Friday, October 9, 2009


Today is a required/mandated UNPAID day off for me. I have SO much to do at work, and I'm not allowed to do a thing - and I'm not getting paid, so you know, I really just feel irritated. But, I do have a "free day" off - and I'm supposed to be cleaning out closets, taking trash to the dump/recycling center, and generally getting ready to move.

Instead, I am sitting in my pjs, at 12:30, and I just made my first pot of coffee. I HAVE done 3 loads of laundry (and put it all away!) this morning, so I figure that's something, yes?
So we went to the Coosa Valley Fair
And I lost my camera there....Sigh, sigh, sigh. I can't keep up with a camera to save my life. BUT, I do have photos to share. Here is the front of my new house - cute porch, eh?
And the very sleek kitchen. Not huge, but definitely big enough.
And, as promised, here are just a few sewing photos. I will try to take more pictures of completed projects - when I solve the missing camera dilemma.

This is the Oliver + S birthday party dress made out of $1/yard strawberry shortcake pique/seersucker type stuff that I've had for 2 years. I used some left over pink pique from a pair of pants/kimono top I made ages ago...for the lining and contrast hem and button tab. There are super cute strawberry buttons down the back and on the tab in the front.
She loves it. I made a 4, and usually, in sewing patterns a 4 is slightly larger than a 4 you'd buy in ready-made, but it fits just perfect, and I'm thinking that I'll make her and my little neice Sadie (who will be 10 months at Christmas) matching Christmas dresses from this pattern. But I'll go up to a size 5!

And this is a random playing around with quilting moment. I love quilts. I have 6-8 handmade quilts and my kids have a few each, too. I have made NONE of them. My mom makes them. I don't particularly enjoy the quilting process. I like the piecing. And I don't mind *some* of the cutting, but it takes FOREVER to cut, piece, cut again, piece again, square up, sew the rows, sew the rows together, measure, square up again, measure borders....etc etc etc. And that's just for the top! Then you have to do that whole backing/batting/top sandwich and figure out how to quilt it...
Ironically, I'm ok with the binding. It's mindless and pretty easy, but IF I ever make it to that point, I'm so darn tired of the quilt I've been working on, I give it away. Hopefully that won't be the case with this one. I LOVE these colors - it's the Tula Pink Neptune line. Yum-O.
This is just a sneak peak. IF I get any further or *gasp!* - ACTUALLY FINISH A QUILT - I will post updates. It's 9 fat quarters cut into 4" squares, then made into half-square triangle units. Flipped and turned to make a nice zig-zag pattern a-la-Ashley from Film In the Fridge...
I will say, as much as I get frustrated with the tedium that is quilting, reading Ashley's blog inspires me! Especially her "breaking-the-rules" wonky/maverick ways and the tons of nice white solid she uses...

OK - topic change - so, my kidlets are out of town. This is the second day. I took them to their dad's on Wednesday night...and I MISS THEM. Like, terribly. And, I'm not usually like this! I mean, I always miss them when they're gone....but I also always appreciate the break, and encourage the time with their dad, etc., but this time it's hard...because it's FOUR NIGHTS in a row, and that's the longest I've been away from them. I've done 4 nights before, but not in a long...long...time.
Anyway, The Boyfriend had to go to Boca Raton this week for a work thingie. Industry conference type thing, and had to make presentations, hob-nob and rub elbows with execs in his field, etc...but I MISS HIM, TOO! He's coming back tonight, so that will be nice.
TOMORROW IS THE CHILI COOK OFF! YAY! This is the weekend I met The Boyfriend for the first time last year. I met him on the day of the Chili Cookoff. Sweet, eh?
And tomorrow, sweet Saturday, my Auburn Tigers are playing at NOON!!! Can you believe they are 5-0 - go Gene Chizik. You have exceeded my expectations and I look forward to your continued butt-kicking of all other teams you face.
Tomorrow night we have a joint birthday party to attend at friends' new house. Should be gobs of fun. I'd promise photos except for that missing camera situation.
So, really, now that I've had a productive blog post, I'm off to take the trash to the dump, change everyone's sheets, and do a little packing. Mucho love, peeps.


  1. You lose cameras, I brake them. Thus the iphone. it is always with me and it is pretty good.

  2. I know you miss them, but make a list of all the things you CAN do while they are gone, and work through it. If you keep busy you will appreciate the time gift.