Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Song for Thursday

If you live in Rome...(which, despite my gripes, truly is the land of Milk & Honey for me...)...then you will identify with the current rage I feel when driving on the bypass (at rush hour) or on Martha Berry Blvd. between the post office and N. 5th Avenue. And, chances are, if you ever go downtown (and particularly if you WORK downtown), you have had a run-in with the lovely folks at the Downtown Development Authority or the Rome City Police, who (I swear) must get a huge kick out of writing those parking tickets. (For the record, I've had 7 parking tickets - after 2 prior warnings, in the last 10 months. Oops.)...INSANITY.

(If you DON'T live in Rome, then you will just have to believe me when I say, traffic sucks.)

So, in my frustration after being (ONE MINUTE) late to pick up the children thanks to some sort of river cleanup they're doing off the bridge over by State Mutual Stadium, I made up a little song about my issues. I feel much better having gotten this out - and if only I could actually sing, or play some would be very entertaining.

Without further ado, an Ode to the Streets of Rome, GA:

(In an "up" tempo - think 80s Pop tune...Girls-just-wanna-have-fun-ish)

((Verse 1))
Monday morning - I got a case in Court...
Gettin' kids ready's an Olympic sport.
Finally all dressed & strapped into the car,
Get on the road, but hey - we don't get FAR!

Oh, HECK - what is this that I see?
A crane on the bridge, and gosh - is that a TREE?
Get past Rome High and the traffic slows,
Traffic on the bypass really blows....

oh, oh - traffic on the bypass,
you know it really chaps my ((bleep))...
yeah, you know that traffic on the bypass
ain't no way out, no way to get there fast...

((Verse 2))
Finally get through, drop the kids at school,
Hit a ton of red lights, but didn't break any rules,
Rushing into court, not a minute to spare,
'Course I get there...and my client's NOT THERE!!!

There's now an order for his rearrest..
Don't blame me, man, I tried my best!!!
This happens a lot, so I try not to sweat it...
Get back to my car - Crap! A PARKING TICKET!?!?

Oh, oh, parking on Broad Street,
Sometimes they just got you beat...
Two hours, are you kidding me?
Gotta take out a loan just to pay my fees...

oh - yeah

((Verse 3))

OK - folks - there is in fact a verse 3 having to do with Martha Berry traffic/construction, but you'll have to wait at least another day. I have to go move my car before I get a(nother) ticket.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love my kids.

That title has not so much to do with what I'm sure is about to turn out to be a rambling post...but it's Sunday night at 11:45. The chickadees were with their Daddy-O all weekend in Alabama, so I got to chiiiiiiiiilllll....and for the first time in what seems like MONTHS, I really had a relaxing, fulfilling weekend. I've been sick, or overscheduled, or something...since Christmas, it seems...

Anyway, after a very chill Friday night doing pretty much...well, nothing, I spent all day Saturday watching TBS movies (giggle) and folding laundry and replacing lightbulbs. (OK, so I never got around to the lightbulbs, but I was still productive.) I was supposed to get my hair done (just a trim, remember the need for ponytail hair?) and a color touch-up - but I had a friend in dire need of a beer and the ability to get over her minor emotional breakdown - and my hair gal (Laura Beth) was running 45 minutes behind anyway (and had an appointment after me...) so it wasn't happening anyway - so, after a beer and a gab session with girlfriend, and helping her move a little furniture (how DID I get roped into THAT?), I headed home to get ready for a dinner date with my sweetie.

Will came and picked me up around 7, and after a false start (I left my phone at home...and realized it halfway into town - this would not be a problem if I didn't live SO FAR from town), we made it to the Olive Garden and had a FABULOUS meal. After the food poisoning/bacterial infection/relapse, I've not been eating what I like to call "real food" - so this was my first REAL meal in what seems like ages. And it was nice to share it with such lovely company, of course. Then we went out with friends and had a rockin' good time listening to D. Bell & Tim of Thunderbolt love love them. LOVE THEM!!!

And today I was the lector at church, and went straight to Kroger after (YAY, me!!!) and spent WAY more than I usually do at the grocery store, but I have a meal plan for the next TWO WEEKS, and I got dog food, and a few other higher ticket items, and so - it's ok. I was very proud of my organization - and now I'm looking forward to the following meals this week -

Taco night tomorrow, meat ball subs, homemade chicken noodle soup, garlic chicken & rice, and homemade pizza...mmmm.

