Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And....we're back.

I've been gone over a week. Oops. Sorry. It's been ROUGH ROUGH ROUGH around here lately. House showings, weekend with madness events and small children, etc. etc.

But - here's what I got for ya today.

These are the fabrics I sent to my swap partners for a "Novelty Square Swap" - We were supposed to send 10 6x6 squares of "novelty prints" to 2 different folks, and I'll get two packages of 10 squares from 2 other folks. Fun, right? So I came up with I think 12 from my stash. Most of them are a good bit bigger than the 6x6 (closer to 8x8) because I can't BEAR to cut fabric smaller than I absolutely have to.

And so far, from Adrienne, I have received these beauties! I'm expecting another soon.

Fun, right?

In other news, I'm phoneless. Carson decided to stir up my crystal light with my cell phone this morning. Never, ever, in my life have I been as angry at her as I was this morning. I calmly placed her in her bed, walked out and closed the door. I WAS SO ANGRY I didn't want to yell at her or anything. I was afraid a bad word would come out of my mouth... ;) Anyway, I made an insurance claim and I'll have a new phone tomorrow.

I have more to say - but I'll have to say it tomorrow. Kiddie bedtime awaits.

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