Sunday, March 15, 2009

Banana Dogs, a pinafore and pre-Monday anxiety

This ^ is a "banana dog" - Cole saw a "do it yourself" little spot on how to make them this morning on Saturday morning TV. He has been BEGGING all morning for me to help him make one. It's a banana on a hot dog bun with peanut butter & jelly... yum. THEY INHALED THEM..giggle giggle.
This ^ is a pinafore. Random made-up-by-JJ pattern based (loosely) on Carson's measurements and a few simple dresses I'd seen online...but was too cheap to buy patterns for them. I'm pretty pleased. It basically took me one hour to make my bodice pattern/cut out the other pieces, and this morning from about 10-12:00 (with breaks for things like banana dogs ;) ) - to sew it together.
Pretty cute. But - the problem is - Carson refuses to try it on, even. *sigh* Luckily I found this little munchkin hanging around.

And HE wanted to try it on - but "just for ONE second, Mommy..."

FUN!!! It's a little big/long for Carson - but should fit her well into next year, and even the summer after that...

So - I have three jury trials this week, starting at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Thus, I have a lot of anxiety about it. And, I am trying to prepare myself (since I didn't get to during the week - I was in court with other matters) - but keeping toddler/preschoolers from mauling each other all day, and making banana dogs and pinafores, has been distracting. My neighbor Steve and his son Patrick (Cole's VERY best friend...apparently today anyway) are going to come down for an hour and let me run to the office to get the last few things done. Thank you, universe & God, for good neighbors in the nick of time.
I'm out. I won't post much this week. I'll be in trial. But I'll be around!!!

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