THEN, I got to go get my babies. My sweet gorgeous (sometimes overwhelming) babies. They were delighted to see me (makes my heart happy...) and we went to Cracker Barrel, where they were complete doll baby angels and we had the best conversation at dinner. You may think the conversational level of a 3 & 4 year old would not be up to par, but we had a great discussion about gratitude, another one about turtles, frogs, and amphibians, and a third about the meaning of a "calorie." Then they came home and.....s....l....e....p....t.... ahhhhhh.....

And I sewed. I finished a whole little project from start to finish today. (well, I'd already traced the pattern. It's from this book:

I am very pleased with the quickness of the project...because it took me maybe 20-30 minutes to trace & cut out the pattern, another 15 minutes to cut out the fabric (there are only 2 pattern pieces, though they are large - and I used a rotary cutter - super speedy!) - and then maybe a total of 45 minutes or an hour to finish stitching from beginning to end, including finishing with a label, etc. So, what is that - under 2 hours?!?!? Cool. AND, I did all french seams (which, for you non-sewing people, is my fave way to finish seams, but it requires twice as many steps, since you sew each seam....twice.)

I am going to post a picture of the finished project, and tell you WHICH ONE IT IS - but I made it as a gift, and apparently the person to whom I will present said gift occassionally reads my blog, so...I don't want there to be any spoilers...maybe tomorrow. ;) Until then...good night.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Funnies: From the Vault

OK people. I'm not feeling blog-a-licious this week. Mainly, I'm exhausted, and worn out, and slightly I went WAY back to my MySpace blog (GASP!) looking for inspiration, and just for kicks & giggles (and I DID giggle, re reading these!) here are some of the highlights of life with C & C Music Factory. Oldies, but goodies...

Monday, April 14, 2008
So, it’s been a while...
A LONG while...and I'm so sorry, faithful readers (all 3 of you, he he...).
Yeah, so, we moved. To Alabama. I'm officially an Alabama resident (hold jokes here, please...)...I do no have a job (well, other than motherhood, which of course entitles me to sainthood...but that's another blog entirely), and we have not sold our house in Rome. I could cry. But I'll spare you that and move on to funnier things. Here are the highlights of the last 3 months.
So, after moving to Huntsvegas, we join the local YMCA. They have a kid's playroom area where the kids can stay while Momma gets up close and personal with the kids LOVE this place. So, we call it "the playplace" and finally I tell them a few days in, that it's REALLY called the YMCA. The next day Cole asks, "Momma? Momma, are we gonna go to that place know, the playing place where you exercise?, the L-M-N-O-P???" (Of course he meant Y-M-C-A...and I know y'all are all singing it in your head, and that's ok, I am, too...)

Carson is trouble. She's 2. Right? TWO sweet years old. So, we go to the locally owned (small) fabric store and the owner lady is there and says "HI, how ARE you?"
And Carson proceeds to talk the lady's ear off and Lady says to Carsie ... "How Old ARE you?"
C2: "I'm 13. That's a teenager, you know?" (hands on hips here...remember, she's TWO)
Lady: Ah, I see...and what is your name?
C2: Cinderella. This (pointing to Cole) is my brother, "The Prince"...
Lady: Oh! Does the Prince talk? How old is he? (meaning to get Cole to talk to her)
C2: "Yeah, he talks, don't you Prince? He's three. Not thirteen like me."
Honestly people. I can't make this stuff up. The child is unbelievable. I mean, yeah, she's smart and all, but Cole's super can add numbers and stuff for which *I* (with multiple degrees and at age almost-31) need a calculator...but Carson, well, she's of a different breed.

Sunday, October 07, 2007
Funny Cole-isms...just because
But, THREE is a REALLY funny age.
1. When we say the blessing at dinner, Cole dictates what we are thankful for and begins by saying "I'd like to say a word..." and then proceeds to tell us how he's thankful not only for the food provided, in general, but SPECIFICALLY for the chicken, rice, and field peas (which are called "Rabbit Beans" In our house - thanks to POP...) Oh, and gratitude for nourishment (in a 3-year-old's eyes, anyway) also applies to ketchup, ranch dressing, and salt.
2. Show & Tell was Friday. Bring something that starts with "C" - Cole comes into my room at 5am on Friday. "Does Spiderman truck start with C?" no, cole... "Does pirate sword start with C?" no, cole... "Hey, Momma - COLE starts with C!!!" yeah, Cole, but you're supposed to take something in addition to yourself. His solution? "CARSON starts with C, too, Mommy - I'm taking Carson for show & tell..." (Carson is Cole's sister, who is 2...)
3. Overheard at Home Depot: "This place is Orange. Pumpkins are orange. You know what else is orange? Tony Stewart's 20 car..." You should have seen the elation on the kid's face when I told him that Tony Stewart drives THE Home Depot Car, and we were actually AT Home Depot.Crazy kid. Three is fun.

