Sunday, March 9, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days: days 3 & 4

Ok - sorry I didn't get a post done yesterday to update about Friday's tasks and results but today is FULL of what I hope are sorta cool before & afters. 
So, I had to grocery shop on Friday. We had a fridge-on-the-fritz that wasn't cooling and all our food spoiled. Which meant we needed new food. And to clean out the nasty (and I do mean naaaasty) food that had spoilt. The fridge was on my 40 Days list but not for Friday. Hey, sometimes y'all know you gotta go with the flow. This is what happened, clockwise from top left: yucky messy stinky fridge, emptied and sanitized fridge, super pretty clean and organized COLD fridge, and my artistic arrangement of the magnets. 
Then, on Saturday, I was making coffee (after my 8 mile long run with one of my BRFs out at Berry College) and I could not STAND the cabinet over the coffee maker one.more.minute - we shove medication, tea, coffee, koozies, and whatever else in there. And also, it would be nice to keep coffee mugs in a cabinet, you know, like, the cabinet OVER THE CoFFEE MAKER? Sooo....this is what happened there:
Voila. Mugs, coffee, tea, and vitamins. Everything you need before you are really awake enough to deal with the day:
And then, today, well, the cabinet NEXT to the coffee cabinet was kinda getting on my nerves and all... Because I was looking for AAA Batteries and as you can see in the before pic on the left, when that cabinet gets open, there is an avalanche of batteries, old papers, bills, there was a Bible and wood glue in there. In the same cabinet. With my extra checkbooks. Hey, Lent is about getting real, y'all. Remember when I told you I was the messiest, most unorganized person I know? I was not exaggerating. So - this turned out pretty awesome. 
Friday's project: day 3, was my junk closet. First, the right side...Everything ended up there. Gardening junk, the kids' cute artwork that was done on the fridge but I didn't want to throw away, my cordless drill, old Easter eggs ... Everything. But now it's all organized! I would also like to make a note here that those white baskets are awesome, I also used them in the fridge to contain the cheese and other snacky things and under the sink to wrangle the bottles and sponges into submission. Here's the best part about those baskets: they came from Dollar Tree! 
And here is the left side:
And, I am frankly a little embarrassed about this next one of the closet. But as I am being "authentic" and "honest" and all those other *ahem* "virtuous" things, especially during lent when I am searching my heart and cleaning out the clutter there, too (which includes pride and all...) here is the bottom of my junk closet. At least I can now see the floor!
So here's the haul from Friday & Saturday: 2 black 30-gallon bags of donations (kitchen items, toys, other random stuff), 3 white bags of flat out trash, the black and white plaid bag is donations for the South Broad Food Pantry, and a big stack of unused cookbooks (hello, I have Pinterest now - though I did keep the special ones that were gifts from my grandmother and others who I admire as those who have fed me well...

So, there you have it. A successful weekend of purging. I appreciate all your sweet comments and encouragement and making me feel like I am inspiring some of you. This is SO out of my nature and comfort zone - and that makes your kind words and reading this blog so special and important to me. Thanks, loves. 

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