Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Maybe Tuesday will be OK...

TUESDAYS SUCK - have you heard? Well, if you ever read my blog on a Tuesday, you would've heard!!! (Or if you ever read my friend Liam's blog, you'd get a weekly installment of "Which sucks more...Tuesday, or...???)

OK - so anyway, I'm sorry I've been gone. It's been kind of wild around here - I had a busy weekend with the children, etc. And work has been strange - I've been in court and working, but rarely in my office in front of the computer.
I went out Friday night with some high school friends. SCARY!!! We literally haven't seen each other in years and years - especially not all together. There was beer and cheeseburger consumption involved...and after it was all said and done, it looked like this:

In that top picture, that's my "first" friend from high school, Tricia. Tricia's one of those people that I laughed so hard I spit Coke out my nose as a teenager. Of course that's me in the middle. Doesn't it seem that I have more teeth than a normal person? And that handsome guy is Ryan. Ryan was a year ahead of us girls, and Tricia just happened to be chatting with him on Facebook the night before our get-together and I'm SO glad he decided to jump into the madness with us!
The second picture (which does no justice to the amount of alcohol consumed) is, from the left Heather, Ryan (again, lucky guy with all us gals) and Amy. Fun times.

Our waiter was crazy, and Tricia drove me home well after midnight, where we sat in the driveway and talked until 1 something...so when my chicklets were bouncing out of the bed (at my mom's - I stayed there) early the next morning, I was very proud that I was fully functional!

Since Tuesdays suck, I'm trying a little preventative experiment. I was SUPER productive last night and did a number of things that I've been procrastinating on - for example, I picked up the trash that had blown across the yard. My sweet dog, Bella, had gotten into the trash (trash situation is that A) I live in the country and have to take it to the dump myself and B) my 30 gallon cans got trashed a few months ago, and I haven't gotten more so C) the trash just sits on the back porch...ick.). And it rained for the following 4 days, so I couldn't get out there and pick it up in the freezing rain, so yesterday (even though it was still freezing) I was able to get it all picked up. My neighbor Steve (thank GOD for good neighbors) is coming to take it to the dump for me today, and I plan to go to Home Depot at lunch and get new cans.

Also, I cleaned out one whole side of the garage. I haven't been parking in the garage because the door was on "manual" (i.e. the button wasn't working) since the power went out a few weeks ago. Well, I was tired of that, so I cleaned up, trashed a bunch of junk, and swept out the whole right side of the garage (and actually straightened up the other side) and found a stool and fixed the opener mechanism (though I almost fell and broke my neck...) - oh, and did I mention I was doing this at midnight last night? Because THAT'S when I felt inspired to do this. Strange.

And, I got 3 loads of laundry done last night - well, washed, but not "done!" - I haven't folded it OR put it away - but at least it's clean.

Alas - Tuesday still sucks, but at least I got a few things done. Even the ballet things are clean and ready for tonight!!!

Keep up tomorrow for some sewing pictures.


  1. I'm always looking for more ideas on things that suck... Today's installment are leeches.

  2. Tuesdays do suck generally, however Wednesdays this year do as i go to the ghetto to teach. So while today (Tuesday) has been a great SNOW day for me. Tomorrow (Wednesday) will suc in East Jackson.