and flowy it often makes me look like I'm hiding some extra fluff.

However, I do have a black top, and some black jackets that would look great with this pencil skirt, which I found to be surprisingly flattering.  My mom always told me that a-line skirts were most flattering on "us" because of our curves, but, fuller skirts actually add some bulk to my bottom and I LOVE the print on this skirt.

SO - Verdict - TOP - sent back

OK - This is the Douglas pleated blouse - $44
When I pulled it out of the box I immediately thought - no way - while the cut is cute, it's horizontal stripes AND it's highlighter pink, which is, well, not me at all.

WRONG, JJ, WRONG - this top is my favorite piece in the box. Bonus, it goes with, like, everything - a plain black pencil skirt, grey dress pants, the black cropped pants in this box (below) and jeans.  Plus it's light and cool and very very comfy.
Verdict - KEPT

So (stiull with the top) you can see that I'm also wearing the Sienna Cropped Black Pants: $58
Again, I asked Niccole for versatile bottoms - and these are FABULOUS - and they are by Kut From the Kloth, which I now own 2 pairs of jeans and these black crops.  They fit super well and are totally cute and also versatile for business casual life.  (Plus they look great with my silver sequin flats...)

I forgot to take a photo of the 5th item I got.  It was a pair of pants I had specifically pinned on my Pinterest board, but the truth is that I should just let Niccole do the picking for me because they looked (on ME) like something you would wear to a disco in the late 70s.  This is a stolen photo of them from the internet. They are the Margaret M Emer Geo Print pants (Mine actually had a different print with some little blue flecks.  The print was great.  BUT, they are stretch/slim cut with no zipper - and just generally not the best cut for me. Plus they were $88-$98? I can't remember, but a lot and not at all flattering.  
Stitch Fix Margaret M Emer Printed Cropped Straight Leg Pant - I would really like to try some pants like this that I could wear to the office or on the weekend!

ALAS - I am very very pleased with my box this month because I got 3 things I LOVE and they were all very reasonably priced and I've worn them all already!

If you would like to try stitchfix, PLEASE click here - if you use this link (my specific referral link), I do get a $25 referral credit when your first fix ships.  It's very very low risk and I bet you get something you love.

Friday, May 22, 2015

StitchFix #11 review - May 2015

So, I haven't been blogging about my Fixes. (Or at all, actually.) 

I have a ton of other exciting news (including job stuff and KonMari) but for now, here's my StitchFix #11 review!

I get a $25 credit if you sign up and get a Fix, so if you love this and want to try it (the most you could be out is $20 styling fee if you hate it all and return it) please use my referral link:

First, I LOVE the stylist I have had the last 2 months. Last month I kept everything in the box for the first time ever! And this time I was also pleased as punch with stylist Niccole. I know she is looking at things I have in my closet already from prior Fixes and also at my Pinterest board I linked! 

Here is the note from Niccole:

Item #1:
Bancroft Dante Cut Out Metal Oval Layered Necklace - $32
This is really pretty. I am lacking in a silver necklace of this length, and this one is not heavy on my neck. Gorgeous. But, I am trying to decide if it is bringing me joy.
Verdict: waffling but I kind of love it now that I'm looking at the photo. 
(PS, note cute bicycle shirt from Fix #10 last month.)

Item #2:
41Hawthorn Edwin Scarf Print top

So, Niccole sent this top because I loved the bicycle top and this one was a similar cut with a more eclectic print. I am apparently between SF sizes. I typically wear a M/L in tops, a 10, maybe a 12. I do not have a particularly well-endowed chest area. (This is ok with me ;)) - but the larges were sometimes tight in the sleeves (I do have linebacker arms) so I tried one month to get XL tops. Well, the armpits hung low and you could see my bra from a sleeveless shirt. So I went back to large. I think it's fine. I do LOvE this print and it will pair nicely with my baby and my neutral color suits for work. And it looks great with my KUT from the Kloth skinny jeans.

Verdict: Keeper!!

Item #3:
Brixon Ivy Lex Textured Knit Fit & Flare Dress in yellow 

Before I post photos of this... I knew I wasn't going to keep it when I saw the fabric. I thought the color was awkward, not for my skin tone, and I just didn't think I'd like it. It looked a little green on the style card and was cute enough... Just not "me" - plus, I have had a little trouble with some of the SF dresses being a little short (since I AM well-endowed in my backside area).

But, in my lamenting over whether this dress brought me joy, my fierce yet adorable friend and fellow StitchFix fan, Amy said "well it brings ME joy!" So I tried it on and took some photos and - hell's bells, it's pretty cute and joyful after all. 
(Note cute denim jacket from prior fix.)
So.... It doesn't make me look nearly as frumpy as I thought it might, it's not too short, it's knit so it's way comfy... I'm feeling a good bit of joy out of this one...)
Verdict: Keeper!!!

Item #4:
41Hawthorn Abrianna knit cardigan in navy
So, I've had other of these open front type cardigans sent by stitch fix. I liked them. I sent them all back. They did not bring me joy. However, I think Niccolw might be a mind-reader because I was just thinking while planning my cruise wardrobe for next week's trip that I wish I had a more neutral, non-denim, throw over many outfits cardigan or knit jacket or something. I wear my denim jacket a LOT. But I also have two great pairs of KFTK jeans and I'm not all about the denim suit thing ... So, behold, the perfect cardigan of glory:

Verdict: Keeper!!!

Item #5:
Renee C Alondra Ruched pencil skirt in navy

I thought, "um, no." When I got this out of the box.
as previously mentioned, I like big butts and I cannot lie (mostly because I have one and I own it and it's pretty tight from boot camp and running, but still super curvy...)
However, again I decided to try it on and take some photos to share and when I got the whole look on, dayum if it doesn't look great. 
And this is going to make my Husband happy:
Verdict: waffling...

In the end, the total for everything is $270. After my $20 styling fee is applied, it's $250. But? If I keep everything, I get a whopping 25% discount on the lot and the total is $187.50


so- yay, it all brings me joy and I'm keeping it all and I hope I have Niccole forever and ever as my stylist. 

If you want to try StitchFix (and you should), please use my referral link here!