Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Update

Here we are at Monday again!
I had a fairly good weekend, but I am still not feeling great. Apparently walking pneumonia turned into bronchitis...yuck-o.

I spent Saturday chilling...then watched some football in the afternoon. (WAR EAGLE!!!) I ended up on a spontaneous sushi excursion at Rome's own "RuSan's" - and it was fabulous!!! My friend Stephen Dillon and I had a Rainbow Roll, a Dynamite Roll and something called the Olympic 5-ring...and some edamame on top of it all. Fabulocity. It was REALLY good.

Sunday I slept in a little, did some laundry (story of my life), and went and got my chickadees. They had a nice weekend with Mema (their grandmother) and all is well here in River City.

On the upcoming Rome, GA, agenda for October -
October 11 - Trout Unlimited's 13th Annual Chili Cook-off @ Ridge Ferry Park -

October 25 & 26 - Chiaha Harvest Fair, Ridge Ferry Park -

There's probably more - but these are two events I'm planning on attending without a doubt. I heart outdoor events like this in the fall. Good times!

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!

Casey (my little sis) is having a girl...she already has a name picked - Sadie. I'm excited!!!

That's all the real news I have for today...bring on the weekend, baby. Sweaty boys in tight pants (college football) and nice fall weather, maybe some good BBQ...I'm set.

What are YOU up to this weekend? Nothing, you say? Come hang out with me - my email is in my profile, ... ;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

College Football - week 5 preview!!!

FIRST - before we get to football...TODAY IS THE DAY!!!
Today is the day my baby sister has her ultrasound at the OB's office to find out if the baby is a niece or a nephew for me. (Have I mentioned that I love my brother-in-law but seeing as Casey is my baby sister (she's 27) as far as I'm concerned this is the second virgin birth ;) ) We are meeting my whole hoot-a-nanny family in Emerson (what, you've never heard of Emerson? Your loss...) at Doug's Place for supper. Good times. I see chicken fried steak in my future and lots of gravy.

OK - now that that is out of the way - BRING ON THE FOOTBALL. There is, as far as I know, not much going on in Rome this weekend. There is (you locals take note) a Budweiser "American Ale" tasting starting at Old Havana Cigar Co. on FRIDAY at 5:30 - so be sure to stop by for some beer. I will be there probably around 7:30 or 8... BUT, because I'm unaware of any outdoor festivals (or other free alcohol ;) ) I will be camped out watching football all weekend. (Check schedule here... )

These are the ones I'm geared up for...
Kent State v. Ball State on ESPN+ (well, I'm not really interested in that one, but my friend Liam's MIGHTY FIGHTING CARDINALS will be playing, and since there's not much else interesting on at noon, I might see if I can find it...)
North Carolina @ Miami

3:30 p.m. -
Tennessee @ AUBURN (WAR EAGLE!!!)


7:45 p.m. -
Alabama @ Georgia

Whoo-hoo...good football days are ahead!!!

OK - so there was my football diversion of the day...have a happy one!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I heart my life.

I really do. I'm grateful to live in this (sometimes painfully) small town. I love that most of the places that I eat, work, and "play" are within a 10 block radius. (Though I live kinda far out, according to most, it's only 9 miles from "downtown"...)

I have a client who is in jail (imagine that) and his Momma had some items of "evidence" (mostly receipts, letters, employment stuff) to give me. I told her to come by my office this morning, but her OTHER son had court this morning, so I told her I'd just meet her at the courthouse around 9:30 or 10:00. While I was waiting to find her, I thought I'd sit in on a civil non-jury day in my judge's courtroom. See how "the other side lives" for the day (tee hee hee...) Well, guess what. There was a forfeiture hearing of some alleged drug money (basically, the "money" was on trial - if it was in close proximity to drugs or contraband, and the evidence showed it was most likely a product of drug-dealing, the State gets to keep it...) So, the lady who claimed to OWN the money was there trying to get it back. Surprisingly, (note sarcasm here) she is charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute and some other charges. Of course my judge saw me sitting back there and asked me to advise her - of her 5th Amendment right, how anything she testifies to (regarding the money or the alleged drugs) could and probably WOULD be used against her when her case got indicted and tried. *sigh*

That's what I get for going to the courthouse when I don't have anything on the calendar. (In case you were wondering, the money was in fact forfeited...) But, I HEART my job anyway! You never know WHAT you're going to be doing next. And, what I really really heart about Tuesdays is that it's Government Employee discount day at the Peach Palace Diner. 30% off!!! Is it time to eat yet?

