Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Hooplah and Haberdashery

OK - so haberdashery has nothing to do with the holidays, or hooplah, really...but yes, I do know what haberdashery is...and you can, too! If you look it up on I really just like the word. It's one of those fancy words I use to impress all my friends.

You know. Like "pedantic" (giggle) and "apoplectic" (which, in fact, I heard a football announcer use the other day. Really.)

OK - so anyway, the holidays ROCKED. Obviously. We had a somewhat simple Christmas, though I missed most of the week before Christmas thanks to the FLU and all of the week of Christmas thanks to the birth of the Baby Jesus and my children being out of school...and I apologize profusely to my dear, faithful readers for my extended 2 week absence, but - hey, I was kinda busy and I know you love me and I'll make up for it.

Now, right down to business. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! This was my mantra throughout the week...Santa was good to me. Apparently, I was a very very good girl this year. Ya think? (on second thought, maybe you shouldn't really answer that.) My crazy aunts Julie & Carol were here and that was fabulous and undescribably great. (It's a Christmas Miracle!!!) I got to eat homemade peppermint stick ice cream AND banana pudding. (A DOUBLE Christmas Miracle!!!)My children slept until 7:30am on Christmas Day...IN THEIR OWN BEDS. (BEST Christmas Miracle!!!) And, I got to chill with my bad self on my couch on Christmas night (with Bella the Super-dog and a cuddly blanket...) - and on Boxing Day, I laid around and did nothing with a really good friend - we even watched Sixteen Candles...and I dreamed of Jake Ryan. (Post-Christmas miracle ;)

So, gratitude abounds in my heart, as usual. Today the children are at home with a sitter who is one of the student workers at their preschool. I got to eat lunch with Ms. Kikki. I finished all my business at the jail just in the nick of time (before they kicked me out at 11am), and I'm about to head out for the rest of the day. To go home and finish laundry...

Tomorrow the children will be with Miss Brittany again and then ballet in the evening and heading to Grandmomma's house for New Year's Eve (so Momma can have some adult-ish fun, thanks, Grandmomma, you're the best!)...Speaking of New Year's - I have specific people that I am planning to hang out with, but said people and I have no actualy *plans* so if you know of something that I'm missing, please let me know. I have a couple options up my sleeve, but still...

And you may commence with answering my annoying prying questions:
1. What was your favorite Christmas gift(s) that you received?

2. What was the best one you gave?

3. What are your New Year's Plans (I have a whole question planned about resolutions later...)?


  1. Glad to hear you had fantastic Christmas! Mine was lovely as well and we even got to hang out with the Perpals last night.
    1. So far, I'm most excited about the Wii Fit. Although I've only used it for 20 minutes and already injured myself. Because I'm 86 as you know.
    2. The best one I gave was an animatronic Elvis bust. It was terrifying.
    3. For New Year's we're having some people over for Tacos and board games.

  2. 1. I got to be with my Wonderful Family Including the C&C music factory - which were in full swing and got to be there when they came down on Christmas morning.

    2. I gave time to my JJ to go out and have fun while I babysat. I also brought chocolate goodies from the land of Oz for my Bubs.

    3. Bubs has some plan for New Year's Eve but I don't know what it is - Will just (as usual) go along with the plan.. but when JJ comes to Sydney , we'll go into the fireworks on the harbour!