10 Random Thoughts on a Sunday night:
(Only #6 still struck me as mildly funny...)
6. Note to Self: 2-year olds and 3-year olds should not have access to the following things: electricity, Sharpie Markers, steak knives, sewing machines, and toasters. This is particularly true when said toddlers are wet and naked.

Thursday, August 02, 2007
Happy Birthday TO ME!!! Current mood: content
Yeah, so I'm 30.
Imagine that. A lot of my friends had a hard time with 30? I don't understand. I don't deny them their "mid-life" freak-out depression whatever, but dude - I'm HAPPY.
This is how my day went:
5:45 am - Cole comes into our room and Mark tells him it's my birthday - Cole proceeds to sing "Happy Birthday DEAR MOMMY!!!" totally off-key. (Makes my mouth and my heart smile...)
7:22 am - Cole comes into the bedroom wearing the following ensemble
- Long sleeved layered Halloween t-shirt - black and orange with Frankenstein Cartoon on it that says something catchy
- size 3T (read: way too big in the waist - I can see his "drawahs" (which have sharks on them, by the way) hanging out above the waist line) khaki cargo shorts
- purple socks that are too small, and, in fact, belong to Carson...
- 2-sizes-too-small "Cars- the movie" tennis shoes from Wal-Mart - one of which is missing the tounge.
Cole's announcement: "Look, Mommy, I'm all dressed and ready to go to the doctor on your birthday!" (They had pediatrician appointments today.)
Me: "Uh - Coley, that's AWESOME!" (Somehow convinced him into a whole new outfit - minus the socks - which was a cowboy shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots, which sufficiently camoflauged the purple socks...)
8:17 am - walk into Carson's room to find Cole "reading" a story to Carson (he's in the rocker, she's in the crib...) - almost cried at the sweetness there.
10:00am - go to doc's office with two toddlers in tow. THEY WERE ANGELS - thank you, Jesus.
11:30 am - have the lucky chance of getting free lunch in the hospital cafeteria and Cole and Carson took home FREE "hospital" hats (disposable scrub hats...)
12:30 am - drop sleepy kiddos off for naps at daycare
1:00pm - MASSAGE. (Again, thank you Jesus!)2:30pm - haircut - looks pretty good - it's been 5 months...
5:00pm - "breakfast for dinner" at Landmark
6:00 pm - take Cole to pre-school Open House at Berry Child Development Center
8:30ish - all children IN BED, Mommy has a Martini!!! WOO HOO. Continue reading (for the 2nd time - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...) *I'm about to start A Light in August for a book club venture...

My life is blessed. Thank you friends for my birthday wishes. I've had a good life so far. And a lot of good times yet to come.

Check back tomorrow or Saturday for another Blast from the Past installment. I have a few more on there that will CRACK YOU UP!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Minor Obsessions

Yep. Tuesday. Have I ever mentioned that Tuesdays, generally, run me ragged? Of course I have...and to my regular readers, I'm sorry for once again beating the proverbial dead horse, but TUESDAYS SUCK BIG FAT ROTTEN EGGS sometimes.

In fact, I even try to counteract the negativity that surround Tuesdays...Today I let the kids watch TV first thing, fixed them breakfast (oatmeal & cinnamon LIFE cereal & string cheese each...) And, I made sure to dress extra-pretty (I have on my purple turtleneck sweater dress, black tights & knee high black boots...) so that at least I'd feel nice today. We were not in a hurry, in fact, it was already 9am by the time I got the Cs to school...but we were taking our leisurely time with Tuesday. Usually we have ballet, but today is Carson's little friend Ann Elise's birthday - at Kangaroo Jake's (God help me...) - AND I have my Junior Service League monthly meeting a babysitter friend is meeting me at Kangaroo Jake's at 6:30 (halfway through the party) to mind the children while I run to the meeting...all this makes for a long day, tired children, and a beat mommy.

