Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Typical Tuesday Tirade!

Tuesdays, for me anyway, are always rough. Here's why:
1. They follow (typically) craptastic Mondays.
2. I generally have court on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so Tuesday is the day to hit it hard (as my Crazy Auntie Julie told me - "Head down, Bum up, Get stuck into it!") - I work really hard on Tuesdays at work.
3. AFTER working so hard, we have ballet at 5:30 - so I have to bust on outta here to get the chickadees at Berry and bust it back downtown to ballet. And in the middle of all that somewhere, I have to get a 3-year-old into tights and a leotard. Fun.**

And today, THIS Tuesday, I have to say - the rain is getting me down, man. Makes me want to sing a sad, sad song. It's been raining for TWO weeks. And, according to Hometown Headlines (which is where I get all my local news when I don't buy the paper - i.e., on Monday/Roman Record Day ;) ) - there's been 3.03 inches of rainfall here in Floyd County over the last 13 hours. Seems that we're already way ahead on rainfall for the year, so it can just stop now.

OK - so now that I'm over the Tuesday rant...well, sort of, let me just say that I'm SO glad Monday is OVER. I still have a ton of things to do - but despite staying up too too late last night, I bounced out of the bed at 6:15 (ok, I did hit the snooze once, so 6:25...) and everyone got dressed and we were out the door at 7:10! WOO HOO. On time. For once. With shoes and coats and blankets. Of course - the shoes were not actually ON their feet - so when we got to preschool, I had to stand (in the pouring torrential rain) and put on socks and shoes while the kids were still in their seats...so I'm soaked. And cold. Alas, it was still a victory in my eyes.

I have an ad sales meeting today at lunch with my junior service league folks. I'm sucking eggs at selling ads this year, and while I did try, I just didn't sell what I wanted. Boo. Honestly, I got myself in over my head (as usual!) and this is why one of my resolutions is to start saying "No." more often - without apology. I can't do EVERYTHING. Even if I want to. Then, after my lunch meeting, I have a trial calendar meeting with opposing counsel (prosecutors) at 2 pm. Then on to ballet.

Speaking of ballet - Carson's recital is this month! YAY! She's really excited, a little about the dancing part, but more because I told her I'd let her wear some lipstick. *rolling eyes* Such a girl.

Tomorrow I have court in the morning, lunch meeting, court in the afternoon - and I HAVE to go to the grocery store after that because I'm making dinner for some friends (Rock it, RLC) on Thursday...and I have to get stuff for that and for a cheeseball and homemade salsa that I need for Saturday.

Thursday is my big trial calendar. Then, the girly girls are coming over for dinner (and wine!) and I'm going to pack up the kids' suitcases to visit their Daddy-O. Friday - sweet, sweet, sweet Friday - I don't have court - but I do have a lunch date with a fellow lawyer-mommy to discuss a minor civil matter I'm helping with for my sister. And then I'll head to Alabama - and this, this is the best part of the week - when I get back to Rome, I'm spending the WHOLE EVENING watching LOST Season 2. With my friend Will!!! And some good food and most likely a beer or two.

And then, on Saturday - I'm headed to Tennessee to visit my best college buds. WOO HOO! Good times, probably a LOT of good food (and drink ;) ) - and board games & celebrity. This is why I need to make the cheeseball and the salsa Thursday night. *sigh* So, I gotta work hard the rest of the week, so I can enjoy lovely lovely lovely friends Friday & Saturday!

OK - so how's that for a pointless blog post?!?!? Oh, one more thing: you should all check out my other Crazy Aunt, Carol - she does awesome art - and has a great new art blog that you should check out by clicking here.

And, just to spice up Tuesday, here are some random questions:
1. If you could be doing anything other than what you're doing right now, what would you be doing?

2. What is your morning routine? Do you eat breakfast, and if so, what do you normally eat?

3. What are you looking forward to in the immediate future? (i.e. weekend plans, upcoming vacation, etc.)


  1. 1. I'd be sitting on a warm beach somewhere. It has rained her forever too and I'm so ready to see the sun again. But, I am pretty happy about this morning. Another Mommy has offered to give Josh and I the morning off and take the kids for a playdate!
    2. Usually woken up by a kid, feed the pets, make coffee, figure out breakfast. It varies from day to day, cereal, grits, eggs depending on how much time we have in the morning before we have to be somewhere. If it's a school day, I wake up kids we rush to get dressed and then we eat something in the car.
    3. This weekend with YOU!!! :)

  2. 1. I'd be on the beach, for sure! Or somewhere relaxing...with a good book, some good music, and sunny weather. And perhaps a pina colada or a corona.

    2. We jump out of the bed. If it's a court or early meeting day, we get dressed real quick like upstairs and just hit the car - grabbing pop-tarts on the way out. If it's a non-court day, we get up, put a kid movie in, make oatmeal & cereal, and chill for a bit, then get dressed and go - when I get to work, I drink a cup of coffee, check the news online & my email, and then get busy!

    3. Thursday dinner & wine with my Rome Ladies at my house. A "stay-at-home" date Friday night. And a mini-road-trip to see my Mercer chicks on Saturday!

  3. 1. I'd of course be at the beach as well!! Pina Coladas - yummo!

    2. Wake up, walk puppy, feed puppy, play with puppy, walk puppy and dog again, frantically shower, dry hair, iron clothes, walk puppy again and fly out the door to work.

    3. Cirque Du Solei tonight! And of course Weekend at Brittany's

  4. When it comes to Ballet shoes your weight is something that is important to consider because your weight will determine how much friction you will feel between the floor and the shoe. That is why because male dancers tend to be heavier they usually opt for canvas shoes, because wearing leather shoes would cause their feet to stick to the floor rather than gently slide along it.

  5. 1. I'll join you all at the beach, but margerita's please. Or I'd rather be in Albania.

    2. Wake up, Heidi and I look at each other and roll over and hit snooze, do this 2 more times. then I groan out of bed (as opposed to jumping out of bed) and hit the shower. Depending on time, dry and straighten hair, find coffee, check email and fb. Watch news highlights on interent. Maybe eat. Maybe not.

    3. going to see Bridal Wars Saturday with Jackie!

  6. I'll answer these for the day it was posted.
    1. Absolutely NOthing other than this. I am camping at the (perfect) Kioloa beach. Wake up when you feel like it, slip on the "cossie" walk 30 seconds to the beach - enjoy the sun, swin im the clearest, cleanest ocean water you could ever imagine, gentle waves, chat with all your est friends sitting beside you, read a book or magazine, then retire the the "hill" to look at the beach , drink a few Margarita's or gin and tonics at Happy Hour - bliss!

    2. On a work day- alarm at 6.30 - hit snooze 3 times (I'm not a good morning person) talk yourself into gettin gout of bed (takes about 10 more minutes) . Dress - do hair if bothered or stick a clip in. Eat healthy Breakfast or not if in a hurry . Rush to get bags etc - out to car - put make-up on at red lights - arrive a t work 5 minutes late!
    3.No plans!