Tuesday, March 18, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days: 10 & 11 - when life gets in the way

So, I'm sitting in my car typing this post on my phone. Yes, I could do it at my office but work is work; that is, when I am in my office (which I organized back at the beginning of the year - see photos below) my head is not focused on fun, interesting, informative and entertaining blogging. I have thoughts of bond reductions, plea negotiations, appellate arguments, probation conditions and motions to suppress. At least, that's what I did in the last hour. 
Here: my office...before and after:
 I could do the blogging at home...but I feel like my home time with my handsome hubs, precious littles and hairy dogs is already limited and throw in swim practice, cub scouts, training for a half marathon and the 40 Bags project and I do not want to sit at the computer when I get home. 

So here I sit. Why am I in my car? Because I have to grocery shop. Grocery shopping ranks right up there on my most exciting necessary tasks with getting a root canal. Except I have to do it roughly every 10-14 days. I am pretty organized about the meal planning at my house - I know, I know - me and organized don't usually show up in the same thought but we don't eat out too much, and I have been meal planning for years now. So, I spent a little while deciding what to cook (between swim and running and scouts and bond motions)...made a list...popped on Publix.com to coordinate coupons and sales...

And I have started taking my lunch in my fancy new Bentgo bento box:
My kids are so jealous of this little set up and its yum factor they have convinced me to order them their own bentgo bentos. 
So my list includes lots of healthy packable-for-lunch things... And I look forward to a stocked fridge and pantry...But I'm stalling the actual shopping, paying, getting home, organizing and putting away part. 

In other news, I have made some minor progress with my 40 bags. Here is our "toy chest" behind my couch. It rarely gets opened...

And I used to use it to corral little kid toys like Duplo blocks, dolls, and FP Little People sets. Somehow , though, I no longer have little kids so we cleaned it out:
There were a couple games in there we kept, and a stash of matchbox cars and 3 nekkid barbies. (Incidentally, I am sure no one ever outgrows matchbox cases. They are the perfect "toy" for 2 year olds and 12 year olds alike, gender neutral, cheap, portable, the possibilities are endless.)
The chest ended up empty:
And we decided it would be an awesome place to keep our family board games and our new collection of beloved jigsaw puzzles. 

I also did clean out the coffee table drawers and the pile of crap on the front entry table, but those photos are not enlightening at all. March onward... Towards semi-organization!!!

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