Questions for today, should you have the time and inclination to answer in the comment section...
1) Do you heart your job? Why (or why not?)
2) What seemingly insignificant things are you grateful for today?
3) If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what WOULD you be doing?
4) What are your goals for the week?
5) What's for lunch?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Coffee, please...

Monday. Again.
It comes around so fast, darn it! I was feeling so much better by Friday - spent the better part of the day talking to my incarcerated clients (I think I saw 9 folks) at the jail. Of course, going to the jail is a catch-22 - you go to "get some work done" but seeing as you are at the jail, you have 9 clients' worth of work to handle when you get back.

I'd show you my to-do list again, but it would just depress you. Court this week, too - probation revocations and arraignments. And, I finished my September trial calendar last week, right? Well, guess what was sitting in my box on Friday? OCTOBER'S TRIAL CALENDAR!!! It never ends, but I do love my job. I'm busy, I'm fairly good at it, and it's always changing.

So, my chickadees spent the weekend in Alabama. Went to Chuck E. Cheese (SO sorry I missed that trip ;) ) - and had a super good time. I went to the BEER FESTIVAL! A great big shout out to RACA and all the volunteers and beer vendors that made that so wonderful. I had a great great time and the fall weather was to-die-for! Then went on to watch the UGA/Arizona State game (go Dawgs!) and although I'm severely disappointed that Auburn lost to LSU - Auburn made a better showing than I expected. The winning LSU touchdown was made in the LAST MINUTE! (well, I think it was 1:03 left...) *sigh* At least it was fun to watch (the parts I actually got to watch, since most the folks I was hanging with wanted to watch Georgia, of course...

I think that's all I have to share. I'm not particularly funny or witty today, I'm still medicated for this walking pneumonia stuff. ugh - but my sweet baby sister has her ultrasound this week to see if I'm having a niece or a nephew! Updates as I have 'em.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Did ya miss me?

I'm sick. STILL!!! I rarely EVER get sick, so this is strange. Turns out I apparently have "walking pneumonia" - but I'm on the antibiotic regimen now so I should be feeling better any minute...

Since I've been in a haze for a couple days, I'm way behind at work, at home, and with my, today, I'm going to ask YOU to answer some questions for me. I'll answer my own in the comment section - you should, too...

1. How is your week thusfar?
2. What is one thing that someone did for you that was really nice?
3. What did YOU do for someone this week that was really nice?
4. What's on tap for YOUR weekend?
5. Do you make your bed every day?
6. What did you have for dinner last night?
7. Is the gas price madness KILLING you or what?
8. Tell me something funny. I need it today.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Monday to-do List

OK - so I totally need to be organized today. Why is Monday always so JAM-PACKED? Here is my to-do list for the early part of the week - notations made as to what is already done...

1. Transfer cash to second account (accidentally paid sitter from wrong checkbook) - DONE!
2. Pay credit card bill - due tomorrow - DONE!
3. Go to court and enter pleas, ask for Motion to Suppress (DONE! - gotta go back for the "order" granting my motion to let my girl outta jail at 1:30 PM)
4. Write brief for sister's car accident case (due Wednesday - 1/2 done)
5. Pay September tuition ($1000!!!) for C & C at Berry. (planned for lunchtime)
6. Motion for New Trial (must be done by 4 pm today - not done yet...)
7. Keep trying to hunt down specific business owners re: sponsorship of Jr. Service League...ugh.
8. Drink more coffee
9. Spray & Wash and launder Carsie's ballet stuff for tomorrow
10. Call chick in charge of babysitting at Jr. League meeting (which is tomorrow night, AFTER ballet)
11. Confirm kids' weekend plans...then figure out whether I can play tennis on Thursday or not, and call captain if I can't.
12. Call Yolanda and see if I can swing a cheap house-cleaning deal.
13. Call State Farm Insurance re: homeowner's policy.
14. Confirm plans for Beer Festival this weekend!!!
15. Sort out the probation revocation petitions sitting on my desk and go to the jail to prepare for hearings next week on these.
16. Um, I think that's it for the very moment.

Are you exhausted reading this? And it's not even lunch time on Monday yet - but it was raining softly and steadily this morning when I woke up to two cuddly little people and a hairy dog in my bed. Sweet! Three of us wanted to stay asleep in the cozy knit t-shirt sheets - Carson, however, INSISTED on blueberry oatmeal at 7am sharp, so we got up. *sigh* I even remembered my umbrella this morning! We went to the grocery store yesterday (Note to self: The grocery store pretty much sucks at any point with two preschoolers begging for Batman Fruit Roll-ups and Squishy Bouncy Balls, etc. - but it's particularly bad on Sunday afternoons (when the entirety of Floyd County shops in their church clothes...including us) - and even worse when all FOUR of the race car carts have been commandeered by those quicker than us...)

