Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday is Winning...dangit.

Monday - 2
J.J. - 0

Yep. Monday is kicking my tail. I had grand plans to get my trial calendar in order this morning. I have about 13 cases (which is light, I must say) on the calendar for Thursday. Now, that's not to say that all 13 of them will be tried...most of them will enter guilty pleas, but a few may be tried, after all.

Of course, I got to the office and discovered that I'm supposed to be in Cave Spring City Court (which, for non-Roman locals, is kinda in the BOONIES and way the other direction from the part of the BOONIES that I live in, and I do live in the boonies...but I live on the East of B.F.E. and Cave Spring is way on the other side of B.F.E.) So, of course you're wondering "So the heck what, have court - get on out there!" Well, the problem is that it's at FIVE O'CLOCK P.M. and, well, I have to pick up my children in ARMUCHEE (@ Berry College) by 5:30 (and again, for what it's worth - that's a whole other world, too...) or they'll call DFACS on this momma's tail. Not only that, but like, I'm wearing jeans and cowboy boots (with a cute cotton blazer, I'll have you know) today because...I'm not SUPPOSED to have court.

To make a very very very long story somewhat less long, I spent ALL morning trying to get either A) someone else to cover my hearing B) find someone to tend my children for a few hours while I handled this matter OR (and this is the best option) C) get the durn case continued to the next Cave Spring City Court calendar. In the end, the gracious judge continued it for me.

The problem NOW is that my client lives in Alabama. He apparently showed up in Cave Spring at 9am, thinking that his hearing was then (for what it's worth, it's a DUI/driving on the wrong side of the road case) and now I can't get in touch with him because - there's no cell number, etc. on the application for a public defender. And his "home" number is apparently out of order, or not working, or whatever - "This number cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and try again." Grrrrr...

And I haven't even GLANCED at the trial calendar today!!! HELP! I'm losing my mind (well, assuming I had one to begin with, of course...)

I forsee a few beers in my future after the chicklets are down for the night...Tomorrow - Tuesday - I'll kick tail, right? There's always tomorrow...


  1. Sorry you're having a crappy day...

  2. SOunds like a monday alright! Mine was smoother than that. Kids all pretty laid back, still sleepy I think!