Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Night - a Recap

It was picture day at school on Tuesday. Here's Carsie with "Ona" (one of the 4 most popular dollies at our house) - We have 2 "Claires", a "Honey Buns" and "Ona..." Ona is the only one with hair, and the largest of the 4-some, so she got to go to picture day in her pretty dress, too...
This was at the ballet studio, at the end of the day, so Carsie had been playing hard - but she still looks adorable!And here she is in her ballet clothes. Tuesday, Cole also had a tee ball game at the same time as ballet - so that's why the gorgeous boy was not in these photos - but he had on a coordinating navy & white striped tee, courtesy grandmomma - more of Cole later this week!!!
And then on Friday, I had a hair appointment. I try to knock off early from work at least once a month and pick up one child early for a little one-on-one time with Mom. Carsie came with me for her first "real" haircut. I've "trimmed" it twice before for her - but it needed a real shape. SO - I took her to Laura Beth - this is the "before" (and no LB is not putting color on her hair - that was for me ;)
And the "after" - complete with shampooing & styling - she felt like a pretty princess. Honestly, I think the thing she was MOST excited about, because she said it 50 times is "I don't have to take a nap today!!!" because I picked her up just at nap time...

I'm thinking of starting a new trend - whatcha think? I think foil is a good look, yes?

And then, Carson was SO worn out from getting beautiful, I looked over and this is what I found. So much for no nap, eh?
And then Saturday, the chillies were invited to go to Callaway Gardens with my grandmother, and I went to the 2009 Atlanta Steeplechase!!! Fun times. All high society and redneck country mixed together. It was WAY hot - you can see the red cheeks on all of us here! These are my newest girlfriends, Ashley & Shauna - lovin' the hats...but they kind of get in the way when you're squeezing together!!!
And this is my sweet friend Brooklyn. We had to have a photo op because we both broke out the black with tiny white pin dotos. Love it!!!

And...a gratuitous photo of my sweetheart. Cute, huh?
Phew. What a week!


  1. looks like fun. Tell Cars I am so proud of her and her beautiful big girl hair.

  2. Carson, I LOVE your new hair - a cute bob!

  3. oh the pic of her asleep in the chair is PRECIOUS! How gorgeous is she!

    Tell her she has sassy hair now :)

    Miss you!