Friday, August 29, 2008


AND it's a holiday weekend, too!!! YAY! Someone needs to kick my tail into finishing this motion to suppress and get out to the jail this afternoon, but I just spent a good 30 minutes at this site:
I'm a freak, I know. The thing is, I think NOT having TV for the last several months has made me excited about getting it. I know I'm not THE BIGGEST football fan out there. I don't keep up with statistics or spreads or which players have run the ball the most yards (though that's interesting to know...) - but I just LOVE the feeling of football Saturdays - like TOMORROW!!!

I can't decide what to do this weekend. I would like to go visit my Momma & Daddy (of course) but the game is on in the afternoon/evening...*sigh* So, the plan now is (I just talked to my Momma) to get up in the AM and go visit Grandmomma & Pop and not have a plan from there...maybe we'll take our suitcases and spend the night.

Alas. So, I had a fabulous book club meeting last night, though we never really got around to discussing Jem, Scout, Atticus Finch & Boo Radley. My favorite character changes every time I read the book. Originally, of course, Scout was my favorite - being the girl bucking tradition and wearing overalls and speaking her mind. Then, I LOVED Atticus when I read it in college. He was a good dad. Told his kids the truth, but protected them to the end. I read it again one summer in law school and was fascinated by Boo Radley - even though we don't see him in person throughout most of the book - because he was the stuff of legends and he had a different personality to each character in the book. Now...this time...I noticed what a big character Dill is - and Miss Maudie next door. LOVE THEM.

Anyway - that's the story for now. Happy Friday...Only one more week until I have cable!!!

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