Sunday, August 31, 2008

Romega...the rub.

Rome, GA is a small town. Most everyone who's anyone knows everyone who's anyone. You know you have arrived when, in quick succession, you stop at the bank and see 7 people you know...who all say that they heard x, y & z about your personal or professional life, then you go to the sandwich shop and the guy says "Hey, JJ - you want a gyro today? It's not on the menu, but I got it if you want it." (OK, maybe that just shows that I eat too many gyros...) and then, while waiting for my food, sandwich man says "I heard something about you yesterday..." and THEN you go to the local high school football game and the same general thing happens over and over. Turns out that it was mostly good stuff that these folks least, if there was bad stuff, they didn't clue me in on it. But it's still a little unnerving when everyone knows random details of your life. Of course, I have nothing to hide, but people talk - especially in Rome, GA.

Getting excited about all the fall things coming up - the last 1st Friday concert this coming weekend, the 1st Annual Beer Festival in Rome (to benefit Rome Area Council for the Arts...) on 9/20, the chili cookoff & Chiaha in October...the Ellijay Apple Festival in mid-October...HALLOWEEN!!! I need a good Halloween party to go to, should anyone be feeling generous and want to pass out invites ;)

Happy Labor Day!

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