Thursday, April 17, 2014

Your friend, JJ, starring in: "Pick Me for Ragnar!"

I don't typically enter those contests on the interwebs - you know, the giveaways on Facebook for liking and sharing photos and pages, and the blog giveaways for leaving a comment... I guess I feel I have had more than my fair share of good luck in life and all, so power to the people that do enter and "may the odds be ever in your favor!!!" (Imagine accent of Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games here...)

Much my surprise, though, I recently entered such a contest. Dimity and Sarah from Another Mother Runner (who I consider my running friends, though they don't know me yet...) were looking for 2 wannabe first-time marathoners. I didn't think I would ever want to run a marathon when I started running 9 months ago (never say never...You can read more about my running journey and my recent Half Marathon experience on my blog post "Why I Run"...)

Alas, the competition was crazy good, and I was not chosen as a winner, though it was hard to feel too terribly sorry for myself since the two ladies that were chosen are remarkably fabulous. I am so excited to follow their journey to Philly and their first 26.2...

But I still really wanted to run with D&S. I listen to their podcast on iTunes (Get episodes here...) and since I'm fairly stubborn and stuff... I decided to enter an equally cool contest to run with the BAMR Ragnar Relay team in San Francisco this fall.  September of 2014 (the time of the Ragnar Relay) is not only my runniversary, it's also just after my one year Cancerversary.  I was declared cancer free late last summer and officially in remission!  I want to celebrate that in a BIG way - I know that running as a BAMR at Ragnar would be a wicked cool way to celebrate...

I am worthy. But now I have to convince Dimity & Sarah that I am worthy. How am I going to do that???

As a trial attorney in my non-running hours, I make every effort to prove my case, beyond a reasonable doubt. To introduce evidence in a trial, attorneys can't just "say" this is the evidence, they have to call witnesses to testify. I thought perhaps those who know me would "testify" in the case of "JJ vs. AMR Ragnar Contest"... If you are reading this, consider yourself under oath and answer the following question:

"Why should JJ be chosen as a member of the Another Mother Runner Relay team?"

I am calling on you, best-running-friends and mother runners and father runners, family members, facebook friends, twitter followers, my Momfia and Moms RUN This Town peeps... and anyone and everyone who happens to believe in me.

If you are reading this, please leave a comment here*** and TESTIFY on my behalf as to why Dimity and Sarah NEED me on their Ragnar Relay team. (Please leave your first name and how you know me in the comment.) The contest ends on 4/28, so please share this blog link at will on social media... Running, and the friendships made therefrom, has changed my life. I hope to be an inspiration to others like my runner friends (including Dimity and Sarah) have been to me. I am crossing my fingers and holding my breath. Thank you!!!!

***Apparently Blogger comments left via mobile phone vanish into the black hole of the internet.  Thank you to those of you whole love me enough to type a comment on your phone - but note that it will likely not show up here - thus, if possible, please leave a comment from a computer or use the desktop site...and verify that you can see your comment when the page refreshes.  It wasn't supposed to be this complicated!***


  1. Melissa - college - because if she says she will do something, she will; because she is awesome; and because she can represent those of us who can't run but wish we were still able.

  2. JJ is awesome. I know her from various facets of our local downtown and mutual friends as well. I admire her and you should too. She's a great mom, obviously a fighter, and dedicated runner. I'd pick her for anything. Seriously.

  3. Drew, friend.
    If D&S are looking for someone who is not only awesome, but an inspiration to everyone around them, then you have nothing to worry about. You are one of the coolest, most dedicated, amazing mommas I have the privaledge to call my friend.

  4. JJ will be a terrific! She deserves to run with D&S because she is utterly reliable and strong (it will also be a great way for her to celebrate her Cancerversary, as she mentions above). JJ also has a huge family/friends base who will help generate buzz for the race! We would love to see her run her first (of surely many) 26.2s! She will rock it!

  5. Jennifer ~ Momfia~ JJ would be a fantastic asset to the relay team. She is spunky, fun and full of energy. This would also be a fabulous way to celebrate her Cancerversery as well.

  6. Carole-tennis- JJ would make an awesome addition to your team because of her commitment. Once she is committed she is all in 110%. She has a great attitude and competitive spirit. You could not go wrong with having JJ on your team.

  7. Natalie... Friend and neighbor. You need JJ! She always has a smile. She is fun. She is dedicated. She is a loving mom, wife and friend. She is a fighter and won't give up until she wins.

  8. Kelly- running friend and friend through JSL. JJ is amazing- she obviously can do anything she sets her mind to. After all, she had this great idea to start a mom's running group in Rome, GA and now I believe we are over 100 in membership. She has a positive attitude and always seems to have a smile on her face. I admire her dedication to running- she started running last Sept and the next thing I knew she was doing a 1/2 in March! She goes above and beyond in everything she sets out to do and keeps a positive attitude -- I've seen it not only in running but through Junior Service League is well. YOU NEED HER!

  9. Chrissy - Momfia - JJ should win this because:
    1) she's awesome
    2) see number one
    3) could hug her!!!!
    4) no one deserves it more!

  10. Ashley - Momfia
    JJ should win this because she is an inspiration! She gives and gives and is never looking for anything in return. She is a great friend and wonderful mommy. She has overcome many obstacles and continues to come out stronger, yet humble. She really deserves to win and be rewarded for all the hard work she has put forth in her personal journey that continues to inspire others.

  11. Laura - friend from fb - JJ is an intelligent, compassionate woman who will bring her enthusiasm and joy to your team. She totally rocks!

  12. Candice - Momfia and running buddy!
    YES, YES, YES!!! JJ deserves this more than anyone I can imagine. She is the poster child of a BAMR!! She's inspirational, funny, goofy, hard working and simply an awesome person! She has so much on her plate but manages it all with grace and humor. She even started a running club in her hometown for MOMS! Please pick JJ because I know without a doubt you will LOVE her. With this opportunity she will be able to encourage even more of us!! LOVE YOU JJ!!