Thursday, February 19, 2009

Funnies: From the Vault

OK people. I'm not feeling blog-a-licious this week. Mainly, I'm exhausted, and worn out, and slightly I went WAY back to my MySpace blog (GASP!) looking for inspiration, and just for kicks & giggles (and I DID giggle, re reading these!) here are some of the highlights of life with C & C Music Factory. Oldies, but goodies...

Monday, April 14, 2008
So, it’s been a while...
A LONG while...and I'm so sorry, faithful readers (all 3 of you, he he...).
Yeah, so, we moved. To Alabama. I'm officially an Alabama resident (hold jokes here, please...)...I do no have a job (well, other than motherhood, which of course entitles me to sainthood...but that's another blog entirely), and we have not sold our house in Rome. I could cry. But I'll spare you that and move on to funnier things. Here are the highlights of the last 3 months.
So, after moving to Huntsvegas, we join the local YMCA. They have a kid's playroom area where the kids can stay while Momma gets up close and personal with the kids LOVE this place. So, we call it "the playplace" and finally I tell them a few days in, that it's REALLY called the YMCA. The next day Cole asks, "Momma? Momma, are we gonna go to that place know, the playing place where you exercise?, the L-M-N-O-P???" (Of course he meant Y-M-C-A...and I know y'all are all singing it in your head, and that's ok, I am, too...)

Carson is trouble. She's 2. Right? TWO sweet years old. So, we go to the locally owned (small) fabric store and the owner lady is there and says "HI, how ARE you?"
And Carson proceeds to talk the lady's ear off and Lady says to Carsie ... "How Old ARE you?"
C2: "I'm 13. That's a teenager, you know?" (hands on hips here...remember, she's TWO)
Lady: Ah, I see...and what is your name?
C2: Cinderella. This (pointing to Cole) is my brother, "The Prince"...
Lady: Oh! Does the Prince talk? How old is he? (meaning to get Cole to talk to her)
C2: "Yeah, he talks, don't you Prince? He's three. Not thirteen like me."
Honestly people. I can't make this stuff up. The child is unbelievable. I mean, yeah, she's smart and all, but Cole's super can add numbers and stuff for which *I* (with multiple degrees and at age almost-31) need a calculator...but Carson, well, she's of a different breed.

Sunday, October 07, 2007
Funny Cole-isms...just because
But, THREE is a REALLY funny age.
1. When we say the blessing at dinner, Cole dictates what we are thankful for and begins by saying "I'd like to say a word..." and then proceeds to tell us how he's thankful not only for the food provided, in general, but SPECIFICALLY for the chicken, rice, and field peas (which are called "Rabbit Beans" In our house - thanks to POP...) Oh, and gratitude for nourishment (in a 3-year-old's eyes, anyway) also applies to ketchup, ranch dressing, and salt.
2. Show & Tell was Friday. Bring something that starts with "C" - Cole comes into my room at 5am on Friday. "Does Spiderman truck start with C?" no, cole... "Does pirate sword start with C?" no, cole... "Hey, Momma - COLE starts with C!!!" yeah, Cole, but you're supposed to take something in addition to yourself. His solution? "CARSON starts with C, too, Mommy - I'm taking Carson for show & tell..." (Carson is Cole's sister, who is 2...)
3. Overheard at Home Depot: "This place is Orange. Pumpkins are orange. You know what else is orange? Tony Stewart's 20 car..." You should have seen the elation on the kid's face when I told him that Tony Stewart drives THE Home Depot Car, and we were actually AT Home Depot.Crazy kid. Three is fun.

10 Random Thoughts on a Sunday night:
(Only #6 still struck me as mildly funny...)
6. Note to Self: 2-year olds and 3-year olds should not have access to the following things: electricity, Sharpie Markers, steak knives, sewing machines, and toasters. This is particularly true when said toddlers are wet and naked.

Thursday, August 02, 2007
Happy Birthday TO ME!!! Current mood: content
Yeah, so I'm 30.
Imagine that. A lot of my friends had a hard time with 30? I don't understand. I don't deny them their "mid-life" freak-out depression whatever, but dude - I'm HAPPY.
This is how my day went:
5:45 am - Cole comes into our room and Mark tells him it's my birthday - Cole proceeds to sing "Happy Birthday DEAR MOMMY!!!" totally off-key. (Makes my mouth and my heart smile...)
7:22 am - Cole comes into the bedroom wearing the following ensemble
- Long sleeved layered Halloween t-shirt - black and orange with Frankenstein Cartoon on it that says something catchy
- size 3T (read: way too big in the waist - I can see his "drawahs" (which have sharks on them, by the way) hanging out above the waist line) khaki cargo shorts
- purple socks that are too small, and, in fact, belong to Carson...
- 2-sizes-too-small "Cars- the movie" tennis shoes from Wal-Mart - one of which is missing the tounge.
Cole's announcement: "Look, Mommy, I'm all dressed and ready to go to the doctor on your birthday!" (They had pediatrician appointments today.)
Me: "Uh - Coley, that's AWESOME!" (Somehow convinced him into a whole new outfit - minus the socks - which was a cowboy shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots, which sufficiently camoflauged the purple socks...)
8:17 am - walk into Carson's room to find Cole "reading" a story to Carson (he's in the rocker, she's in the crib...) - almost cried at the sweetness there.
10:00am - go to doc's office with two toddlers in tow. THEY WERE ANGELS - thank you, Jesus.
11:30 am - have the lucky chance of getting free lunch in the hospital cafeteria and Cole and Carson took home FREE "hospital" hats (disposable scrub hats...)
12:30 am - drop sleepy kiddos off for naps at daycare
1:00pm - MASSAGE. (Again, thank you Jesus!)2:30pm - haircut - looks pretty good - it's been 5 months...
5:00pm - "breakfast for dinner" at Landmark
6:00 pm - take Cole to pre-school Open House at Berry Child Development Center
8:30ish - all children IN BED, Mommy has a Martini!!! WOO HOO. Continue reading (for the 2nd time - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...) *I'm about to start A Light in August for a book club venture...

My life is blessed. Thank you friends for my birthday wishes. I've had a good life so far. And a lot of good times yet to come.

Check back tomorrow or Saturday for another Blast from the Past installment. I have a few more on there that will CRACK YOU UP!

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