Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This is my new house! The living area is all open and combined...(as they say on that wacky Canadian House Hunters show on HGTV... it's "open concept"...) - this photo was taken while standing in the kitchen and looking out the back part of the house. Don't you LOVE the yellow on the walls and that awesome sunny window...ahhh....

Every closet in the place is at least this big. This one is Carson's closet. Cole's is identical (with boy stuff in it...) and the Master closet is about 3x this size!!! MADNESS! Storage rocks.

Full basement anyone? It's unfinished as of yet - but in 5-7 years, it would be great to throw up some drywall, put in another heating/cooling unit, and it's already studded for a bathroom (meaning plumbing is run, but there's no fixtures...YET!)

And...one of my faves - the BACKYARD! (That's my real estate agent at the fence. There's a small (above-ground) pool inside the fence, on a sectioned of area of pea-gravel. I'm taking the pool down...but the deck is AWESOME. Can you see the awesome *huge* umbrella? (I get to keep that ;) And one of my top requirements for a house is that it have an adequate baseball-loving backyard...and here we go!
The listing is no longer up on the MLS website because it's under contract...everything's been done - inspection, appraisal, loan documents, etc. - we're just waiting patiently until October 30.
Now...onto other things.
Today is opening day out at the Coosa Valley Fair! I am headed there with the kidlets after work, and we'll meet The Boyfriend for some awesome fun times. Look here for my Coosa Valley Fair post from last year...And, look here for pictures from last year's fair...kids are out of school this week - fall break for Cole (Carson's still at Berry College Child Development Center, so, CONVENIENTLY (and I mean that in the most sarcastic tone ever) she's out NEXT week. Lovely.
Anyway, tomorrow, we'll sleep in a bit probably, since I will have to bring Cole to the office with me, and then at some point (probably in the afternoon) I will be taking them over to see their Daddy in Alabama for the rest of the break. They'll be gone 4 nights!!! FOUR NIGHTS!!!! I have been away from them for 4 nights once before...and it was HARD. Relaxing, but lonely. I mean, I'm really glad they're going with their Daddy, and they'll get to see Uncle and Mema (grandmother), too - so it's cool cool, and I'm excited for them (as well as looking forward to some "me" time) - but FOUR NIGHTS....*sigh*
Stay tuned later this week for fair photos!!!! Peace, love, I'm outta here for the day.

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