Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love my kids.

That title has not so much to do with what I'm sure is about to turn out to be a rambling post...but it's Sunday night at 11:45. The chickadees were with their Daddy-O all weekend in Alabama, so I got to chiiiiiiiiilllll....and for the first time in what seems like MONTHS, I really had a relaxing, fulfilling weekend. I've been sick, or overscheduled, or something...since Christmas, it seems...

Anyway, after a very chill Friday night doing pretty much...well, nothing, I spent all day Saturday watching TBS movies (giggle) and folding laundry and replacing lightbulbs. (OK, so I never got around to the lightbulbs, but I was still productive.) I was supposed to get my hair done (just a trim, remember the need for ponytail hair?) and a color touch-up - but I had a friend in dire need of a beer and the ability to get over her minor emotional breakdown - and my hair gal (Laura Beth) was running 45 minutes behind anyway (and had an appointment after me...) so it wasn't happening anyway - so, after a beer and a gab session with girlfriend, and helping her move a little furniture (how DID I get roped into THAT?), I headed home to get ready for a dinner date with my sweetie.

Will came and picked me up around 7, and after a false start (I left my phone at home...and realized it halfway into town - this would not be a problem if I didn't live SO FAR from town), we made it to the Olive Garden and had a FABULOUS meal. After the food poisoning/bacterial infection/relapse, I've not been eating what I like to call "real food" - so this was my first REAL meal in what seems like ages. And it was nice to share it with such lovely company, of course. Then we went out with friends and had a rockin' good time listening to D. Bell & Tim of Thunderbolt love love them. LOVE THEM!!!

And today I was the lector at church, and went straight to Kroger after (YAY, me!!!) and spent WAY more than I usually do at the grocery store, but I have a meal plan for the next TWO WEEKS, and I got dog food, and a few other higher ticket items, and so - it's ok. I was very proud of my organization - and now I'm looking forward to the following meals this week -

Taco night tomorrow, meat ball subs, homemade chicken noodle soup, garlic chicken & rice, and homemade pizza...mmmm.

THEN, I got to go get my babies. My sweet gorgeous (sometimes overwhelming) babies. They were delighted to see me (makes my heart happy...) and we went to Cracker Barrel, where they were complete doll baby angels and we had the best conversation at dinner. You may think the conversational level of a 3 & 4 year old would not be up to par, but we had a great discussion about gratitude, another one about turtles, frogs, and amphibians, and a third about the meaning of a "calorie." Then they came home and.....s....l....e....p....t.... ahhhhhh.....

And I sewed. I finished a whole little project from start to finish today. (well, I'd already traced the pattern. It's from this book:

I am very pleased with the quickness of the project...because it took me maybe 20-30 minutes to trace & cut out the pattern, another 15 minutes to cut out the fabric (there are only 2 pattern pieces, though they are large - and I used a rotary cutter - super speedy!) - and then maybe a total of 45 minutes or an hour to finish stitching from beginning to end, including finishing with a label, etc. So, what is that - under 2 hours?!?!? Cool. AND, I did all french seams (which, for you non-sewing people, is my fave way to finish seams, but it requires twice as many steps, since you sew each seam....twice.)

I am going to post a picture of the finished project, and tell you WHICH ONE IT IS - but I made it as a gift, and apparently the person to whom I will present said gift occassionally reads my blog, so...I don't want there to be any spoilers...maybe tomorrow. ;) Until then...good night.

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