Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My to-do list

Just because I know you're dying to know (bwahahaha)
1. Put all the laundry away - and keep washing. (This is ONGOING at my house).
2. Be sure to wash and pack up tee ball stuff for 5:30 game tomorrow!
3. dishes (ick)
4. clean up all the clutter (This one thing should occupy most of my evening) for Yolanda to come clean the house tomorrow
5. Write check for Yolanda.
6. Remind self that I am ONLY one person, and if everything doesn't get done, life WILL go on.
7. Make Carsie's ballet bag... 6 months late.
8. Finish tutorial for note-list-folio thingie (no one suggested a better name!!!) and continue making boatload of folios for Mom's Day presents and at request of paying buyers!
9. finish hand-quilting (only like a tiny bit left) and binding quilt for best friend that has been hanging out 90% complete for, oh, 18 months...
10. Get Steeplechase outfit together for this weekend...
11. Figure out my life. (This will be on my everlasting To-Do list.)
12. Find crafty fun thing for kids to make for Mother's Day presents...ideas anyone? I'm thinking chocolate dipped/sprinkled pretzel sticks.
13. Have a beer (or 4)...
14. Try to figure out what the plan for the children is this weekend. (This is week 3 in a row of all-mommy-all-the-time - minus Saturday night...and I don't mind at all, but I need to figure out what we're doing!)
15. Call 401(k)/investment guru and set up you know, my life.
16. Get hair appointment ASAP.
17. pedicure (it's REALLY bad, folks...and sandal weather is upon us!) - and eyebrows (also in somewhat disgraceful disposition...)
18. Print photos - lots of them - of children for Moms/Grandmoms & Aunts...

Hmmm, 18 is probably enough to get me started.... (as I pass out in my office chair just thinking about these things...*sigh*)


  1. 12. ok, make spoons dipped in white and regular milk chock...either plastic with a little bow or go to thrift store find one o fa kind treasuers...they are used to stir your coffee...yum.

    14. and take a subway picnic to a play park, where there are slides etc. at least 2 hours of fun. take the car to the carwash, one you can ride thru then icecream somewhere fun.

  2. I want to know about your steeplechase outfit. I want to come to Rome in Spring or Fall next time so I can do someof these fun things with you...