Thursday, March 20, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days: days 11 & 12

Happy Friday Eve!
It's been a rough week here. Not any one thing but a whole slew of things are piling on to exhaust me this week. Housework, lawyer work, kid work, and also - I am running my first half marathon in 8 days (ohemgee!) - and I am battling the end-of-16-weeks-of-training slump. I mean, I'm ready for the race, and excited, but the nerves and the "did I do everything I needed to so I can finish strong" worries are creeping in! I did run a 5k last weekend (excuse the screen shot phone photo... I should really download the photo)... It looks like I am busting it and all those folks around me are leisurely strolling along... But it was a personal record best time for me! It was my 5th 5k in 5 months. How's that for alliteration?

Ok - while we are rambling (ok, it's me that is rambling, but you're following along, right?) Another thing I became obsessed with this week is bento boxes. If you don't know about bento (the formal Japanese term is Obento) - you can google it but basically they are compact boxed lunches that, ideally, are nutritious and tasty and usually kinda pretty, too.

Without getting into all the details of my ongoing weight loss struggles, basically I have a thyroid function issue, and vi eat really well and stay within my recommended calorie range every day (accounting for fueling my training runs, too...) - but I occasionally struggle with the 40/40/20 carb/protein/fat balance... So, bento was a good solution. So this happened:
And this was today's:
And then my kids were jealous so they got their own bentos and this happened:
Needless to say, we have had good times eating lunch this week!

Ok, onto the bagging and purging, etc. I actually have gotten rid of 5 bags in the last 2 days. 3 trash and 2 donations, but I only got this photo:
I also cleaned out my antique buffet/sideboard which we use as an entertainment center/ tv stand... It was a mess. I threw away or gave away more than half the stuff, thus freeing up some extra storage space for all the electronic thingamajig we need to keep in the living room. 
Also, I dusted all the electronic piles on top. Have you ever looked behind your tv??? Oh my holy oats it is dusty back there. The only thing left is getting that tangle of wires sorted down there. That is a husband job. 

This weekend I may (or may not) tackle one or both of the childrens' rooms. Maybe not. Maybe I will just do the front hall closet (a big task but not near the overwhelming mess of C&C's living space!)

Now, off to bed, I have court and a lot of weekend to get into tomorrow... Until the next bag...


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