Monday, March 16, 2009


This^ makes me happy.
Let me just list the reasons why this makes me happy:
1) I made it from scraps already laying on my table from Carson's dress.
2) It took me less than half an hour to make TWO identical little wallets.
3) It was exactly what I NEEDED. I have a Vera Bradley wallet that I've literally had for about 6 years, and USED HEAVILY for 6 years. It's embarrassing. On it's last leg, etc. I keep TOO MUCH junk in there (old receipts, random cards I never ever could use, expired insurance cards, etc.)
4) It's just PRETTY. LOOK AT IT. Isn't it pretty? Pretty things make me happy.
5)Most of all, what I loved about this 15 minute project was that while I was in the sewing room, Cole was watching a specific requested show on the TV in my room, being still & quiet. Carsie, though, was in the sewing room puttering with me. She was first "making a book" for me, and talking to herself all the while. Things like "Let's see now, if I put this part here, then the next picture should be on *this* page, but that doesn't really look exactly like I imagined it..." (giggle) and then she decided that she was going to "open a store" For what? For drawings, paintings, and anything anyone could want that was pretty. (Be still my heart, I think what we have on our hands is a young artist) - then "someone" (as in an imaginary someone) came into her store and she asked "someone" "What can I do for you today, sir? I can draw anything or paint anything you want. A drawing or painting will make you happy."....pause...."It will make you happy because it's just pretty. And pretty things make people happy."
This little observation of my youngest child, my only girl, made my heart burst with pride and love. Sometimes I miss stuff like this. When I say I "miss" it - it's not like I'm pining for it when I don't get to participate in it, I mean - I just flat out don't take the time to notice. But today I did. And I'm so glad...because "Pretty things make people happy."
(In other news, I got a "not guilty" verdict in the felony drug possession jury trial today. I had spent the better part of yesterday afternoon/evening reading the witness statements, investigative summaries, etc., and - it paid off. My client went home scott free. And I went home TIRED to the bone, but...Happy. And, to top it all off, I looked pretty today. Everyone said so - and you know what? (Repeat it with me...) "Pretty things make people happy."
So, tell me, what made YOU happy today?


  1. LOVE IT!!!! Very cute!

    It makes me happy that you are happy! :)

    Yay for the times when we are able to notice the details. I mean, it's so simple, but such a struggle sometimes. Love you and so glad to see you creating! Carsie is seeing you create and wanting to do it too! So cute! xoxoxox to all!

  2. oh, she is me! Tell her we three will open that store one day and she can sit outside (it will have a porch area for tea) and say "come on in, I will draw or paint anything for will make you happy"

  3. PS I want one big enough for some money and my passport long handle to go over my head and tuck in my shirt...

  4. I like the wallet you made! You are right, pretty things make people happy. I love looking pretty pictures, pretty scenery, pretty little knick knacks at gift shops, and pretty people makes me jealous (a little) but we need people like that to prettifie the world. :)