Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An Uncommon Tuesday

I know you have all heard my ranting about Tuesdays. Tuesdays are a frustrating day, altogether - for a myriad of reasons - but for me they are beautiful AND exhausting. Normally on Tuesdays (after work, work, working, of course), I hit the ground running at 4:30 (or 4:45) and book it across town to Berry to pick up those little boogers in my life known as Cole & Carson, and I change Carson frantically into her cutie little ballet things (her slippers fit in the palm of my hand!), and then we book it BACK downtown for ballet at 5:30. Cole and I usually hit the Honeymoon Bakery for a cookie and a cup o' joe (the caffeine is for me, not him, of course...seeing as he's 4, and I wasn't hooked on caffeine until I was at LEAST 5 and a half...), and then we pick Carsie up at 6:15 and usually go to Schroeder's, though we've been known to frequent Jefferson's on Tuesdays, too. After a tired supper, and keeping Carson's fingers and hair out of the cup of Ranch dressing, I usually will let the kids throw a penny in the fountain on Tribune Street, just because.

So anyway, all that is OUT the window today!!! Because TODAY is the day of the Annual Rome Christmas Parade!!! This year's theme is "A Family Christmas" and I'm excited. I have THE BEST family. I actually have several different families... I have my little threesome - me and the chick peas - and then I have my slightly extended family (momma, daddy, sis & bro-in-law) and then I have the rest of the extended family, which includes my grandmomma, my Nannie, my 3 crazy aunts and 3 silly cousins...) and in addition to all that family - I have my adopted family - my sweet dear friends that love me unconditionally just like I love them. I don't know if it's the holidays or what that is making me so sappy about the great people in my life - -or if it's that I'm realizing HOW MUCH I've really been through (and come out unscathed) and each and every one of my family members (both the blood-family AND the spirit-family) have been right there with me every step of the way. Thank you family.

Alright, enough of that...you might think I had gone all tear-jerker on you, but I'm done. You know I love you, I know you love me (and how could you not), so that's that. Here is a bunch of random thoughts. Just because it's Tuesday.

- Cole does not like egg nog. Fine! More for me & the Carsonator!
- Carson ate 4 snowman Peeps this morning behind my back, the little stinker.
- Last night I dreamed I was watching TV. How hilarious.
- I have a few client stalkers, a Krystal stalker, and now I have a Facebook stalker. My profile is SO going to be private like ASAP.
- My house showing was ok, but the real estate agent said the folks wanted a "more expensive" house (4 BR + bonus & 3 full baths) in Armuchee. Their loss, right? ARGH!
- I got a new calendar last night. I am very excited. Yes, I'm a nerd and I love the smell of new pencils and school supplies...I have since I was 7.
- Karen Sue is the best girl-date around.
- I love my Momma. She is proud of me, and I can't think of anything that I would want more.
- I love that I have telepathic communication with Carol?
- I was a junior bowling champion. My cousin, my sister and I were on a team with another girl-friend of ours - and we had shirts. We were the pinheads. I miss those days (I told you I was a nerd.)
- Once I tried to sneak out the window of my basement room to meet some girls in my neighborhood, and I got stuck.
- Last night I danced in my bedroom to Outkast and lip synced to Melissa Ethridge and Sheryl Crow... I wish someone had had a video camera. No, wait...no I don't...but it was FUN...(and yes, I was alone...but Bella seemed to enjoy the show.)
- GG (my grandmomma) wants the kidlets to spend the night on Saturday and she's going to take them to see "Bolt" - new kids' movie - FUN! I love my family (like you didn't know that already)...
- My auntie Julie is arriving in 12 days for a WHOLE MONTH. Whooooooppppppieeeee.
- I miss Sooooooozie & Melissa & BSB. (Y'all - I took a little trip down Memory Lane with the Cauldron (yearbook) c. 1997. Good times.)

I'm out - having lunch with the Keekster. Catch ya on the flip side.


  1. I miss you guys too! Let's plan a girls night/getaway, wanna come up here? That's scary about your facebook stalker...I'm a nerd about school supplies too (but not about bowling), and I'm not ashamed to admit it!
    Love you!!!!!

  2. Hey! I'm up for a trip to Tenn.... Suz and I can meet you J and drive up there... I love new pens! MISS YOU!!


  3. Absolutely NO trips to TN, unless you go west to three way..sorry can't happen you can not step into the state.

  4. I need to check and see how far Britty is from 3-way. I DEFINITELY would make a side trip ;)

  5. I'm up for a trip to TN too! I'm sure it would have to be after X-Mas since everyone is always busy, but we could do it in January, right?