In all actuality, the trip was successful. My kids (leave it to MY kids) figured out that it's REALLY fun to ride UNDER the buggy - on the part reserved for huge bags of dog food, cases of water, etc. They were actually not half as wild as I expected - but of course, this being Rome, GA - I saw 10 people I knew there and had to stop and say hi...and we had to make 3 trips to the potty (with frozen things left in the basket, of course...) Anyway, tonight, we're having homemade whole-wheat 3 cheese ravioli with vodka sauce and freshly grated parmesan. Anyone hungry? Beats frozen pizza, fo' shizzle. Tuesday is Schroeder's to-go because of the ballet/Jr. League madness - but Wednesday we are having chicken quesadillas and guacamole salad. YUMMO...

OK - this is a really long blogarino. Gotta get busy on that to-do list at some point today!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Shout out to my JuneBug Mommas

Ransom mid-day post:
I see that my girls are here!!! (I am a good snoop and see that there are lots of folks arriving from!!!) Someone must have posted a link to my blog.

The best part is - I know WHO lives in College Station, TX, Germany, Iowa, etc. :heart: And I think of you all by name!!!

I LOVE YOU GIRLS AND I MISS YOU TERRIBLY!!! ALL of you - *sigh* I might be able to jump on with wireless laptop access at the courthouse for a few minutes here and there in the near future - I will DEFINITELY stop by soon.

Hugs to everyone. I feel so lost without you!

I'm a maniac...maniac...

That title has nothing to do with this post, but TGIF is SO overdone.
It IS Friday though, and I had to go enter a plea this morning - cocaine possession & criminal trespass. We are planning to go to the Rome High School football game tonight. However, we've also been invited to a little fundraising/support cookout thing for a guy that is running for local election - and it's family friendly and there will be food there. It starts at 6:30 and the ballgame won't start until 7:30. I think we can swing both?

And tomorrow is the Annual Rib Cook-off in Rome. If you're local, you should come on out - it's out at the Shanklin-Attaway Recreational Area - out in Armuchee past the mall. Call or email me if you need directions. It starts at 3 pm. Good food, good music, good company (hey, I'll be there! with C & C Music Factory in tow...)...And one more thing for local folks - if you like beer and if you want to support the should come out to the 1st Annual Beer Festival at Heritage Park, next Saturday, September 20 from 1-5pm. You can purchase tickets ($25/each or $10 for Designated Driver tickets, which they're also selling at the door...) online at The proceeds are going to benefit RACA (Rome Area Council for the Arts) - good cause, good beer, good times. For a mere $25 you get a glass, and the opportunity to taste 50+ different beers from local microbrews to international beers. What a deal! Look for me there!

So, it should be a fun few weekends of fall. I am hoping someone has some football on at this rib thing because you know, I still can't watch TV at my house. But, I've been checking the polls...Fun times!

Y'all have a good weekend. Call me if you need something to do. ;)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Paying it forward...

I had a blog-worthy experience today. I was running late. This is my first non-trial/non-court day in about a week, so the chickadees and I took our time getting ready and didn't leave until 8:45. I coughed all night - so I'm still feeling cruddy.

After dropping off the short people I had to go to the bank so I was passing Starbuck on the way and decided I deserved a skinny vanilla latte. There were many cars in the drive-up, so I parked and went inside. There were two ladies there at the front of the line chatting up the cashier. This conversation had something to do with the ladies' day and their plans, and some misfortune, blah-blah-blah. Behind the two ladies was a very nice looking man who was just hanging and waiting. We were there FOREVER.

So finally the ladies' drinks are prepared and ready and they move on. The guy in front of me (we'll call him Mike, because that's his name ;) ) - goes right up to the chicka at the counter and slaps her a big ol' High-5 and says "THAT was excellent customer service and you did a GREAT job making those ladies' day." He ordered a skinny vanilla latte with protein & fiber powder, and then turns around to me and says "And, I'll pay for whatever SHE'S having, too - since she waited so patiently..." I shook my head and protested no, he didn't have to do that...but he insisted. So, I got the same thing, minus the protein/fiber...I was being healthy enough with the skim milk and sugar free stuff! He was so super nice and I told him thank you for paying it forward. Turns out the barista accidentally poured the protein/fiber-free latte into "Mike's" cup - and the protein/fiber-dosed latte in to "J.J.'s" cup - so I've been carrying around my "Mike" latte for about 1/2 hour. I'm sad it's gone...and the barista had even dotted his "i" in Mike with a little heart. AH, how sweet.