Alas. I have been on the phone all morning with trial calendar clients trying to work out deals...and for every deal I get worked out, I have 3 more voicemails to deal with. SO - here's what I've been daydreaming about to take my mind of Tuesdays - (hence the post title - minor obsessions...)

1. Fabric. What we have here is my FIRST online fabric purchase in 12 months. Yep. I haven't bought any fabric on line since last February and I'm very proud of that. In fact, I've bought very very little fabric AT ALL in the last year...because I've been A) not sewing much and B) when I do, I just have been using stash stuff...which is good. But I couldn't resist this. It's six one-half yard cuts (so 3 yards total) of very nice new quilting cotton, which usually runs $8-9/yard, and it was only $20!!!! - so that was a deal (even with shipping) - and I know I'll squeeze at least 2 outfits for Carsie out of it all.

2. Vacation - I totally have spring fever. I could SO handle this view right now.

3. Selling my house. Enough said.

4. THE WEEKEND. It's still 3 days away, the weekend, but I'm looking forward to it. I need to clean out drawers/boxes, etc. - a little minor spring cleaning...Atomic Boogie is playing at 400 Block Friday night...good times...and I plan to go to the grocery store (ALONE!!! ooooohhhh, exciting!!!) on Saturday at some point...and I'm getting a hair cut on Saturday (my last hair cut was December 4. It's time. I'm trying to grow it out for ponytail season (and aforementioned beach vacation, which is yet to be planned but MUST happen sometime.) - but I need an update. Thinking I really dig the Ashley Judd look. I just don't know...Maybe I'll have a hot date on Saturday with fancy hair ;) - what do you think about this? Find me a hairstyle that would look good on me....:

Yeah, so I better do some more work now. The obsessions are ruling my life...
What are you daydreaming about today?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Review

All weekend (SINCE I HAVE INTERNET AT HOME) I've been drooling over sewing blogs and patterns (since I rarely get time to do such things at work...) and these things have caught my eye.

Oliver + S patterns - I SO want to make EVERY ONE of these outfits for Carson and a couple for Cole!!! (While they're still small enough to look cute in them, anyway...) (And some for my sweet Godson, Grady, maybe, too...and possibly my new Sadie...but of course, I'd have to get around to actually doing all of that...and I might not, but it's fun to think about...)

SO - Happy Monday. (P.S. it's Roman Record day...if you missed my post on the Roman's highly entertaining, if I DO say so go back and read it here...)

My house is clean...well, pretty clean - there is nothing on the floor (except laundry baskets full of CLEAN clothes needing to be put away...) - and this is an amazing with two preschoolers and a crazy dog.

We have TELEVISION and INTERNET at my house, and I'm on TV overload. I don't know what to do with myself...honestly. We were late to school/work today because of being sucked into Curious George/SuperWhy/Clifford the Big Red Dog. Amazing, huh?

I have a big trial calendar this week. On Thursday. Only 13 cases (only, right?) but I'm thinking at least 3 of them will be full-blown jury trials. And, honestly, my time has come - the last two calendars I've somehow gotten away with not trying any cases because they all fell through, got dismissed, or plead guilty.'s time - but it's also a little stressful and overwhelming some days. But, hey - I love my job. And, I'm telling you this so that when I don't do a blog post all week, you'll understand that I'm actually out working for the good of the people and all - and not just ignoring your need for random ramblings and entertainment...

I had a good weekend, except I had a little scare that my bacterial friends that came from the sushi had returned for another visit Saturday morning. Yep, I woke up very very ill and hanging my head over the toilet. Again. But luckily, phenergan worked pretty well and I felt human (somewhat) by supper time. So much for a wild Valentine's Day!!! But, my sweetheart came over anyway, despite my puny condition, and brought me gorgeous flowers. (I have a picture I'll upload later. They really are gorgeous.) The flowers arrived with a grilled chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A (at my request) and a totally sweet card. Ahhhh....We watched LOST on DVD and Saturday Night Live. A perfect evening in. ***ahhhhh....**** I actually love my quiet life sometimes. (Now, obviously, if you've seen the pictures in previous posts, you also know that I like to go out and have a good time here and there - but a good life is all about moderation & balance...right?)
OK - I will edit this post with a couple pictures later check back!

