Monday, January 26, 2009

Recital Recap

Carson Claire Walker, Age 3.5, doing her "moves" on the front steps of the Rome City Auditorium. January 24, 2009.
WOO HOO! And a happy Monday to you all...right...sarcasm, much?

Anyway, I am happy today to post the pictures (and one short video - go ME, figuring out how to record AND post a video!!!) of Carsie's FIRST ballet recital. We had a crazy day Saturday of playing Candy Land 84,000 times, and doing SEVEN different puzzles and playing "dress up baby and take her to the mall" and Transformers (more than meets the eye!)...this went on for hours. Then we had a 2 pm bath time so that I could do Carson's "ballet" hair. I love girls with pretty "done up" hair. Unfortunately, our household has no such little girls. Carson's hair is WILD and she loves it that way, and will hardly let me pull it back or anything. Plus it's super fine and wispy and all different lengths since it's still growing in (at age 3.5)...but one of the other ballet moms (of a wispy haired one) told me to do the ponytail bun while her hair was wet, and to put a little gel in it to cement it. It was GORGEOUS. I did really well. Pat me on the back, whydoncha, because I'm a good mom, but I'm not as good as MY mom who actually fixed our hair with matching barrettes (sometimes ones that she'd made herself with coordinating ribbons, etc.

Anyway, after rushing around with two wet naked preschoolers (I know, good times, right?) and FINALLY getting out the door at 3:15 (Carson was supposed to be downtown at the Auditorium at 3:30 and it takes exactly 15 minutes with no traffic and no parking issues (of which we had both, of course... so we were kind of in the back with seating, but it was ok, in the end. And Carson did so wonderful and looked so beautiful. These pictures are kind of in reverse order, because that's how Blogger chooses to upload, like, everything - backwards...(rolling eyes here)...and it's a pain in the tookus to rearrange them - so I'll just "narrate for you" -

This is Cole and Pop (my dad) outside the Rome City Auditorium. Cole was proud of his sister. This is me with my little ballerina. I look a little odd - but we were standing on the steps and Carson was tired, etc. Too cute, though. Note the awesome bun (There are stringy pieces hanging out, yes - wispies, we call them - but all in all it still looked great - and this is about 2.5 hours AFTER I put it up, so it held up pretty well!!!)
Carsie with her little pink carnations Grandmomma brought (there were a TON of other flowers that are now in vases all over my home - she LOVES them!)

These next few are from the actual performance, I couldn't use "flash photography" and we were mostly towards the back of the theater, so they're a little blurry, but you get the idea. Carson is the one on the left in this photo, next to Lily - the only other 3 year old in the class (most of the other girls are 4, 5 and almost 6...)

Here she is again, second from the right (That's Lily on the far right...they were kind of off in their own world, but it was adorable...)

My grandmother brought little dumbbells for them because we've started lifting weights in the morning together - it's a story for another post, another time - but this was before the recital - my tough weight lifting boy. (They're 1 lb. weights ;))

And Cole is an aspiring photographer. He was DYING to take a picture with my new camera (be still, my heart!) and he DID take this one...and it turned out pretty nice, I think - except for my crazy-lady bugging eyes, but still.

And here's a VERY short video of the performance. Too can hear the music. Carson is the second from the right...

Alright - that's it for today - I have trial calendars and probation revocations and all kinds of fun things to take care of today...ack. I'm out. I have no questions - but please leave me a comment and tell me how GREAT Carson did!!!


  1. what a fairy princess I was looking for wings! And the hair she looked like a REAL ballerina, oops she is a real ballerina....Carsie your family is soooooo proud of you! Heidi is twirling for you....

  2. Yay Carson! Beautiful ballerina! And Yay Mom! You survivied your first recital! Ava's was just amazing too, and we were so proud so I know just how you feel. Oh yeah and yay for a camera! I look forward to more pictures on this blog! :)

  3. Could she be any more beautiful and adorable? How precious! WTG on the hair!!

  4. Good job on the hair, JJ! It only gets easier-I'm an old-pro now that I've had to do it for recitals x 3! She's adorable!

  5. How beautiful, and amazing, and talented is OUR little Carsie! To be only 3 and do a real ballet recital - Wow! and she looked gorgeous, and very proud of herself.
    Crazy Aunt Julie is PROUD!