Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Review

All weekend (SINCE I HAVE INTERNET AT HOME) I've been drooling over sewing blogs and patterns (since I rarely get time to do such things at work...) and these things have caught my eye.

Oliver + S patterns - I SO want to make EVERY ONE of these outfits for Carson and a couple for Cole!!! (While they're still small enough to look cute in them, anyway...) (And some for my sweet Godson, Grady, maybe, too...and possibly my new Sadie...but of course, I'd have to get around to actually doing all of that...and I might not, but it's fun to think about...)

SO - Happy Monday. (P.S. it's Roman Record day...if you missed my post on the Roman's highly entertaining, if I DO say so go back and read it here...)

My house is clean...well, pretty clean - there is nothing on the floor (except laundry baskets full of CLEAN clothes needing to be put away...) - and this is an amazing with two preschoolers and a crazy dog.

We have TELEVISION and INTERNET at my house, and I'm on TV overload. I don't know what to do with myself...honestly. We were late to school/work today because of being sucked into Curious George/SuperWhy/Clifford the Big Red Dog. Amazing, huh?

I have a big trial calendar this week. On Thursday. Only 13 cases (only, right?) but I'm thinking at least 3 of them will be full-blown jury trials. And, honestly, my time has come - the last two calendars I've somehow gotten away with not trying any cases because they all fell through, got dismissed, or plead guilty.'s time - but it's also a little stressful and overwhelming some days. But, hey - I love my job. And, I'm telling you this so that when I don't do a blog post all week, you'll understand that I'm actually out working for the good of the people and all - and not just ignoring your need for random ramblings and entertainment...

I had a good weekend, except I had a little scare that my bacterial friends that came from the sushi had returned for another visit Saturday morning. Yep, I woke up very very ill and hanging my head over the toilet. Again. But luckily, phenergan worked pretty well and I felt human (somewhat) by supper time. So much for a wild Valentine's Day!!! But, my sweetheart came over anyway, despite my puny condition, and brought me gorgeous flowers. (I have a picture I'll upload later. They really are gorgeous.) The flowers arrived with a grilled chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A (at my request) and a totally sweet card. Ahhhh....We watched LOST on DVD and Saturday Night Live. A perfect evening in. ***ahhhhh....**** I actually love my quiet life sometimes. (Now, obviously, if you've seen the pictures in previous posts, you also know that I like to go out and have a good time here and there - but a good life is all about moderation & balance...right?)
OK - I will edit this post with a couple pictures later check back!

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