Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm a loser baby...

Yep. Another song title...BECK. I'm not REALLY a loser, of course. But, I feel like one - It's THURSDAY and even though I've had a lot of appointments with clients, talked to a lot of people on the phone and sent a lot of emails over the last 3 days, why haven't I worked anything out yet? Weird...

I have probate court in the morning. Tomorrow is FRIDAY (thank you!!!) - I am hoping to make a short trip to the jail tomorrow after probate court, but before lunch. Unlikely, but still worth hope...Carson's dress rehearsal for her ballet recital is tomorrow afternoon at 5:30, and then friends are coming over to eat chili and cornbread. WOO HOO! I love stay-at-home dates on Fridays. Then Saturday is THE BIG DAY - the recital!!! We have a whole entourage of folks coming to the recital - so it should be fun, fun, fun...and the kids are so excited. Be prepared for pictures on Monday! Of chili night, and the recital!

I am really a loser because I have nothing fun to say today. Sorry. Please forgive me. Also, if you want Follies 2009 tickets, please email me at or call me! They are $15/adult or $5/child - Friday, February 6 and Saturday, February 7 @ 8pm. Fun times!

Random questions -
1. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV, is it different than what you like to watch in person?

2. On average, how many text messages do you send a day? Do you mostly text the same few people?

3. How in the world is one full-time-working-mommy to two preschoolers supposed to keep her house clean and the clothes washed (and put away), and still manage to do things like bake cookies with her kids and have people over for dinner? (if you can give a real feasible answer to this one, I will PAY you...)


  1. You're not a loser, but you might be if you keep using song titles as your posts. ;)

    Happy Friday to you and give Carsie lots of kisses from us!
    For what it's worth here are my answers although they are very unexciting:
    1.) I like to watch tennis on tv, but also in person, it seems more exciting on tv though. I also like to watch baseball on tv if I'm excited about it but I'd rather be at the game.
    2.) None, zero, zip, zilch. See, I'm a loser too.
    3.) Um I have no answer to this one and I really wish I did, cuz I could use the money. :) Seriously, I'm only a part-time working mommy and I still can't get these things done. The problem with being home is that as soon as you get it clean, another mess is made because you have to eat all your meals home and because the kids are dragging out more toys right after one is put up. Ah, the joys of mommyhood.

  2. 1) I like to watch college football (ok, ok, and NFL) and baseball on TV. I HATE to watch tennis and golf and basketball on TV. I LOVE to go to football games, but I actually really enjoy a basketball game, if I'm actually there...because I played BBall in high school. And of course, I love to attend baseball games, too.
    2) Probably send about 30...give or take...on average. I text the same 4-5 people.
    3) Yeah, I asked the question. The answer is, you don' just...don't.

  3. 1. DOn't like watching sport on TV at all - quite happy to go to a game because it has it's own excitement and you can watch people if the game is boring. Sport is not my thing.
    2. Probably 4 or 5. Would rather talk in person or with voices. Text is for good short messages. Overused by many - including JJ and Alison!!
    3. There is no answer - you just have to figure out the most important things and deal with the ones that don't get done.
    Crazy Aunt Julie