Friday, February 13, 2009


I now have TV and internet at home. If I fall off the face of the earth for a while, please do not put out a missing persons report, I am probably just sucked into WifeSwap or something equally atrocious and mind-numbing...though I am SO looking forward to SportsCenter. I was having SERIOUS withdrawals back during football season, and just couldn't stick it out through baseball season, too - I mean, I can only look up so much Michael Phelps and A-Rod juice online, ya know? I need tickers at the bottom. Woo hoo for ESPN. (Oh, and miracle of miracles, I have ShoTime, ***and for those holding their breath - I got the TV at Sam's - 26" flat screen HDTV. No built in DVD...***

And, P.S., tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I am not a big supporter of faked romance or pressure to have a date (though I have one, and I don't want to sound ungrateful, because it's nice to have a Valentine...) BUT - I AM a huge supporter of telling the people that you love how important they are in your life.

Family - you are my everything. You are "that from whence I came"...Thank you.
Friends - my adopted family, you are the icing on the cake. Thank you.
And most of all, I love myself, even though I'm a goofball and retarded some days. I love myself even when I give in and let the children watch 5 television shows in a row instead of the intended 2...and when I pretend I didn't see the 4 or 9 chocolate hearts they snuck (which happened to be sitting right by my side...because I may have been sneaking them myself.)...and I pretended even more not to know how late it was (9pm) when they were allegedly sneaking such hearts. I love myself even though I noticed a blaring grammatical error (be still my heart!) that ***I*** made in a brief I filed a month ago...I love that I try hard every day to just do my best. And my best is as good as it gets. So, even if I didn't have a Valentine this year (which, did I mention, I do have a Valentine?), I'd be happy. I have love all around.

Hey. It's Valentine's Day. Share the love.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

As promised, I finally, finally, pulled the sewing machine out on Sunday night. After months of being sad and neglected, she SANG at the prospect of a little project for Carsie. I was wasting a little time Sunday afternoon waiting to head and get the children, and found these Valentine's Day fabrics on sale for 50% off at Hancock's. They were only $4.99 to begin with, so with four 1/2 yard cuts (total 2 yards), I made 2 little dresses like this. One for Carsie and one for our little friend Addie, who just turned 4 in December. Carson can't wait to wear it to her V-Day party at school on Friday.

And these are my dear friends Jesse & Tricia. We went to see David Bell at 400 Block and it was nice to hang with my peeps for a while. Good times. Aren't they a cute couple?

Tricia's goofy (but so am I, obviously...)

And this is Bucky...also known as the Buck Master, BuckNasty, Buckalicious, etc. Ain't he cute? Well, he's too young for me (no, really...and I have another guy I'm sweet on anyway ;)) but he IS a great adopted little brother...and he loves me.

So - it's 10 am. I've had a productive day so far and crossed a mountain of things off my to-do lists (personal & work related...)

Here's the news...brace yourself...(((I AM GETTING CABLE & INTERNET!!!))) Finally, right? I had the cable shut off in Alabama at the beginning of it's been almost 10 months of TV-free and internet-free living...and I'm over it. Get me back into the real world. I feel out of sorts and isolated...and I've been waiting forever to get it because - What if we sell the house? What if we move? but you know what? I'm tired of waiting on the world to resolve itself. I need to live in the NOW...and it's no fun for me or the kids or babysitters to not have ANY tv...right?
So, on Friday between 3 & 5 pm, I will be a proud TV-watcher once again. ;)
What else...hmm...ok - I'm off to the bank to deposit some money (yay...) and do some other running around - dry cleaning, etc. - ah, the excitement of being a grown up, eh?
Fun random questions:
1. What TV shows do you watch regularly? (Tell me days/times/channels so I can catch up, too...;)
2. What was the last (good) movie you watched? (on tv or in the theater)
3. What are the main websites you check regularly every day?
4. What's for lunch and/or dinner today?

Monday, February 9, 2009

YAY for this Monday. After a week of being horribly ill from this bacterial sushi thing (see prior post), I am so so so much better and so so so happy!!! The shorties went to see their Daddy this weekend, on Friday - and the Junior Service League put on Follies 2009!!! I worked at the Patron's Party both nights to help out a little...but other than that, I did very very little besides hang out on a couch and relax. And it was so nice. I did get a TON of laundry done, which was necessary for my continued existence, but it wasn't stressful at all.

And I slept. I slept WELL and happy. No tossing and turning, no stomach pain, no small sweaty preschoolers cuddled up next to me with 3 and 4 year old breath in my face...(which I actually love, but that situation does not beget sound sleep for Momma...)

