Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Come on, you know you missed me...

I've been gone a WEEK from my blog! SORRY! It started last week when I kept getting this error message when I tried to open my Outlook email, which then turned into the crazy IT folks (you know how IT folks can be... ;)) taking my computer on Tuesday and not returning it until Friday afternoon...SO, I was without a computer (which normally would have been tragic - but I was actually in court every day last week except Monday...)...

Then it was Friday - and I got to go see my fave local guys play at 400 Block (David Bell & Tim of Thunderbolt Patterson...good times...) Pictures soon, gotta sort through those for the appropriate ones, you know...and then on Saturday I went and saw my Nannie and my sister and my mom and we ate at IHOP, and ran into an old friend from high school (Amy Mac!!!) Then I got a call from my realtor that the house was going to be shown at 5:45 - so I busted it home to clean up real quick and take a shower - because I had a hot date planned for Saturday night!

So, I go over to date's house at 5:45 (since house is being shown) and we talk, then decide we should go pick up Season 3 of LOST to watch after dinner - meet friends at dinner place and all decide to sit together. Dinner place is Japanese, and I LOVE sushi, so I order a rainbow roll (my favorite) and another roll (Super Crunch, which is cooked stuff) and go to town. As we are leaving, I think "My tummy hurts, I ate TOO TOO much." But figure it will settle down soon enough. Well, we get back to sweet friend's place and put in LOST - before the season premier first episode is over, I am feelin' ill. I started throwing up and couldn't stop! IT WAS SO MISERABLE...and I was so embarrassed, because, like, remember? I WAS ON A DATE. But, it turned out alright, in the end. My guy took care of me and made sure I was ok (thanks, hon) - and I finally made it home early the next morning and got to sleep a little before my momma returned those small beings who call me "mommy".

I have very very little recollection of anything past Saturday at midnight until this morning. All I know is that I'm glad to be ALIVE! ;) and that I'm very very very tired, still, even though I slept all day yesterday, and all night last night.

There ya go. I won't be eating sushi again for a long long time. This saddens me because I enjoy sushi! It's a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. However, just the thought of it while I'm typing is making me queasy, so I'll shut up now. A big thank you and shout out to my boy Will who made sure I was ok. I promise the next date will end on a happier note.


  1. Goodonya Will!

    Hey what happened with the house - you've had a few nibbles?

  2. He's a keeper! So sorry about the sushi, that is sooooo sad.AND I did miss you