Tuesday, March 11, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days: day 5 & life in general

1. I don't mind the *idea* of Dayligjt Savings where our clocks jump forward and we mysteriously lose an hour. I think it's a little antiquated since we don't have a rural farm based society...but down here we DO still have a lot of farming ... I don't mind the switch because the sun stays up until after dinner and I can see and smell spring around the corner. That said....
BITE ME, TIME CHANGE. I am tired and whiny and my kids don't want to get up an hour before the sun even lightens the sky and coincidentally they also don't want to go to bed at what feels like 7pm... More coffee. Please. 

2. I spent an hour or so making deliveries during my lunch hour yesterday:
 - big box of 37 books and cookbooks to the library
 - 2 bags to the Salvation Army of housewares, tablecloths, and decor
 - 3 things to the post office to mail to recipients of my cleaned out stuff. 

3. My pots and pans closet in the kitchen were on my to do list for clearing out yesterday. I felt exhausted (thank you daylight savings), had a crazy long day. I spent an hour plus after dinner cleaning the kitchen counters and floors up from my weekend of purging madness. Then I say down. But I did get up angst. And my manly man helped me get all that stuff out of there. 

I didn't take a bunch of photos and the ones I did are blurry but here they are: this was the counter after I started pulling stuff back out into my very clean kitchen.
Here are a few of the junked up shelves:

The floor was also piled up high with a slow cooker, canning supplies, brooms and mood and other junk. But alas, I didn't get a photo. Sorry!

Here are the afters:

I am sorry they are so blurry. I had my lifeproof case on my phone because I am not at all trustworthy with phones-sans-cases and it tends to get clouded around the lens area. Plus, I was totally wiped out, y'all. But - it got done and now I have 2 more bags for the Salvation Army Tomorrow! When I get to the clothes we can't hand down to friends and neighbors I will take those to Goodwill. :)

Up next: the dreaded Tupperware cabinet, junk utensil drawers, and another lower cabinet ...

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  1. This weekend, I emptied, swept, and reorganized my pantry. Totally inspired by you :)