Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Shout Out to my Girls

"My knees are on FIRE, Y'ALL!!!" - ha ha ha ha

One of many many many funnies from my girls' weekend at the beach. Other highlights:
- the revealing of my "dirty little secret" (which the rest of you blog-readers are not lucky enough to know - but no, I'm not a male dancer... ;) )
- realizing that yes, in fact, my car's "range indicator" which tells me how far I can go on what gas I have DOES have an indication that comes after ZERO - it's a dash-dash-dash. And, in fact, I can go another 1+ miles even then (sorry, K-Sue, that was freaky)...
- the noise of "biblical" proportions when we found out that in fact, there are multiple "Butler Avenues" in Chatham County...we weren't on the right one.
- Soozie's insane ability to pop every joint in her body at early hours of the morning.
- drinking bloody marys...mmmm...
- River Street - the man who let his napkin fall from the balcony, apologized, said it was an accident and then told me (by the way) his number was on it...ha ha
- the street performer whose repetoire became less and less funny as the night wore on.
- Sylvia the Tarot Card reader. Fabulocity, I tell you!!! (Karen, I have good names for your soon-to-be-twins, been thinking on it...)
- J.J. + Martinis = fabulous karaoke night
- J.J. + "Marcus" (big black boy singing Merle Haggard) = concerned girlfriends
- Melissa & her knees...aw, baby, I'm sorry it was hurting so bad, and I apologize for Marcus's need to "massage" - unfortunately massaging sunburn isn't very helpful...
- Penelope
- Jello shots - frozen, not frozen...spit or swallow ;)
- What? We had a bottle of DiSaronno? AND IT'S GONE?!?!?
- some Smirnoff Ices have twist-off tops. Some do not...don't hurt yourself.
- Melissa - "We can either play again & switch up the teams OR...we can switch up teams and play again?!?!?" (Obviously two very different and good ideas...)
- NOTE TO SELF: Ingleside Village Pizza is closed on Mondays.

OK - I realize that for some of you none of that makes sense, but for the 3 other ladies that went on my trip with me...I love you. This is exactly what my soul needed. THANK YOU and I can't WAIT until next time.


  1. Green with envy, it sounds like you guys had a blast. Did anyone get my e-mail about having the next one up here?

  2. I got it but I was on my phone - and while I can CHECK the email on my phone, I have a hard time typing back a response. I am SO up for a girly mountain getaway!!! WOO HOO!!!

  3. what fun! You had a great time and well deserved. love you.