Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life gets in the way of 40 days (But Lent goes on...)

So, I have admittedly slacked this week on the 40 bags challenge. The way I see it we still have 25 days left in Lent. I am pretty sure I am well over 25 bags already, so... We'll call it good for now. 

I have cleaned the following areas (with no true photo evidence):
Under the couches and coffee table. (This produced a whole bag. Don't was mostly dog hair.)
The front hall entry way and hooks. (Our hooks breed jackets, hats, bags, and the junk in those bags breeds more junk. Srsly. And, in this winter-that-never-ends, please Jesus let us have clean hooks with no more coats hats mittens!!!) 
Oh my goodness, I have never looked at my house like I have in the last 18 days (or however many) - there is dust on everything. And I dust!!! also, where do cobwebs come from? And how do they keep coming back? Are they just collected dust in the corners? Aren't true "webs" supposed to be circular intricate weavings of silk with a big fat spider in the middle? Actually I googled this random thing because of course in my house with an 8&9 year old we have random such questions 47 times a day and employ google regularly.

Alright, so I rid the house of cobwebs, at least for a day. And I pledge to remain vigilant. 

Moving right along...
I ran a 5k last Saturday and got my best 5k time yet... (That's me in the middle. In the grey...)
And also, my alma mater (14 seed) beat Duke (#3 seed and bracket pick favorite for final four!) 78-71 in the NCAA tournament. 

Unfortunately but with a huge helping of grace and fan loyalty, My bears lost to Tennessee in the next round. Alas, Mercer Madness was EVERYWHERE on the interwebs and I am proud to be an alumnus. 


 My puppy (who is not actually a puppy at 2.5 human years old, but we call him Puppy nonetheless...) is in hospital and has been since Monday. He has (had) a terrible abcess on the side of his neck/face under his ear. Poor baby. Here is a cute photo. 
Hopefully he will come home tomorrow. 

And... I am running my first half-marathon in 3 days! Eek! The Berry Half/10k/5k benefits the Berry College Elementary School and I am super excited (albeit a leeeetle nervous!)
And....since (in addition to my total lack of organizational skills) I have a propensity for being accident prone and, well, totally clumsy, I managed to hurt myself. And of course I had to do it on the Eve of my first half marathon after, you know, 15 weeks of hard training. I had to call my husband on Sunday to come pick me up a mile from home after a stick jumped up and tripped me. Having a massage today to loosen that all up. I'm a wreck. But, you know, I am an entertaining and well-loved wreck.

Anndddd.... I decided to start a running group - a chapter of the national group Moms RUN This Town ( - we had our first get together Saturday (pre-tumble)... And I indulged in some retail therapy since my running shoes have 400+ miles. I got the green ones on the left, Mizuno Wave Runners.

Annndddd - I have some friends getting married, so I am attempting to finish their Love Quilt in time for the nuptials. 

All this said, I will get back to my 40 bags. I have a trial calendar tomorrow. My Webelo is camping with his den this weekend, my girl is sewing with her Grandmomma, my sweetie is going to the Braves game (yay baseball) and I am running a half marathon and taking a nap. Next week is spring break, so as soon as I finish my appellate brief that is due next week, I will be able to tackle my income tax return and do some purging. Kids' rooms are impending doom... And I have the front closet:
And the laundry room:
How are you doing with your 40 bags? Or do you have another Lenten challenge? Do you do spring cleaning? Why is your experience with cobwebs?

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