Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Minor Obsessions

Yep. Tuesday. Have I ever mentioned that Tuesdays, generally, run me ragged? Of course I have...and to my regular readers, I'm sorry for once again beating the proverbial dead horse, but TUESDAYS SUCK BIG FAT ROTTEN EGGS sometimes.

In fact, I even try to counteract the negativity that surround Tuesdays...Today I let the kids watch TV first thing, fixed them breakfast (oatmeal & cinnamon LIFE cereal & string cheese each...) And, I made sure to dress extra-pretty (I have on my purple turtleneck sweater dress, black tights & knee high black boots...) so that at least I'd feel nice today. We were not in a hurry, in fact, it was already 9am by the time I got the Cs to school...but we were taking our leisurely time with Tuesday. Usually we have ballet, but today is Carson's little friend Ann Elise's birthday - at Kangaroo Jake's (God help me...) - AND I have my Junior Service League monthly meeting tonight...so a babysitter friend is meeting me at Kangaroo Jake's at 6:30 (halfway through the party) to mind the children while I run to the meeting...all this makes for a long day, tired children, and a beat mommy.

Alas. I have been on the phone all morning with trial calendar clients trying to work out deals...and for every deal I get worked out, I have 3 more voicemails to deal with. SO - here's what I've been daydreaming about to take my mind of Tuesdays - (hence the post title - minor obsessions...)

1. Fabric. What we have here is my FIRST online fabric purchase in 12 months. Yep. I haven't bought any fabric on line since last February and I'm very proud of that. In fact, I've bought very very little fabric AT ALL in the last year...because I've been A) not sewing much and B) when I do, I just have been using stash stuff...which is good. But I couldn't resist this. It's six one-half yard cuts (so 3 yards total) of very nice new quilting cotton, which usually runs $8-9/yard, and it was only $20!!!! - so that was a deal (even with shipping) - and I know I'll squeeze at least 2 outfits for Carsie out of it all.

2. Vacation - I totally have spring fever. I could SO handle this view right now.

3. Selling my house. Enough said.

4. THE WEEKEND. It's still 3 days away, the weekend, but I'm looking forward to it. I need to clean out drawers/boxes, etc. - a little minor spring cleaning...Atomic Boogie is playing at 400 Block Friday night...good times...and I plan to go to the grocery store (ALONE!!! ooooohhhh, exciting!!!) on Saturday at some point...and I'm getting a hair cut on Saturday (my last hair cut was December 4. It's time. I'm trying to grow it out for ponytail season (and aforementioned beach vacation, which is yet to be planned but MUST happen sometime.) - but I need an update. Thinking I really dig the Ashley Judd look. I just don't know...Maybe I'll have a hot date on Saturday with fancy hair ;) - what do you think about this? Find me a hairstyle that would look good on me....:

Yeah, so I better do some more work now. The obsessions are ruling my life...
What are you daydreaming about today?


  1. My obsessions:
    1. Oh my gosh I should be packing a box
    2. Paint, I paint pages in notebooks, I paint on scrap paper, I paint on bill envelopes...It is sick really.
    3. Dig that view J. Count me in on RandR at the beach.
    4.Daydreaming about Albania...I want to sit at the Piaza with my paints.mmmm

    AND yes, that hair do will do nicely, you already flip out easily naturally like that...so that will be excellent. I have a pony now...

  2. Well I think the Judd flip would look great on you - go for it.
    P.S AUstralia is a great place for a vacation!