Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day! (And Ava Jane Day!)

This is what we are doing today - the kids are at my office with me - currently shooting staples and rubberbands at each other (Lord, help me...) - they have been really good - but it's now lunchtime - and this is my new (made-up) knitted hat - I look goofy in it, but the hat itself is not to blame...Here's Cole...
And the lovely Carson - with her Daddy Dead-Eye smiles here...
My sister's baby shower was this weekend. She's having a girl - and her name is...

And here she is herself! With me, the sister - Sadie will be here any day and we're SO SO SO excited!

Today is the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday - but it's ALSO my dear dear sweet little friend Ava Jane's birthday!!! SHE IS FOUR! Four ROCKS, by the way - and tomorrow is her little brother Henry's birthday - he will be 2. (Two, while also being a cool age, is not as great as FOUR, in my opinion, but he's halfway there ;)

I'm still in the throes of house-selling-negotiations. ARGH! I'm about to lose my mind! I really have hope that it's going to work out, but I just want to KNOW already so I can start making plans if I'm going to be moving here in the next two weeks. I'm really super excellent at "going with the flow" and "rolling with it", "playing it by ear" and all that stuff, you know, even "flying by the seat of my pants"...and this is thanks to a lot of practice over the last two or three years of things popping up unexpectedly and me having to deal with these wrenches thrown into my life.

However, this time - I'm anxious and ready to get on with it. Maybe we'll have a contract by the end of the week...please, dear Lord. Have mercy on my weak heart...

Again, I'm at my office today. Yes, it's a holiday. But, I have arraignments tomorrow and a couple people that wanted to plead and I just wanted to look at my calendar and figure it out for the kids are here with me and just spent a record almost 2 hours in the conference room at my office doing puzzles. Good good children. Thank you, universe, for cosmically aligning so that my kids are in a good and helpful mood today.

After lunch in town with the chicklets, we're headed to my friend Tricia's for a MLK party (tee hehe) - actually, no disrespect to Dr. King, but we're just painting our toenails and gossiping while the kids play and run wild and watch TV (which is very exciting because we have no TV - a situation that will hopefully change soon if we move!)...good times.

Carsie's ballet recital, entitled "Footsteps in Faith" is this Saturday. She's SO excited, the dress rehearsal is Friday whole family and her daddy and his family are all coming up to see her perform! WOO HOO!

I think that's all I got. I can't be funny or witty today because I'm wrestling children and trying to keep them from throwing staples at each other and from drawing on my walls with assorted colors of highlighters...and because I'm mentally distracted with the house negotiations.

Have a good MLK DAY!


  1. Thanks for the shout out to my birthday babies! :) Good luck with all the house stuff, we're praying it will all work out. Love you!

  2. I love the hat, make em and sell em and give the $ to Albania trips!!!!!