Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random Musings of a Mommy

So, I reset my blog. This is my new start. Life is strange. I am in a new strange place in my life, and the strangest part is that I expected it to FEEL much much much stranger than it does. In fact, it feels LESS strange than what I thought was my "normal" life.

Enough of the ethereal rambling. I got to come home. I have my children, a fabulous perfect new job, and a lot of life hanging out there to live. I'm excited. Sad to be done with the part I ended, but glad about the parts yet to come.

So, Independence Day is coming up. How fitting...My children will not be here with me that weekend, but I'm sure I'll find something to occupy my time...even if it's mopping the floors. I may even pull out my much-neglected sewing machine! For you Jaywalker Designs fans...more stuff is coming. My hopeful release date of some one-of-a-kind fall things is set for mid-August. That's only 6 weeks away, though! Please keep checking the Etsy site ( for updates there, too.

What else to tell? I really really really want to go to the beach. I may even go, a beach chair, miles of sand & surf, a few Coronas, a lime and a good trashy novel...oh, and sunscreen and a hat, of course ;) - sounds divine.

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