Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hang tight, baby.

I don't have much to say - but what I DO have to say is brief...

1. There will be no tee ball pics thanks to a very rainy day (much to my dismay and the 4 year old's spirit was crushed...but a visit to Pasquale's - where Mom was pleased to learn that kids 5 & under eat FREE! - solved most all our problems.)
2. This weekend has been deemed (by me, and by Will) "Operation Chillaxation" - which is pretty self-explanatory - but it basically means we have plans to "do nothing." Sometimes, actively doing nothing is really hard, but SO worth it in the end.
3. THANK YOU for admiring my little note-holder thingie - many emails and questions I'm getting about how I did it - and I'm thinking one of my "Operation Chillaxation" projects for this weekend will be to do a tutorial on how to do it so that you, too can have a fancy little "Note-holder Thingie" - be sure to check back Mondayish (ok, maybe Wednesdayish?) for that...
4. I am officially taking suggestions for a better, more sophisticated name to call the "Note-taker thingie" - it's not really a portfolio - maybe a Note Cozy?
5. Note to self: Income Tax returns do not complete themselves.
6. I had another house showing (supposedly) this afternoon. Please keep praying.
7. I have run an average of 3 miles a day, 3 days this week (today I planned to, but then I had to run home after the jail visits to make sure the house was clean - see #6)
8. Not only have I exercised religiously and really pushed myself (well this week, anyway) I have also eaten very "clean" and well this week. Lots of non-processed stuff, lots of fruits & veggies...I even had a salad at Pasquale's and passed up the pizza/pasta bar. (OK, I had the crusts of the kids' pizza - but I hear there are starving children in China, or India or somewhere.)
9. Note to self: Cars do not clean themselves out, laundry does not wash itself, and dogs need to be fed. Take heed.
10. Is it really midnight?!?!? I MUST GO TO BED NOW. (So, hang tight, baby - I'll be back another day soon.)

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