Thursday, August 28, 2008

Notes to self -

1. If you buy a Coke from the vending machine, don't open it immediately. It WILL fizz everywhere (you'd think that being 30-something would mean that I'd learned that lesson already. Nope.)

2. Your computer will NOT allow you to visit Facebook, MySpace, or any chat/forum enabled website. Never will this change. You will be blocked, logged & reported (oooohhhh, shakin' in my boots) every time you attempt to visit such a site, so you might as well stop trying.

3. You need gas. Do NOT tempt fate and fail to stop on the way home.

4. Yeah, you know how you thought your hair looked flirtatiously messy in a good way this morning? It doesn't. Now it just looks like you don't own a comb.

5. Stop calling and texting people that don't call you back. Remember it is their loss and their prerogative not to answer you. Let it go. I know it bugs you, because I *am* you - but it's really probably not worth the pain of worrying over. Then again, maybe it is. I am confusing myself.


  1. No, I AM YOU and it is bothersome.

  2. Yes. You ARE me, and I am YOU - but I'm also ME...and I do get cornfus-ed sometimes about it all...but I have all my fingers and all my I'm good today ;)

  3. Yes, for realzies. Stop texting and calling people that don't respond! Like, immediately. He knows how to reach you.

  4. Hey Sooz - that note to self the way. It's been more than a week... I'm making progress.