Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bring on the Coosa Valley FAIR!!!

It's officially fair season in Rome, Georgia. The Coosa Valley Fair had opening day yesterday and today is "kids' day" - so I'm taking the short people...woo hoo.

Of course, when you add up parking, admission, corn dogs & cokes and the obligatory tickets or armbands to ride all those shady rides...well, we're gonna break the bank. But, hey - you only live once, right? I am excited to see the exhibits (the crafting, quilting and home exhibits are my favorite, surprise surprise...) - but EVERY STINKING YEAR I say "Next year I'm gonna blow this place away with MY entries..." yet I never actually get around to it...alas.

The kids like the animals and the kids' art exhibits...but they REALLY like the ferris wheel. (Or, as I like to call it, the rotating wheel of death...) I'm not at all afraid of heights. In fact, I'm a fair bit of a dare devil - but you should SEE this ferris wheel - if it was just me - or me and other reasonable adults, I'd be fine - but preschoolers, no seatbelts, a rocking bucket o' misery and 100 vertical feet make for a nervous mommy...

So, what else is there to tell...hmmm. Well, Cole had an interesting comment yesterday. Here's how it went.
We're on the way from Berry pre-k to ballet. Traffic is kinda slow at 5pm on Martha Berry Blvd.
Cole: Mom, your car doesn't like that black weasel, right?
Mom: huh?
Cole: You know the black weasel, right, Mom? Your car does NOT like it.
Mom: A black weasel?
Cole: Yeah, you know what weasel is, right?
Mom: Like the animal?!?!? There's a black weasel in my car?
Cole: NO - we CAN'T put the black weasel in your car!!! It will make your car mad and sick!
Mom: Where did you learn about weasels? Have you ever really seen a weasel? And why is my car afraid of the black weasel.
Cole: Not like an animal weasel, Mom (rolls eyes here, I saw him in the mirror...) - like the GAS, mom - you know, like the weasel that comes out of the black pump at the gas station? It will make your car SICK!

Mom: Recognition dawns...DIESEL, not WEASEL!!! Yeah, ok, bud you're right. My car doesn't like the DIESEL. The black DIESEL fuel.

(We drove to multiple gas stations on a hunt for fuel and none of them had anything but diesel and Cole couldn't understand why I couldn't use that kind...because...of course "The diesel would make my car sick. My car doesn't like diesel.")

Good times with small children.

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