We should all have a bigger heart some days. Thanks, Mike - wherever you are.

And today, of all days - I still have a hard time discussing the events that took place 9/11/01...but for the sake of remembering how real it was, I will never forget the frightened faces of all my fellow law students crowded around the tv in the student lounge. Frantic cell phone calls - only to get blocked signals. Being afraid to drive anywhere. Worry...fear...disbelief...anger. Insanity. God bless these United States.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Middle o' the week blues...

This has not been a stellar day, but all things considered, it's getting better mostly because of the banana nut muffin sitting on my desk...

I feel terrible! This is the time of year when I get the preschool sniffles that C & C bring home. They have them, too...which leads to an incessant hacking cough that is more annoying than anything, especially when I'm trying to sleep at night.

I had my second (and last) jury trial of this month today. Guilty verdict. The guy was NOT happy...he has to go to jail until Sunday night, so he has to take 2 more days off work. The thing is that the plea recommendation was for only 12 months probation (i.e. no jail time) and he insisted on a jury trial...I hate it, but I know I did my best. I'm not the one who committed the crime, ya know?

In any event, my to-do list is catching up with me - at work and in my personal life. I need a day off to handle all my errands and minor inconveniences like cleaning the toilets, etc. I would love a personal assistant, but you know, I can't really afford it on my public defender salary. Alas, there is the rub.

Bring on the weekend, already! I need college football therapy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One down, one to go...

I finished my first misdemeanor trial of the week before lunch today. Not Guilty verdict (justice was served ;) ) - and I am picking a jury for tomorrow's case in the morning. We shall see.

From today:
1. I forgot Carsie's ballet things and she has ballet at 5:30 (pulling a Homer Simpson - "doh!" at this point...BAD MOMMY!)
2. I feel like crap. Really. I thought taking the non-drowsy cold medicine would help but now I feel worse...ugh.
3. To add to the crappy feeling, I ate a chili dog for lunch. It was so YUM! on the way down but now my stomach has disowned me. ugh.
4. I am really tired. Small children invaded my bed in the middle of the night and we all coughed and played "Kick Mommy until 6 am" ugh ugh ugh...

***NEWS FLASH*** Please note the new little thing over here-------->>> in the sidebar entitled "Followers" - and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up to be a faithful follower, even if I don't know you. Really, I won't think it's creepy, I'll be flattered. It's really nice to know who my readers are (and even if you aren't necessarily a "faithful follower" and never actually read my blog, but if you're feeling generous and need a good dose of kharma - bring it and sign up. You shall be rewarded!!! ;) Thank you. PSA is over, stepping off soap box now.
That's really all I have to say. It's Tuesday. Just 3 more days until the weekend. *sigh*

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I HEART College Football!

Yesterday was a really perfect day, really. I got up and drank coffee on my back porch, took a shower, met the cable guy...who showed up ON TIME at shortly after 11. Unfortunately for all you internet friends...I still don't actually HAVE cable. Something about the phone lines being "home-run" and mine aren't, and the guy was going to have to drill holes and run new lines which equals more money...and HEY! my house is still on the market, and I really really don't think that drilling holes and running new lines is what I want to get involved in at the moment. I just want to sell my house. For realzies.

OK, so back to the perfect day...I left the house around 11:30, busting it to get somewhere that is showing the Auburn-Southern Miss I showed up at Old Havana and all the guys there are watching the Tech game. Snooze... ;) Just kidding, of course, all you tech fans - and they DID beat the crapola out of Boston College, so for you here's a shout out to the Ramblin' Wrecks...but, there ARE two TVs at the cigar shop, so I turned the other one onto the Auburn game and drank some coffee with my friend Joey and watched Auburn smack Southern Miss a good one. Excellent running by the offense. The defensive line fell apart a little there mid-game and allowed a few touchdowns, but maybe that was just good sportsmanship...he he. I left at half-time and ate at El Zarape with Joe - and then back for the second half. WOO HOO! Then, of course the beer drinking began with the kick-off of the GA game (after a quick check on other scores by flipping it to ESPN for a second...) Saw lots of lawyer-buddies in and out for an hour or two throughout the times. Eventually the GA game was over and I got invited to see a film that was being shown at the City Auditorium at 7 as part of I went with my friends Tricia and Jonathan and enjoyed "Phantom of the Opera" - a silent movie with an orchestral background - 3 guys playing a myriad of instruments. Very fun and entertaining.

Then back to the bar/TVs for the second half of the Miami/Florida game. Fun times.

Eventually I went to sleep. But a good football Saturday was very gratifying and I'm grateful. I have a trial or two starting tomorrow, so I need to get crackin' on that...I hope everyone is doing well!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ce-le-brate good times...COME ON!

