Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crisis averted & Holy Cannoli!

I just want to calm all your fears about my recent crisis involving the Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse (or the apparent lack of said dollhouse, since every store and online retailer was out of stock...) - My dear sweet lovely friend Brandy (who apparently reads my blog!!!) called me Monday night and miracle of miracles - had an extra one hanging around! (Or rather, her mom did...) so now Carsie's Christmas wishes will all come true. Fabulocity, I tell ya. It's funny how when you state your needs, they are often met.

Since the dollhouse search was solved through expressing my need, I thought I'd go ahead and mention that my camera is missing? And I NEED it back. My brand new fabulous, much-researched Sony Cybershot 7.2MP in a black padded case with extra battery & memory stick, etc. And there are really good pictures on there of my children and my friends, and I'd really really really like to have it back. I have been a slacker-mom on the picture-taking front with my small children, and after many months of saving and procrastinating, I finally broke down and got this camera - I took like 20 pictures on Friday - and now it's gone. Last seen at La Scala/400 Block on Friday night during the Atomic Boogie show. Please return there if you have it. No questions asked. I just want it back. PSA over, thank you.

And, I appreciate everyone who was looking so diligently for a solution to the dollhouse issue. But now problem is solved, crisis averted...

So, onto the Holy Cannoli portion of this blog post. Um, do you know what today is? TODAY IS THURSDAY! Which means, this time next week, billions of little children all over the globe will be ripping paper off their new gifts and wondering in amazement how DOES Santa eat all those cookies and all that milk (for the record, we leave vanilla Silk for Santa - too much lactose slows a body down, whereas soy protein is an energy-booster.)??? How in the world did it get to be Christmas so quickly?

Tomorrow is the children's last day at school until January 5. I'm off all next week (because I have no where to send them...) and I'm looking forward to the festivities!!!
Monday - lasagna with friends
Tuesday - Christmas Eve Eve in Carrollton with the Kilgores (mmmm, homemade peppermint stick ice cream, wassail, and banana pudding....mmmm....)
Wednesday - Christmas Eve with the fam at G.G.'s (my grandmother, Vicki) and chicken & dressing....mmmm
Thursday - SANTA TIME!!!
Friday - hoping the crazy aunts will come up and go eat at Schroeder's, hang out at bars with me & friends ;)
Saturday - chill, chill, chill....


  1. Glad you got one. I got a different one for Katie yesterday.

  2. Phew! I'm still on a search for Ava's's a strange one: a green boat and a fireman! WHAT?!?! I know I can find these things but I just haven't looked and I'm still holding out that she'll change her mind. :) When I asked her what kind of fireman, she said "a real one". Well, ok. In that case, bring me one too Santa! ;) Anyway, in case this blog is magical and you get what you ask for, I'd like my house to sell. It's worth a try. Love you and thanks for your comment/encouragement on my blog!

  3. Britty - I love you. You know this. ;) And maybe, just maybe today, my blog IS magic, and I will get my darn camera back. It's ruining my day - oh and just in case, I'd also like for your house to sell, and mine, too. Thanks...and if Santa is delivering "real" firemen this year, I'd like Mr. February from the calendar, please.

  4. Magic blog, I'm in.
    My petition:

    1. Sell the house (likewise for BB and JJ)
    2. Santa ,I really want an itouch ipod. I know it is a "want", not a "need", but I never "want" anything. Really, I am sort of a low maintenance person.
    3. Peace on Earth (threw that in for Bella) with or with out the use of Piwwows