Monday, January 12, 2009

OK - so it's totally Monday, but for the first time in a long time, I do NOT have a bad case of the "Mondays" - though there's time yet, it's only 11am, I'm being optimistic.

Part of the reason for my lack of Monday-madness is A) my trial calendar cases were all disposed of on Thursday. (WOO HOO!) and B) I had a fabulously refreshing weekend full of people I enjoy and C) I AM ANTICIPATING AN OFFER ON THE HOUSE THAT HAS BEEN FOR SALE FOR 16 MONTHS!!!

My weekend was fabulous (thank you for asking)...despite that it got started a little late (we had some hitch-ups in getting to Alabama, because C & C's daddy was working late, but it was all the end...) and the kids wanted Sonic (yeah, I know...) but I obliged, and got a JUMBO POPCORN CHICKEN combo with tots and a Sprite for them. (Nothing for me, I was waiting to get something to eat for the way back, since I was picking up food for a friend.) On the way back, I call my friend Will (because we had plans to watch LOST, Season 2) and ask him what he wants me to pick up. "Um, how about Sonic?" Sure, no prob... "I want a JUMBO POPCORN CHICKEN combo, with tots & a Sprite." No problem. Get back to Sonic (the SAME Sonic) and order stuff. Same delivery/car-hop girl. "HEY! You're back again! What happened to the first JUMBO POPCORN CHICKEN combo? With tots & a Sprite?" Uh, well, it's for a different person... Anyway, LOST was great, and I had a nice time with Will.

Then Saturday AM, I got up and straightened up the already-Yolanda-cleaned house and headed out to Sewanee, Tennessee (Monteagle) to visit my bestest oldest gal pals from college. Oh, my. We DO get into trouble together. I'm hoping Britt will send me the photos so I can post some (hint, hint, BB, I know you're reading this...) - and I LOVE LOVE LOVED meeting and hanging with our newest initiate to the crazy group, Lindsay (or Lindsey?) times, girls. I'd do the retarded Cher impression, but I can't figure out how to type it. And YES, we have to go back in the Spring for hiking and hanging @ Shenanigan's!!! And, hopefully, hopefully, I will have a new place to have a slumber party, too, soon!!!

Which leads me to the sale of my house. Please, please, please, Lord. I think the months and months of praying and petitioning by me and my friends and their friends is finally finally starting to work. Some folks have come to look at our house (Twice. and brought their parents back for an ok from them...) and we just did a new disclosure for them and they've asked a TON of questions and I'm anticipating an offer anytime.

So, this wasn't a totally exciting post; updates as they come on our house situation, ok?

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  1. Yes, I will send you those pics although many are not so flattering, but that's how it goes with celebrity! I haven't had a chance to download them so I'll do that after I get these kids down for a nap. I'm praying for your house. We have a person interested in renting so pray for us too!