WOO HOO for the weekend...It has been a doozie of a week. (Doozie (doozy?) is such a nerdy word. I embrace my nerdiness...just go with it...) Even with the holiday Monday, I've kicked some tail this week. I had probation revocation hearings on Wednesday, a trial calendar yesterday and made it to the jail twice to meet with my incarcerated clients. Phew.

AND, it's now FRIDAY. I have a dilemma. I've got a Junior League kickoff party tonight at 7...but it's also the (free) First Friday concert and I've talked to several (non Jr. League) folks who have asked me if I'm going to be there. It also starts at 7. What is a popular girl to do? I think I"ll go to the kickoff party FIRST and visit, and then head to the 1st Friday.

Tomorrow I get cable!!! Bring ON the college football. Ahhh...the simple pleasures in life.

Carol - if you read this, I will call you this afternoon, got the email/chat about your phone...but can't call right this second. I love you.

Well, folks, tune in next week for updates on my two misdemeanor trials - a DUI and a simple times here in River City!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The downhill slide!!!

Update on ballet - was fabulous! Carson was the youngest there (it's a 3-6 year old class, and she JUST turned 3 last month...) but she did great, listened and sat still (well as still as her little 3 year old body would allow). Cole was so proud of her, it makes my heart to bust - he told her he looked SO VERY PRETTY in her ballerina clothes...ah, be still my heart...and that she was the best dancer ever.

I'm off to court today...folks on probation who got in trouble...I have a calendar call tomorrow. Bella is at the vet...she has a boo boo on her tail (think it's a "hot spot" - infected place. Ick.) Last time I fell off the wagon with the blogging was in the middle of my trial calendar, so if you don't hear from me for several days, that's why...if you want to hear about my day - email me. I'll send you my number ;)

On tap for the weekend (I know it's only Wednesday...but we're on the DOWNHILL SLIDE!!!):
- Junior League Kickoff Party Friday
- First Friday Concert
- I'M GETTING CABLE (woo hoo - note to self, call friend that does computer stuff and get him to check out my laptop)
- Saturday - after cable, possibly work on the Treehouse for Rome project with young, (trials next week)...I have no real plans for the evening but I'm looking forward to laid back relaxation...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend Update

Ah, what a holiday weekend. We usually do "movie night" on Fridays - complete with a $5 Little Ceasar's trip. BUT, on the way back to town from picking up C & C Music Factory, they started whining that they wanted Schroeder's. I had eaten lunch there two days in a row (including Friday) - but I could basically live off Schroeder's, so I thought what the hey?

At Schroeder's, we ran into several people we knew - including my lovely friends Simone & Dan. Simone is a teacher at the high school by my house, and they were headed to the football game after dinner. So, we went, too! My kids were deathly afraid of the "painted boys" - teenagers with no shirts who had painted their faces & bodies in blue, white & black...but they eventually got over it. Cole was SO in his element at the ball game. Wanted to know all about 1st downs, interceptions, incomplete passes, and TOUCHDOWNS...of course, this is Model High School we're talking about so the only touchdowns were in the opponent's favor, but it was still a great time. We got home at 10 pm!!! TOO LATE for preschoolers.

Saturday we went to see Grandmomma & Pop. Fun times. Pop is sick with a nasty cold, but we had a fun time just hanging out. G.G. (my grandmother) came over and played (and got them silly string. NOTE TO GIFT GIVERS - don't get preschoolers silly string...) Then the chickadees begged to spend the night and I headed back to Rome. Helped my friend pack books & knick-knacks (she moved this weekend) then had dinner AT SCHROEDER'S AGAIN!!! (That makes 4 times in 3 days...) and some beer and just had a nice time all home TOO late, but it was fun nonetheless.

Sunday I got up at 7am...picked up my short people from Grandmomma's then headed back and ate in town. Schroeder's is closed on Sundays ;) so we ate at Jefferson's then went to help that friend move. C & C carried stuff out to the U-Haul, couch cushions and such. Monday was a rougher day, I was getting tired from all the festivity - but we got BBQ from the St. Mary's Knights of Columbus and ate with friends at their house. Fun times! Then headed to the park in the afternoon, stopped at Starbucks for some caffeine and went home for a nap.

Now it's Tuesday (though it feels like a Monday) and I am preparing for my hearings tomorrow and my trial calendar on Thursday...Carson has her first ballet class tonight! I'm so excited and she is, too - she even (GASP!) let me put her hair in a ponytail today (and if you know Carsie, you know this was a major feat...)

Y'all have a good week!