And now I'm at work, about to have my 2nd cup of coffee and pore over the Roman Record (Hey, it's Monday, I gotta keep up!!!) and get my work life back in order. I have a few appointments scheduled for this afternoon and I need to go to the jail to see my boys in orange about next week's court appearances...I feel in control of my life (well, as in control as one could be of the madness that is my life) and much, much, much more like myself than I have since before the Holidays!!! YAY.

So. This week - I have a bunch of crazy errands to get done like:
- pay car insurance
- get oil changed
- pay Berry and file for reimbursement from Flex account
- pay parking ticket (eek)
- pay speeding ticket
(Do you see a car-related theme going on here? I actually washed and vaccuumed out my whole car yesterday and I'm so happy about it!)
- go to the bank, deposit checks
- call Gas company and moan about my bill (I'm sure there's a leak, it CAN'T be normal for it to be that high)
- check into cable TV & internet (GASP!) - I'm breaking down here...
- wash Carsie's ballet things this evening so she can do ballet tomorrow
- finish Sadie's prize so I can take it to the hospital when she's born on Wednesday
- organize sitter for Wednesday so I can go to the hospital...
- figure out dinner for the rest of the week so we can eat at home.
- get little Valentine things for the kids to take to their parties at school for classmates
- figure out something for my own Valentine (YES, I have a Valentine, isn't that sweet?)

So far, that's what I got. Aren't you glad you came to read my blog so now you know my whole to-do list? Of course you are!!! You love the random irrelevant details of my life. That's why you come here. ;)

I got some Valentine's fabric yesterday while I was at the fabric store buying machine needles and a tape measure. It was $4.99/yard, on sale at 50% off! (So, only 2.50 a yard...) - I got 1/2 a yard of 4 different heart-prints for a total of $5.00!!! (And, miracle of miracles, I eeked TWO size 4 dresses out of it...they're a little different, but the I think I'm going to give one to Addie - my secretary's granddaughter...) Pictures soon!

OK - random questions:
1. How often do you wash your car - either in the drive-thru wash or hand-washing?

2. If you could be doing something OTHER than being at work today, and just for today, what would you be doing?

3. What is the coolest Valentine's gift/idea/date you have gotten/given/heard of?

4. Tell me about your shoes. Either the ones you have on or your favorite pair, or both.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Come on, you know you missed me...

I've been gone a WEEK from my blog! SORRY! It started last week when I kept getting this error message when I tried to open my Outlook email, which then turned into the crazy IT folks (you know how IT folks can be... ;)) taking my computer on Tuesday and not returning it until Friday afternoon...SO, I was without a computer (which normally would have been tragic - but I was actually in court every day last week except Monday...)...

Then it was Friday - and I got to go see my fave local guys play at 400 Block (David Bell & Tim of Thunderbolt Patterson...good times...) Pictures soon, gotta sort through those for the appropriate ones, you know...and then on Saturday I went and saw my Nannie and my sister and my mom and we ate at IHOP, and ran into an old friend from high school (Amy Mac!!!) Then I got a call from my realtor that the house was going to be shown at 5:45 - so I busted it home to clean up real quick and take a shower - because I had a hot date planned for Saturday night!

So, I go over to date's house at 5:45 (since house is being shown) and we talk, then decide we should go pick up Season 3 of LOST to watch after dinner - meet friends at dinner place and all decide to sit together. Dinner place is Japanese, and I LOVE sushi, so I order a rainbow roll (my favorite) and another roll (Super Crunch, which is cooked stuff) and go to town. As we are leaving, I think "My tummy hurts, I ate TOO TOO much." But figure it will settle down soon enough. Well, we get back to sweet friend's place and put in LOST - before the season premier first episode is over, I am feelin' ill. I started throwing up and couldn't stop! IT WAS SO MISERABLE...and I was so embarrassed, because, like, remember? I WAS ON A DATE. But, it turned out alright, in the end. My guy took care of me and made sure I was ok (thanks, hon) - and I finally made it home early the next morning and got to sleep a little before my momma returned those small beings who call me "mommy".

I have very very little recollection of anything past Saturday at midnight until this morning. All I know is that I'm glad to be ALIVE! ;) and that I'm very very very tired, still, even though I slept all day yesterday, and all night last night.

There ya go. I won't be eating sushi again for a long long time. This saddens me because I enjoy sushi! It's a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. However, just the thought of it while I'm typing is making me queasy, so I'll shut up now. A big thank you and shout out to my boy Will who made sure I was ok. I promise the next date will end on a happier note.