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StitchFix #1 review - July 2014

  • It came, it came!!! I have been waiting for about a month now to get my first Stitch Fix

  • What? What's that? You don't know about It's a style service... Basically, after filling out a pretty comprehensive style profile and lots of information about your body type and sizes and stuff, a stylist picks out 5 pieces for you. Tops, pants, skirts, dresses, accessories... And ships them to you for free.  When your Fix is shipped, you get charged a $20 styling fee... (Though if you keep any of the items, that $20 becomes a credit.) The box arrives, you try on your 5 things, get a personal note from your stylist and 5 style cards to show you how you can make complete looks, and a list with descriptions and prices. 

Now, as a quick aside, we have purged our home. I have rid myself of all unnecessary goods. I have taken no less than 32 bags (30 gallon trash bags) of assorted clothes, household items, and linens to the Salvation Army in Rome since March. I have reduced my wardrobe by at least 50% or more. In that process, I determined that the things I kept were 1) not bought on sale 2) of high quality 3) classic design and 4) multifunctional for work, casual, etc.  So, in an effort to enjoy my style a little more, I treated myself to the stitch fix experience. 

My first box came today!

It was wrapped beautifully:

And gave simple instructions!

  • My stylist (Lisa) sent me a nice note and 5 style cards for the pieces I received:

    so I got 2 tops, a pair of skinny pants, a kimono cardigan, and a chevron print dress... Here are the items in no particular order. In the interest of transparency, I am also including the price. (You get to choose the price range for your clothes. I was in the $50-100 price range, though I will go down to the under $50 or "the cheaper the better" price range next time!)

    1) Daniel Rainn - Daria Scarf print cross-front blouse - $74
    Um, no.  This was the one total fail in my box. I hate the print. Like, absolutely despise it. It does not look cute or professional or even intentional. The way it crosses with the funky pattern not matching up makes it even worse. The cut would maybe be ok if it was a smaller all-over print? But I also did not like the bottom. The hem was elasticized. Yuck. And it was too pricey. 

    Verdict: RETURNED

    Item #2 - Pomelo Landers Lattice Crochet Detail Tank $78

    Ok, I confess, when I saw that my box had shipped, I looked up photos on Pinterest and the interwebs to see what I got - and this was underwhelming from what I could tell. A white shirt? Really? 

    But then when I got it out the box, the fabric was soft and flowy.  The detail at the neck and shoulders was beautifully sewn.  It had a cute keyhole button detail at the back neck. The back hem was ever so slightly longer than the front to hit at the right spot on my backside. 

     In the end, I really liked this shirt the most out of the whole box.

    VERDICT: kept it!

    Item #3 - Pomelo Harriet Chevron Print Detail Dress - $64

    This dress is SO me. If I had to just choose from photos and could only keep one thing, this would be it. And even once I got it on, I adored it:

  • Unfortunately, there was one little problem. It wouldn't zip up. 
    Major bummer. I seriously feel this dress just must run small. It is my size and all the other things fit, for the most part... I hope I get a cute dress like this next time (that fits...)

    VERDICT: returned (but only because I couldn't zip it)

    Item #4 - Pixley Monty Scarf Print Kimono Cardigan - $54

    I wanted to love this. Well, I do love this... The fabric and print and colors and style of boho-chic are great. But... On me it looks like a box. It gives me no waist or shape, and according to my husband, it makes me look old.
    But look at it!!!! Pretty. 

    VERDICT: returned

    Item #5 - Sanctuary Rizzo Skinny Ponte Pants - $88

    ok - I have never worn or even tried on skinny jeans or skinny pants. (I know, sad, right?) but, news flash - I am not skinny!!!! I embrace my body shape, and am totally cool with it, but I am way curvy to wear tight pants. (Have you seen the Jimmy Fallon/Will Ferrell "I got my tight pants on" skit? You should... Here - it's irresistible - there is a bad's from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon...)

    Anyway, I am still slightly torn about these.  But I have convinced myself that 1) they are versatile 2) they are seasonless 3) they are way cuter than yoga pants 4) they could be dressed up or down 5) my husband likes my butt in them. So....

    I went back and forth and back and forth. But the more tops I tried on with them, the better I felt about keeping them. They are like leggings with their clingy-ness and stretch, but thick Ponte cotton with the cute sewn details - think jeggings, only haute fancy jeggings.  My planned big fall purchase is riding boots and these will be perfect...

    VERDICT: kept

    So, what do you think? Did I pick the right things? I got my $20 credit applied from the styling fee, so that helped a little.  And, if you keep all 5 things, you get a hefty 25% discount (which would have been $85.50 in this case!)

    You should try it!!!! If you do - use this link or one of the linkies above. (It is just to take you to the main stitch fix page, but if you use this link, I get a $25 credit for referring you!)Click here to try it!

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