Tuesday, March 11, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days: Day 6

Day 6 - lower cabinets and 2 utensil drawers... I really didn't want to do this today. Tuesdays are "the day that shall not be named" around here. Work is always crazy on Tuesdays, you aren't even properly into the week yet, and everything is always scheduled on Tuesday... (Because people will forget over the weekend if it's Monday...Down here in God's Country, Wednesday is church night, Thursday is the second most popular activity scheduling day, but people might take Friday off and go out of town. And Friday, well, we have high school football or date night on Friday ...) 

Anyway, I digress. I opened the first drawer to find this stash. I'm thinking quilt...

Then this happened:
And this is the worst idea for a cabinet ever, disguised as a great idea. A lazy Susan - but everything falls off back in that corner. And you can't reach it unless you have go-go-Gadget arms (which, unfortunately, I don't)...this cabinet is my nemesis. And tonight, I won the battle (and maybe the war?)...
Embarrassing under the oven photos. But it is clean now!
And gosh, look at all that space:
These are both afters, forgot the before photos for the utensil drawers, but you can trust that they were awful before and this is a huge improvement. I think based on my prior 5 days of photos you probably are going to believe me...
And I had a whole bag of trash (already taken out), and bag number 9 (?) maybe for the Salvation Army. Plus a blurry action shot of Puppy. 
Tomorrow is lucky #7 (and...you know what day it is???? Ask the camel ... )

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