Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank God for Small Miracles

Cole's first tee ball game got rained out last Thursday. He also had a game scheduled for Saturday....but it was a Daddy weekend, and as Daddy lives in Huntsville, it was totally impossible for him to make the 10 am. Mommy guilt takes on a whole new level. Of course I could do nothing to remedy this situation - except hold tight to the fact that Cole would be able to attend the next FIVE scheduled games in a row...

And then, at 8am, I found out upon dropping Cole off at preschool, that his rain-out makeup game was to be at 5:30 tomorrow. Tuesday. And, as luck would have it, Carson Claire has ballet every Tuesday at 5:30. Across town from the ball field, of course. What's a single-mommy of TWO supposed to do? Two children, two activities scheduled for the same time, one mommy, one car... No grandparents in town. oooohhhhh, CRAP.

I neglected to mention, it was Parker K.'s dad who said "We'll see you at tee ball tomorrow!" and I MUST have had the "oooooohhhhh, CRAP!!!" look on my face when I muttered "hmm, ballet is at. the. same. time..." But, of course I had back up plans...Back up plan A) skip ballet. (Carson has been protesting ballet because she's not delighted with her lack of passe' skills (I have no idea what passe' means, but Carson's upset that she can't passe' - keep in mind. Carson is THREE. Who CARES if she can passee'...) - BUT Back up plan A isn't a very good plan. I have PAID for ballet, she only has about 4 or 5 weeks left until her spring recital in May, and then we're DONE with ballet...for a while, at least. Move on. Back up plan B) call Miss Brittany, savior to single-mommy-lawyer. See if she can meet me at 4:45 and take Carsie to ballet and shuttle her to the ball field after. For a price, of course...

In the meantime, I'm drinking coffee, making a list of to-dos for the Jail clients, researching a Motion dealing with the sex offender registry requirements, and balancing my checkbook while mulling over a potential Back up Plan C)...

And then...then the phone rings. A local number I don't recognize, but again - if you're keeping up, I'm on cell phone number THREE in 8 months thanks to preschoolers' inability to keep said phones away from liquid. Thus, I have lost numbers...

But after running out to the back door to answer the cell (my office is in the basement/old vault of the old signal) - I realize it's Parker K.'s mom. (Stay with me, it was Parker K.'s dad that told me about the game...) - Parker K.'s mom - Alison - says "Parker's dad said you might need some help - with getting Cole to the ball game tomorrow. I know Carson has ballet on Tuesday, so if you want, I can totally pick up Cole and carry him and Parker to the game - you can just come on when you're done with ballet." Um, Parker's Mom ROCKS!!! AND she already has an extra car seat - plus, bonus, Parker K. is one of Cole's best buddies - and he's SO excited to ride in Parker's car to the game. Parker's parents are an answer to a prayer I hadn't even gotten around to uttering yet...Amazing, eh?

Alas. The Mommy Guilt remains. My boy will be at what is, essentially, his first ball game - in his NEW uniform, new cleats, major league pants, fancy jersey & hat (#21) and there will be not a parental soul there to cheer for him. Cry cry cry. Sniff sniff sniff. And, I mean, what if he gets whacked in the head with a bat or a ball or something?!?!?

Maybe Back up Plan A) (skip ballet) should happen after all...


  1. This is why we need to move to Rome in 2 years...that way when our kids play t-ball and dance together we can carpool each other's kids! :)
    Glad another Mommy is helping out! Us Mommies gotta stick together! Have a great day!

  2. Man, If I had moved to Rome....alas. He will live. it will be ok. Breathe...sam barely remembers TBall, just the kids he played with who he still knows...that is the only memory! And believe me we missed some.