Monday, October 6, 2008

Picture Day

Today is picture day at the child development center. Now, those of you who know me know that I'm a big fan of the fact that my preschoolers dress themselves. I only have two rules about clothing choices in the morning:
1. It must fit;
2. It must be somewhat weather appropriate.

I could care less whether they match their pants to their shirts or wear odd socks...because you know what? I find that independence in a 3- and 4-year old is MUCH more important than color coordination. They dress themselves, they feel pride in what they are wearing, and really sometimes - the crazy combos are cute. (And, we have had some CRAZY combos, let me tell you...)

OK - so, matching doesn't matter, right? Well, it doesn't - EXCEPT on picture day. ARGH! Cole got new Levi's at Sam's Club yesterday - he wanted the camo-printed ones. Fine. Yet, I had already laid out some nice "slim fit" dark wash jeans and a button up Columbia shirt for him to wear and of COURSE he insisted on the camo pants. With the plaid shirt. Of course. *sigh*

Carson, on the other hand had totally cute coordination - an off white/brown/pink printed cotton dress with pink tights. However, instead of the cute mary jane keds I had envisioned, she insisted on the Justin cowboy boots (see above - at the fair) passed down to her by her brother. OK. It's still cute.
Here's more from the fair:

You can see the boots here, too...crazy kids on the carousel. Mommy could only ride it once. Give me a crazy roller coaster any day as opposed to the round & round...

And a thumbs up from my racer-girl! GO SPEEDRACER, GO!

And, in closing, you're probably all wondering about the football weekend wrap up. Let's just say this. I have chosen to repress the memory of the second half of the Auburn/Vandy game. Cheers, Vanderbilt - you're better than anyone expects. War Eagle defense is one of the best in the SEC, and that would be FABULOUS if we had a quarterback that could throw the ball, or receivers that could catch it...alas. I love my War Tigers anyway...ha ha ha ha hah...

Next week, week.


  1. We were the same way... letting our kids wear whatever they wanted (most of the time)... yeah it did present some "interesting" looks...

  2. I am so proud of Carsie, having her hair in a pollyanna! Go girl. and boots with a dress...awesome