Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hump Day Hilarity

What a weird week, y'all! I'm still recovering from my half marathon a week and a half ago. You may know I fell the week before and really pulled something in my left thigh/quad/groin... No fun. Been seeing my chiropractor and broke down to go to the doctor today. Muscle relaxers and anti inflammatories - crossing fingers. 

So, lots of people have asked me lately how much weight I have lost. I started running in September. Here's a little before and after:

It actually looks like I have lost a lot looking at it like this (I am being way super brave about this with my nasty white belly hanging out...). I was surprised because I didn't think I looked different and..... Drumroll please.....

I have lost a grand total of 2 pounds!

Amazing, right? Only 2 pounds but man I feel different. 

Ok, so moving along, check out my cute friends. I started a running club called Moms RUN This Town and somehow we are up to 160ish members. Wow. Some of us got together for a run on Saturday. Love this crowd. 

Cole's pinewood derby car won best in show! 
Here is a close up of his car and his sister's (girls get to race our pinewood derby, too!)
Here are all the cars:
Today I had lunch with my kids at school. There is no bad day that cannot be made better by lunch at elementary school. Just sayin':

Love my kiddos - my Irish Twins:

And to celebrate hump day:
Think about my friend Melissa (and me and my friends and her family) because we have lost Melissa's mom - a true fighter and crusader against Cancer. I will be traveling to celebrate her life well lived with my sweet friend and her family. <3

We will miss you, Linda. 

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