Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Good, The Bad & The Gorgeous

The Good:
It's Tuesday. One day closer to Friday.
Saturday is STEEPLECHASE. Yay.
I only had 12 voice mails at 9 this morning, as opposed to the average of 17-20.

The Bad:
It's Tuesday. Picture day at school, ballet @ 5:30, tee ball also @ 5:30, Junior Service League meeting at 7. Something's got to give...and tonight, it's JSL.
8 of my 12 voicemails were mean-spirited, angry folks.
My house is a W-R-E-C-K...(but Yolanda comes Thursday - which is GOOD, but, I have to actually pick a lot up and put a lot a lot a lot of laundry away for her to be able to clean!)
I'm exhausted. This is week 3 straight of having the children to myself. Their grandmomma, Mema, did take them Saturday afternoon and I got them back on Sunday afternoon, but I helped a friend move Saturday and Sunday, so though I was glad to help, I didn't do too much at my own house!

The Gorgeous:
My kiddos!!! Today was picture day at school. Cole wore a navy tee with white horizontal stripes and some pants...totally cute. Carsie wore a pretty navy sailor dress and took "Ona" (one of the dollies) in a MATCHING dress. I'll have to get post-school pictures - oh, wait - they'll be in ballet & baseball gear...Alas.

Also gorgeous - I've been playing around on Flickr while waiting for laundry and stuff (I just upgraded to a "pro" account with unlimited storage!) - and finding SO many pretty things people have made! *sigh*

I promise to have more pictures later this week. Nothing fun right now - but I AM (Sarah - mexcitymom) working on the folio tutorial this week. No promises until next week - but I'm still working on it!!! If I post it early next week, it gives everyone almost 2 weeks to get it together for Mom's day presents ;)

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