Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wow. It's almost FRIDAY!!!

It's been a crazy week. I could tell you ALL ABOUT IT - I mean, that IS what blogs are for, no? However, this crazy week I've had has led to complete and utter exhaustion and an overwhelming need for a foot rub (heels all week and in the courtroom on my feet....*sigh*) - so I'll tell you the highlights of my week at some point this weekend. In my free time - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - wait, I don't HAVE free time! That's why that is so funny.

Anyway - I will leave you - in lieu of the cute boyfriend picture and the placemat tutorial which, if you DON'T sew, which most of you don' not all that enlightening, or exciting...with some photos of the short people. Oh MY !!! Wait - these aren't my babies - these are little KIDS. I don't have kids. I have babies...wait - these babies grow up?!?!? Apparently so - look how B...I...G they are!!! And gorgeous, despite (or maybe because of) the dirty faces. This was at St. Mary's - we had a mission week last week - with church supper every night - so this was after Mexican night (mmmm, mmmm, good!)

Have a good Friday folks. I'll see you Sunday, maybe ;) Love, and sunshine, and all that good warm fuzzy stuff to each and every one of you from the bottom of my very big (very tired) heart!

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  1. So when did you have children? What happened to the babies...yes, Sam is three in my heart.