Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The downhill slide...

to the weekend...that is. I can almost taste the sweetness of a weekend with no plans. And, seeing as it will be the ONLY weekend with no plans for MONTHS on end, what with tee ball games, Easter, Steeplechase, Mother's Day, a ballet recital and 84,000 other things, you can bet that I will enjoy EVERY MINUTE of the upcoming nothingness of this weekend.

This is what sprouted out of my machine in about 30 minutes this evening. A quilted little list-book thingie. I love wallet-ish you can see in my "Happiness" post from last month...because A) they seem to be quick! B) they're highly useful and utilitarian (which is redundant, but I love the word utilitarian, but that sort of belies the fact that it's not JUST useful but also pretty...) C) IT'S PRETTY and it uses small pieces of fabric. This was made with 2 fat quarters and a scrap of fusable fleece, and a ponytail holder. Oh, and the button. That's it!

This is it open. And yes, I choose crayola thin markers to do ALL my notemaking. (In fact, I can never find a working ink pen in my house, but we have markers and crayons galore.)
This is it open flat down. Oops, shouldn't have done this on my kitchen counter, now there's a definite tomato soup stain. Alas. Measurements (finished) are 12ish by 8.5ish...

Today was...uneventful. Got my replacement phone at 4 pm only to learn that I have to charge it for 12 hours - and then call from a landline phone (which I don't have at my house) to activate it...but I DID get the crystal light-logged phone to dry out (in a bag of rice) overnight. It is working intermittently, which is better than not at all.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Jail-visit day for me...and then, Cole's first tee-ball game! Pictures to follow, I promise. I MUST take pictures after dropping a good $60 for cleats, pants, another $40 for jersey & socks and this all on top of the $60 playing fee. All worth it of course, but every time I turn around I drop another $50-60 on some activity for the children. Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way. They deserve it!!!
This evening, after supper, I left them playing contentedly in the back yard and came out to find them both buck naked playing with the water hose, which - yes - was turned on full-blast. Ah, well, the damage was done, let them play. (This led to a 10pm bedtime, though!!!)
So - that's all I got today. Neither witty nor inspiring, but I am pretty pleased with my little note-book holder. I'm thinking Mother's Day gifts...hmmm....


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Glad you are enjoying making Dotee dolls too.
    And that you are a Wally Lamb fan too. I am sure I am going to read ALL of his books now and it is a shame that work has gotten in the way of me reading I Know This Much is True this week :)

    Love yuor fabric art - your choice of fabric and color just zings!

  2. Oh, I love the note holder you made! It is so creative. This is something beautiful and useful. Also,I love how you write your blog, very fun to read!