Sunday, March 16, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days: 7, 8 & 9

Sorry it's been a couple days! Thursday night we had swim and I finished sweeping and mopping the kitchen. I can officially say it is completely organized and cleared out of unnecessary stuff!

Next, I tackled the dining area. I have three pieces of furniture in that portion of our open floor plan living area, table & chairs, armoire (that I use for sewing storage) and a china cabinet. 
I cleaned off the tops of the cabinets first and dusted. (Yikes! Super dusty!)
And I cleaned out the inside of the china cabinet and got rid of a lot of extra glasses and things. 
Also, our hooks by the back door were out of control. Covered in soooo much junk. Bags and coats and hats and gloves and swim goggles... I didn't take a proper before photo... 
But here is the after:
(Chickfila cow art by Carson, 2011)

I also cleared out the side table between the couches:

Bag/box totals:
Donations: 18 bags or boxes (9 black garbage bags, 4 boxes books, 1 box DVDs, 4 boxes glass vases, drinking glasses and crystal.)
Trash: 13 kitchen bags
Recycling: 2 giant city cans full

I am on track to finish the entire livin area by this weekend, so stay tuned! Thank you all for your continued support - it feels really great!

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