Friday, April 17, 2009

As update.

So much to share!!! I just spent 45 minutes trying to choose the best of the best pictures I've taken in the last week to let you all in blogland know what's been going on. First - SARAH in Texas...I love you. I am working on instructions and I PROMISE they will be up before Mother's Day because that's what I plan on doing for several presents...

Now - on to what's been occupying my life and keeping me from blogging:
My Lil' Viking baseball player!!! He played First Base in his game this week and did AWESOME!
Easter Egg Hunt - This is Carson with her haul. She's such a hoarder...

My beauties. Cole always looks so stoic in photos that are posed. Carson either goes whole hog posing with her hands on her hips or won't look at you at here.

This is my dad - aka "Pop" - and that gorgeous lady on his arm is my sweet lovely niece, Sadie. (The sun was in Pop's eyes...obviously, but he's known to pull a face here and there anyway ;)

An afternoon visit to Swan Lake and letting my kids run wild with the ducks, geese & the one swan. I forget sometimes (since they argue, like, all the time) that they are almost completely inseparable. Here's "bubba" helping Carsie cross the little rock-water fall thingie. I love to see them whispering and giggling and they're just close and dependent on each other. Siblings are the best!
Holding Hands...and laughing together.
OK - so I'm in this Swap world now. God help me! I could go hog wild. So, I entered this Tea for Two swap - so you basically are supposed to send 2 teabags to your partners (we had 2 partners...) - and mine are in Australia (South Australia, not NSW, family...) and Norway. Fun, right? Well, I had seen this tutorial for a "tea wallet" and decided that would be a nice thing to include for tea lovers, right?

So I made two, right? And, they hold 4 tea bags each, so why just send 2???

And, finally, finally...this is what I did in about 2 hours of spare time between washing, drying, folding, sorting and putting away laundry this afternoon. It's Heather Ross's "Summer Blouse" pattern from Weekend Sewing. Um, I LOVE this pattern? It turned out bigger/roomier than I expected (I made a large because who wants a tight woven cotton "summer blouse" right? - and because I thought it might make a good swim coverup...) - Well, it WILL make a good swim coverup, but I will probably re-trace the medium for next time and add a few inches to the bottom. Oh, and PS, the sleeves were insanely long for me, but many other patterns I've made have the same problem, but I don't *think* I have oddly short arms? Oh, and it looks a little "That 70s Show" or "The Partridge Family" because the way the collar is folding out, but I don't think it looks like that in person...and if it does, I don't care.
You're lucky you're getting this HORRID photo of me posted here on the free internet for the world to see. I *just* took it with my self-timer on the camera. The light in the kitchen is terrible because, oh 5 of the 6 cannister lights are burned out and I don't have a ladder to be able to reach them to replace them (and I don't have any bulbs anyway...and they're like $3 a pop - so right there it's already $15...*sigh*) - I digress. It's also 11 pm at night and I've been all over town, cleaning out my garage, working in the yard, and to the Rome Braves game tonight. So there. I'm allowed to look like this. I'm ok with me ;) And i have a pretty new shirt (albeit wrinkled), too.


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  2. Yay crafty mama! You look hot and I love that shirt and the tea wallet! Let's get together soon and play/craft/talk. Miss you!
    Bunches o' Love!